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  • Use of Conversations


    For the benefit of everyone, DO NOT USE CONVERSATIONS to:

    • Ask beekeeping questions, help or advice
    • Sell bees or equipment
    • Ask about availability of bees or equipment
    • Make unsolicited contact with other members

    If you are engaged by someone using conversation to discuss any of the points above, please encourage the other party to ask in the forums, where you or others, will respond if you/they can.

    Conversations can be monitored and offending messages may be deleted, with warnings issued for not following forum guidelines.


    Conversation or Inbox etiquette


    Conversations are normally described as a one on one discussion and although not private, they are a good way of passing on personal information such as phone number, addresses or other contact details.


    They must not be used for unsolicited contact. The simplest way of attracting someones attention is to post a new thread or reply to an existing one, then tag that person, so that they get an alert.


    Messages are available after the appropriate subscription


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