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  2. Prices: Hoveno 10g costs $27, https://www.lifepharmacy.co.nz/home/shop-by-category/health/medicines/mouth-treatments--cold-sores/nutra-life-lysine-1200mg-tablets-60s/ Zovirax cream 2g costs $19. https://shop.countdown.co.nz/shop/browse/health-wellness/medicine/cold-sore-remedy
  3. Exactly ..... she bought dew at $12/kg out of the 'Bulk tank' . Almost three times the industry offered price. It was a great day, I is talking to the Doctor again. Happy days for us hand to mouth operators !!
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  5. anytime you sell for above cost of production to someone who can talk and is smiling about the trad = not the worst screw-up in the world
  6. Uh Huh ..... MGO 45 Kamahi blended with a bit of Aussie jelly bush ..... tastes good on toast. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  7. i heard a whisper about nz-bush and dew exported and now being sold in aussie blends as 'aussie manuka' - sound about right?
  8. Short term cash is good .... it keeps the wheels turning . I had a lady come to the shop today ..... she had 400 bucks cash to buy honey and was quite shocked when I filled her jars for 24 bucks. I think I screwed up there somewhere ! What ever ,it was a stunningly beautifull day .... and that's what counts .... right ? Hmmmm ...... it's a big shark pool out there Adam ..... and rule No 1 is to never trust some one who say's 'Trust Me'.
  9. Unquestionably we would be very interested Go for it. Take the short term cash if that is what you feel is right? Of course it is happening and everyone knows who is involved. Will it pay off for them in the long run? I doubt. It is more likely to negatively reflect on their business in the long run. Reputable, ethical, professional companies do not do this.
  10. Uh Huh .... the Tortoise won the race .... right !
  11. I did try a bit, tasted just like ours at first, but I couldn't get rid of an unpleasant sickly "offish" after taste.
  12. It's happening Girl .... I'll say no more.
  13. HaHaa .... Did you taste it .... and will you give a recommendation .... A few years ago we had a Czech man on who wanted to learn about the bees. So we taught him. He went back to the Czech republic and cranked up some bee hives and sent us some of his first seasons Chestnut Honey. It was yummy ..... and then went into the fire.
  14. No it won’t Australia can label their honey however they like. Maybe all of us that produce multi floral Manuka should be shipping it to Oz and packing it there under a Manuka MGO 30 label. now theres a plan
  15. So maybe that will sort out YesButts Australian MGO 30 manuka ....
  16. Phil 46 will be happy !!
  17. here is a question - if someone was to get a decent test/result for a small volume (say, a couple of drums) that they're giving away to mates this year from a couple of sites with scaling available (genuinely, know all landowners in a five kilometre radius) - do you think there would be demand next year for a few tonne?
  18. I bought a book .... it was the safer option to double dinking the blonde.
  19. What has happened with this honey and have MPI been notified? If this honey were to contain EFB it would be our industry equivalent of the bubonic plague hitting NZ. Have you given the exotic bee pest or disease hotline a call? 0800 80 99 66 - I understand that when you ring this with a bona fide call, things are meant to start getting actioned within ten minutes. It could be an interesting exercise and maybe you could keep us informed of what's happening or what isn't. I have never come across anyone who has rung this bat line!
  20. No. There are a lot of people out there unaware of a whole lot.
  21. So the sender knew about the rules. That makes her/him more guilty.
  22. I got new gloves 😀 My syrup mixer is ready to use and I finished the beeswax melter too.
  23. Why is testing insane? Do we want to be leaders on a world stage with best practice and best product or followers playing catch up?
  24. I guess stability will come by way of a drop off in hive numbers . Maybe beekeeping was only meant to be a husband wife operation? I guess it will all unfold come spring/summer? Or next beehive count?
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