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Found 5 results

  1. Wax Moths - control of I've been searching this site for a solution to exterminate wax moths that have invaded my twenty foot shipping container, that is nearly full of honey supers. I have been keeping bees for over 35 years and have never had an infestation like it. I have read about freezing them, and have contacted cool-stores to see whether I can transport the supers to them, have them stored for 48 hours at -60 degrees then load them out. The cost is rather large plus labour and transportation. So now I am thinking outside the box : a friend put on to the idea of using dry ice
  2. How do you keep frames with empty combs? How to save the frame from the wax moth? In Ukraine we do it like that Here is how we keep frames with empty combs. This method is environmentally friendly, does not require a lot of money and safe for bees and people. This method helps to kick away the wax moth and other pests. In most cases mice do not touch the frame with this substance. As fast as possible after extraction we need to sprinkle frames with empty combs with ASH. Yes we use ash, wood ash from a stove or a bonfire or ash from straw. You need to sprinkle frames with empty combs with
  3. I've been reading that a good way to combat wax moth is to freeze then store. But I supered up for the holidays, and have now taken back a box of each hive. These are undrawn frames of foundation but have been "used". Should I freeze, or not bother?
  4. I was looking through my dead hive and I saw what looked like a tube of spider web running between two adjacent frames. Then something moved through the centre of it. I grabbed a screwdriver and managed to gouge it out of the frame, is this wax moth? Last night I spent an hour watching my hive. Over the hour around 12 wasps tried to get into the hive. I killed 5-6 of them 2-3 got into the hive, only one came back out. I screwed a piece of aluminium angle to the hive base to make the entrance more obscure, doesn't seem to bother the bees, but the wasps find it harder to find there way in
  5. Hi again Beeks, I received my first ever nucs two days ago, on the day I received them I transferred them to there new brood boxes. Yesterday I left them alone to give them some time to recover. Today a friend of my helped me mark the queens. While in the hives we saw a few things that concerned us, could all you experts out there have a look at the following photos and let me know how serious you think they are? I didn't get a good photo of it, but we also noticed a fair number of the bees have deformed or clipped wings.
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