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    NZ Beekeepers provides a sales area for both commercial advertising and sales through the Marketplace section. It allows for single or multiple products available for sale within New Zealand. Clubs and organisations may wish to participate within our Clubs section, where you can create your own membership forums, gallery and events.


    If you are thinking of using your display name, posting to the forum, or signature to promote the advertising of a company, product or website, you should note that this is not currently allowed on NZ Beekeepers, without the prior approval of an administrator. This includes links for facebook groups and blogs. Exceptions will be made to occasional posts to existing relevant discussions (at the discretion of the administrators), but only if the link is backed up by sufficient, relevant content.


    If you would like your product or website to be considered for approval in a forum post, profile or signature, it is essential that your registered email domain matches the domain of the product or website you are promoting, before making your request. If approved, signatures should be limited to 3 lines of text at the normal font size.


    New members: If you register using a company or website name as a display name, or post a link to a website or product, without meeting these requirements, your account will be treated as unsolicited spam and you will be marked as a spammer on international spam prevention databases.

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