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  2. He had ideas that I could put one of my hives there . He is in redwoods valley , 3 hrs away. He has been operating in a very human centred corporate world for many yrs. Where all problems have human solutions . The natural non human world is not so easily reasoned with and you can not simply throw money at problem and make it disappear . I have suggested their first sheep should belong to someone else and they provide the grazing .
  3. what a waste of multi - pretty sure that's where nz dew and bush (e.g. kamahi) will end up. Same blending fraud as in NZ circa 2014...
  4. thoughts on a combo of gorilla grip and end only annulated nails? they could probably find a neighbour with hives and help them out and get honey out of it without adding to the over-population or spending beyond a beesuit
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  6. Great @kaihoka so many people who get a lifestyle block want a beehive without thinking about what other beehives are already around. Because they don’t know about bees it never enters their mind that it could actually cause a problem or be a problem . very please you are going to try to talk them out of it.
  7. Hi @Kiwi Bee the hive accepted that queen, but as with most of my hives this autumn, the queens have really really slowed down on laying! So the colony is pretty small. They have plenty of honey stores though, so let's see how she goes through the winter - if we ever get one. Was 19 deg and calm here today - just perfect for checking the hives.
  8. If he wanted bees for the orchard I am sure there will be plenty around . The family have been living in an apartment in Melbourne . They now want sheep, chooks , rabbits , bees vege garden etc. I am Going to talk him out of getting a hive .
  9. Dont forget lemon honey and polar fleece, well you ain't lying if it does have mgo in it.
  10. Mr yesbutt's 30 mgo manuka which probably sells in excess of $100/kg - Have you added a 0 to this price in error? 30mgo does not get $100
  11. Also recommend: A colour guide to pollen loads of the honey bee. Second edition. William Kirk. An International Bee Research Assn (IBRA) publication Pollen Identification Card, W D J Kirk, IBRA pub. The Pollen Grain Drawings of Dorothy Hodges, IBRA pub. IBRA publish some great stuff and because of the EU they are no longer based in Cardiff, but Brussels. You might be able to by these online. I purchased mine off the IBRA stand at an Irish beekeeping conference. I would have to have a hunt, to see if I have got anything else, and right now I need to race off and prune the pear tree! IBRA also publish a great identification cards on pests & disease, plus good charts on all sorts of beekeeping topics Remember though, that pollen colours will change according to the light around them e.g. direct sunlight or indirect sunlight. It might be a good idea to standardize to the same condition each time. Some pollen colours change with time. Some varietals of pollens will have several colour ranges (I think you have already worked this out), and of course sometimes propolis or fungal spores are mixed in with the pollen altering colour. Your chart looks quite intriguing. Would make a fab tea towel or full length apron! Company uniforms!
  12. Comvitas hives are down every road in my area, even 3 sites on one road with mine and manuka health's just about a stones throw. Me and my mate call Panguru beekeepers Lane because there are literally thousands of hives
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  16. I also said 'or even avoiding the intentions of law'. Look - I am not arguing with you. if you think 'exporting ( MPI standard ) multifloral Manuka to Australia where it’s blended with some Aussie leptospermum and packed as Manuka MGO whatever it is'. Is a good move, fair on the consumer, morally or ethically right then you go for it. Fill your boots. And we complain when the word Cowboy is used!
  17. It’s not circumventing the law, it’s exporting ( MPI standard ) multifloral Manuka to Australia where it’s blended with some Aussie leptospermum and packed as Manuka MGO whatever it is. Fully compliant
  18. I honestly cannot believe we are even debating the merits of circumventing law or even avoiding the intentions of law. Is this really what the NZ honey industry is about? On one hand you want premium price for NZ honey and on the other hand you are debating ethics and honesty. Why not use ethics and honesty as a cornerstone to your marketing that enhances the value of NZ honey. What is it with this race to the bottom and lowest common denominator?
  19. Staples are just so much quicker, the mistake a lot of new beekeepers make is to just nail, staple et cetera the ends on. Staples in the end hold the end on but it is the side staples that give the box most of its strength. I use a fairly heavy duty staple and have plenty of boxes over 40 years old that are still going strong. Occasionally after 20 or so years of use they get a few extra side staples just to tighten them up.
  20. Thanks John for coming on the show, we really appreciate you sharing your wisdom with our listeners. Hopefully meet you in the real world one day...Gary
  21. One area where a Co-op could benefit the industry. Lets say there is a Honey stockpile out there currently This stockpile could include stakeholders with 100 tonnes in the shed It may be that one or more of these 100 tonne Beeks is much better at making Honey than making business friends and this type of Beekeeper may currently be seeing Honey from this season moving to market while his 2 year old Honey sits in the shed. Its possible that his 100 tonne of Honey stays wanted in the shed for multiple years while 1000 tonnes of current seasons Honey Moves. This Beekeeper is out of the loop and would benefit greatly from a co-operative approach. So Price is just one aspect of the business, market access is another.
  22. Some of Comvita’s JV’s haven’t brought anything but more debt to the table, I wonder when they will be cut loose. Gotta wonder when they blame overcrowding for their drop in tonnage. whos overcrowding who
  23. Nelson is over run with hives and AFB maybe find out if there are already hives close by I can almost guarantee there will be.
  24. NZ law that has only just been made and is not fit for purpose ? Ethical and honest according to whose rule book ? I guess you could be “ethical and honest” and go bankrupt. Being ethical and honest is a whole lot more than what goes on a label.
  25. You are probably correct. Therefore we are back to the equation of how the Co Op increases the market price paid for honey. While the company with 50,000 hives sits outside of the Co Op, who determines market price? Who has competitive freedom?
  26. Study co ops and you will find out. The importance of resisting proportional representation in co -ops was one of the points that these very experienced center right businessmen stressed. The point of a co op is the group collectively benefit from the pooled input of all involved. If you have 50000 Hives then you are going to enjoy increased income and security for those 50000 hives. If this doesn't work for that individual then they have the option of leaving the co op which in itself could influence the vote of smaller stake holders, so there is always power in size anyway.
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