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  • Searching for content

    The search facilities within your community, allow your members to find specific content that they are looking for on the site, using words and other known criteria.


    How to use

    A simple search can be achieved by typing into the bar on the top right of the site



    By default, this will search all content. You can filter this directly from the menu by clicking in the search bar, then selecting from the list of areas that are searchable on the system




    Advanced Search

    Clicking on Advanced search will give you many more criteria in which you can search, such as searching for titles only, or only looking for items within the last 24 hours. 




    Clicking on the member tab, you will notice that any of your custom profile fields that have been set up from the admin CP are also searchable by the system if you have chosen them to be searchable items.





    If you have already searched, you can change the criteria directly from the results pane by clicking on the advanced button



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