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Found 2 results

  1. Gotta love the weather break, and the long weekend. So checked in on the ladies. It's been two weeks. Apricot hive is going great guns. It started with extra frames of food and drawn comb. This hive is now moving up into its next brood box. Quince, not so much. The queen is 1 year older, and there was a bit of varroa pressure (now solved). But despite feeding 2:1 syrup it is completely untouched (I've dumped two lots). The bees do have to cross 1 FD of foundation frames (which are slowly getting drawn out). There's lots of nectar stored elsewhere and a bit of pollen, so I'
  2. Quick newbee question, not answered on here as far as I can find. I've got a new hive that's got a feeder with 2:1 syrup. Put it on 10 days ago, clearly too much food around as the bees have been largely disinterested. Lifted the lifted the lid to check the food store, and got a whiff of fermentation. Should I be throwing this syrup away? There were bees up there, but the level is hardly changed. Cheers
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