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Found 6 results

  1. So my home hive is my strongest. My robbed hive is doing OK at is new local. Due to work and school holidays I've not been in my home hive since 4th March (6 weeks) But I've been feeding (Upside down jars) 2:1 syrup ever since my harvest. I'm very proud of my feeder, I'll post a pic but it keeps the bees in, but lets you exchange jars without them being covered in bees. The hive has done well, and it's really heavy (I'm going to heft it as soon as I can find the travel scales). I was doing a full check today (17degrees) and they've got essentially ¾ of stores, but only a small brood cluste
  2. Hi team, Did my first inspection today, in light of all the online activity suggesting it was time to crack the lid. I found 3-4 frame ball of bees around empty frames. Some half emerged brood etc, but no capped brood. It was chilly & a cool breeze so as soon as I saw my queen I stopped. So no eggs seen but thats ok? I did see lots of DWV so have started weekly Oxalic, and I'll re-inspect in 2 weeks. I'm not doing a mite count (there was not that many bees) and with signs of mite syndrome I thought I'd treat anyway. On the good side, queen seen. And lots of capped hone
  3. Hi everyone, Pondering the warm winter canterbury is having (and presumably elsewhere) and my bees are out several times/week. But it's not warm enough to confidently open the hive. With roaming bees and warmer climes, should I be considering winter varoa treatments with my vaporiser to help beat back the spring surge of varoa? It's a good treatment for winter in that I don't need to open the hive, and its not temperature sensitive. And some of the "science" behind oxalic acid uses it to target a bloodless treatment anyway. Further info - I don't currently strips, a philosophical
  4. I have 1 hive. It's now about 4 weeks old and going well. I'm feeding as much as I can, but since I got attacked by a cranky night bee I'm a bit limited by work. Hard to tell when winter is really going to start here in Christchurch, we're still getting good 20s and sun. But it'll be here soon enough. I've ready through the threads, and I'm trying to figure out what I should do to get the hive ready for the next step. I ready and watch of the north american blogs, but I'm not sure their (buried under 3 ft of snow -20°C) advice is what we need for Christchurch. Any advice, or direct
  5. I caught a small swarm late January. I started feeding them syrup straight away, and the girls did their bit (and still are). They are now in single 3/4 box. 3x frames filled with capped honey, about 5x frames with eggs, larvae, brood and some capped honey and pollen on the outsides of those frames. 2x frames fully drawn with a little bit of nectar in it. I treated them for varroa mid Feb (Bayvarol). They are healthy! I am in Wellington. If I keep on feeding them syrup and they manage to add some more honey to the 2 empty frames so that they have a little bit more stores than what they
  6. Hello, I've been reading about the risk of chill etc to hives and that if the girls aren't flying, then don't open up. But I want to keep an eye on my 2:1 syrup levels in my top feeder, I presume the advice and warnings about chill shock relate to opening the main hive and frame inspections. And that the small draft caused with lids coming off for the feeder aren't relevant. Thanks for clarifying this.
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