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  2. Hmmmmmmnnnn , dark colours stand out to bees more than light ones....you don't see many black beesuits
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! We are quite careful to use non scented washing power, shampoos and soaps. We even make sure there are no optical brighters in the wash (apparently these can attract bees?) And he dresses in dark colours when he’s not in school uniform. I hadn’t heard about peppermint, I’ll have to try that on myself first and hang around some bees!
  4. Got to agree, a very good pic of the nasty stuff. Would make a great training resource @Stoney.
  5. I think we'll go for adapt and change ..... dog meat is quite good business now .
  6. Absolutely. .. the top right cell you can see is all smeared because that's the one I banged a stick into even though it was very obvious... I enjoy a good rope out.. but can't seem to upload the pic
  7. Will all of those larvae that are uncovered,rope out? Bar the scale one ?
  8. Excellent Fraz I’ve been trying to upload a good goopy rope out pic but can’t seem to make it happen..
  9. well at least you got kiwi saver ..... my kiwi saver was my bee operation ..... 😁
  10. I'll have spare queens in October if you need a hand, if you can handle my southern cross, lol
  11. Theres a lot of humans in the world now who have opted for the third option . Can't say I blame them .
  12. Hoping for enough for a hearing aid , a few fillings and a decent pair of glasses.
  13. My biology teacher constantly came out with "Adapt, change, migrate, or disappear."
  14. I guess there are two ways to look at it. With no challenge in life, life can get a bit ho hum. And then with young queens, half the operation has been requeened and should exceed expectations. And of course , with the honey price being in the doldrums and the nuc market being dead we really don't need to produce more bee products this year, and I was wondering how to mothball hives. So ..... after weighing up all the pro's and con's and consulting with the Doctor, I think we have a win win situation here. Yeah right.
  15. I guess so we had a 25% loss 20 yrs ago ended up being highest production year of that time.
  16. I heard a story once of a bk going around and doing his late Winter round and being rapt to find all these empty boxes with no bees in them, as he needed more empty boxes....is about the only way to look at it..... It also amazes me how down there in the South how quickly you can bounce back from that level of losses, up here it would take years.
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  18. Hell that's alot of gaps to fill kimosabhe
  19. Another excellent photo ! Directly below and to the right slightly is a cell showing AFB scale. this is what you look for if you find a dead hive with no brood left. Which is just a general remark aimed at new beekeepers rather than @Stoney .
  20. Here is another pic showing AFB there is a cell there showing pupal tongue also. This colony was weaker and luckily was found before it was overcome and it’s stores robbed.
  21. Cripes, you had me googling TAWIRI, the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute ! It's Tawari. It's no wonder there are so many wars.
  22. If bees seem to chase and attack your grandson for no particular reason look at what shower products are being used (soaps, shampoos, deoderants) I've seen bees attack randomly to different brands and scents on numerous occasions
  23. theres always the packet of 2 minute noddles if you want a change.
  24. It sounds like they are replacing their queen. If your hive is strong there’s no need to source a mated Queen let nature take its course and fingers crossed in a few weeks you will have a lovely new queen heading the hive.
  25. Multiple queen cells could be an emergency response.. have you worked the colony recently?
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