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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I'm a small certified organic beekeeper living in the Austrian alps. I do beekeeping since 5 years, started with 3 hives - now managing around 50 hives. I have done a little bit beekeeping in Australia (3 days) and Vietnam (1 week). My main yield is honeydew from aphids, I don't move my hives to yields, all apiaries are located above 1.000m. Season is from March - July. Each hive needs about 20kg honey to survive the winter. I use Langstroth 2/3 for honey and brood (2 units). The race is A. melifera carnica (I must use this race by law of our region) and I rear my own queens. Average honey yield in Austria is different for each region, of course you get the most when you move your hives and then you can get up to 100kg per hive. My average is 20-25kg. This year was really bad, only 8-10kg per hive and a big and difficult melezitose yield, which gives me a lot of headaches/work at the moment. Most beekeepers in Austria are just hobby beekeeper, with around 200 hives you could make a living (if you move to yields and don't sell all honey on wholesale). The by far biggest beekeeper in Austria is managing close to 10.000 hives on 600 apiaries. You can sell honey between 8-15 €/kg. I sell wholesale organic honey for 7,5 €/kg and end customers 14 €/kg. (1 € = 1,8 NZ Dollar) Everyone is allowed to keep bees in Austria, by law from Maria Theresia. - Varroa is a medium threat (because of winter and brood stop), most people using organic acids. - AFB is in some region more bad than others (Sadly I have had hands on experience with it). - EFB is seldom - Hive beetle (Italy atm.) & Vespa velutina (France , Spain atm.) still not here, but probably will be in 1-2 years. - Pesticide are medium threat on some fields, laws changing a lot in on this topics - Shigellosis is sometimes a problem, because the honeydew and strong winters I'm open for any question you may got about Austrian Beekeeping. Few of my hives in winter: https://i.imgur.com/cayMJBN.jpg https://i.imgur.com/JpSbP9V.jpg Queen Crafting: https://i.imgur.com/VgJ9I03.jpg Bee bread harvest: https://i.imgur.com/t0serPn.jpg ---- I will travel to NZ on working holiday visa, when I'm finished to prep. my hives for winter (around November). Current plan is to fly middle of November to NZ (try to get enough money for a car) and fly back around March, when my season starts again. I want to work at least 1-2 months in NZ to experience "NZ beekeeping" as woof'ing or "normal" work. Maybe someone here can give me some tips were to look for jobs or best way to get into the NZ beekeeping scene and maybe some other tips. My beekeeping experience: - 5 years of small scale organic beekeeping - Queen Crafting/Rearing and Mating Places - Artificial Swarms & Splits - AFB identification and clean ups - various organic Varroa treatments (oxalic acid, formic acid, total brood renew, queen closing) My other skills: - fencing and stock management (alpacas, cows) - lumberjacking (I manage a small forest with my father) - driving tractors and trucks - programmer (various languages) & good with computers (ex. could help to set up a homepage) - basic biology (I study biology at university) My job experience: - junior sales assistant (backoffice, creating graphics, customer support) - working in saw mill - working as postal courier - working on petrol station (book keeping, backoffice) - my own company (programming and graphic related stuff) (btree.at) - working on large scale alpaca farm in Australia for 1,5 months (certificate of employment) - working on tea tree oil farm in Australia for few weeks (mainly house keeping jobs) Current occupation: my own company, organic beekeeper and biology student (did this year some behaviour research in Africa on cichlids) Here is a small video in english I did about a South Korea bee sweeping machine, were you can see some of my hives in the background: Cheers Hannes
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