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  • What are activity streams?


    Activity streams display content in a similar way to a facebook wall, twitter or instagram and are a great way to bring in those not used to forums.




    For those that are used to forums, you may find the activity streams confusing, so we've created new content searches that reflect the traditional quick find options.




    These are in fact customised activity streams. Here you will see the difference is as a result of the options selected.




    In these examples under "Unread content" and "Content I started" is a summary of the search results. 


    For instance, one of the changes is READ STATUS - UNREAD




    Have a play with the options yourself to see the results. When you find an option you like for the material you wish to see, you can save it as a search or create a new custom stream



    Notice that you can also display the results in Condensed or Expanded view.




    You can rename your search and IMPORTANTLY you can save it as YOUR default search, so that you get the results you want when you click new content.




    A word of caution. If you select your own search, please remember that there are different elements - topic/images/blogs/downloads/clubs/calendar etc

    As an example: If you select topics only, you wont get to see what else is going on on the site. This is emphasised in our content searches, which are split into the elements, but also have an all content result.




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