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Found 19 results

  1. ctm


    My lure box cached a swarm this afternoon. Two questions, do bees that want to swarm, first find a place to go to and then swarm to that place . Or do they swarm and than try to find a place. Or both. The reason why I ask is bees where checking out the lure-box for 5 days and more before they decided to move in. You would think a already swarmed colony hanging in a tree somewhere would not wait that long. Other question. I like to give it to my neighbour (150 meter away), should I wait until the queen has some eggs or move it as soon as possible so foragers won't come back to the original p
  2. My bees swarmed today and I was lucky enough to be home to catch them. I’m unsure what to do next though! Few questions below: 1. Should I add some full brood frames from the last hive? If so, when should I do this? 2. The queen is already a few years old, how long would you wait to replace her? 3.can I place the swarm hive next to the old hive or is this confusing for the bees? 4. When’s a good time frame to expect the new queen to start laying? thanks in advance for the advice
  3. I found 2 swarms today in my apiary, about 1 m apart, one larger than the other, both low down and on easy to cut branches. I put them into seperate Nuc's. The larger one had an unmarked queen which I caught and transfered to the nuc box before shaking in the bees. I'm not sure whether the second swarm had a queen. A few hours on, both seem happy in the nuc boxes. My first swarm captures ? Swarms top left (ball), bottom right (along branch). Q1) Would the swarms likely be from the same hive, or separate?. Q2) is it likely that t
  4. Hi all, this is my first post! I'm an extremely new-bee, got my nuc in September, now have one brood box and one super separated by a queen excluder - as per profile pic. I have just inspected my hive and can find no sign of queen, eggs or larvae. Plenty of bees and plenty of honey - in fact last inspection 2-3 weeks ago there was no honey, but queen was there and laying. Has my queen swarmed/died? What do I do now?
  5. I discovered quite a large clump of bees outside one of my hives today and upon inspection I discovered very erratic drone laying and many queen cells which had jelly inside, and one or two capped QC’s. I destroyed all the cells but now I’m regretting it as I believe I should have let the swarm / supercedure happen to get rid of the lame queen. Please advise
  6. I've just taken a call via ApiNZ regarding a swarm in Tawa. It sounds like it's only just arrived. Bees swarming around the chimney and coming into the lounge via vents in the fireplace. It could be scouts and the main swarm is somewhere nearby. It could be the main swarm. If there is any beekeeper handy to Tawa that could go to assist then please phone me for the distressed owner's phone number. My contact details are on my profile page https://www.nzbees.net/profile/2542-rob-stockley/ Please phone rather than email as I'm out and about.
  7. Hello everyone!! I have made a new video abot swarming control. We used our observations and made up the stages of preparing the bees for swarming. What do you think about this control system? I hope my explanation was clear. Stages of swarmig GREEN PERIOD (no risk of swarming). 1. population increase. 2. drone production. 3. Appearance of cell Cups 4. Fatty Bees. Bees resting in clusters. Orange Period (great risk of swarming) 5. queen cells 6. reduced laying (smaller brood nest) 7. No brood (hive has not yet swarmed but could at any moment). Red Period 8. Hive has ac
  8. It is important that beekeepers know how to respond to swarm requests, as we do not allow guest members to post personal contact information in order to protect their privacy. BEFORE YOU CAN RESPOND If you wish to participate in this section of the forum, you need to have completed BOTH sets of instructions at Where and how to post contact details & how to view them ensuring your privacy setting is set to allow ALL VISITORS access to your profile. You can check this, by browsing your profile whilst logged out. Please note information placed in your profile is done so at your own r
  9. Hi, my husband and I have purchased our first hive. We have a few beekeeping friends who have inspected it and advised us that the next step is to purchase a nucleus...We live in Kinloch Taupo and would appreciate any advice as to where or whom we can purchase from, or if there are any swarms? Kind regards Iggy
  10. About 10 days ago I caught a swarm at my house, I moved them into a nuc box and left them about 30 metres away from my original hive on the other side of my garage in a little clearing where they are sheltered from the wind. In the last week, there seems to be a ton of activity around my original hive and the swarm hive, but the concerning thing, is all the bees appear to be flying between the swarm hive and the original hive. So I thought the swarm hive might be robbing the original hive? So I closed up the entrance on the original hive to 1 bee width, but that didn’t effect the amount
  11. Hey Guys, Given the extremely mild winter we are having, when do you guys think we will start seeing swarms? I'm in the Hutt Valley and observed my bees flying 3-4 times last week. I would imagine with the warmer climate up north there must be even more activity up there. cheers
  12. Hi All This is my first season as a hobby bee keeper. Got into it as a father/son activity with my 11yo. We bought two nuc hives at the end of last summer and have managed to winter them through well, and looking forward to them starting their spring build. We have purchased some wooden nuc boxes with the idea of putting out some swarm traps to add interest to the season. I have some new plastic frames that have been waxed dipped, but no wooden frames or drawn comb. I seem to have left it a bit late and can't get any wooden frames with wax foundation fitted, and don't have the equipmen
  13. Swarm reports are coming in early this year. I already know of a Christchurch event from the beginning of last week and reports are also coming in from Auckland. Please post your 2015 Season swarm reports.
  14. What is the possibility for bees to swarm in autumn? Had a look in my hives today, and in the one hive (3x 3/4, about 11 full frames of solid honey and the queen laying beautifully) had two queen cells at the bottom of one of the frames. This is a hive that lost its queen in January and I did a paper combine on at the time. Could it still be queen cells that were created before I did the combine? I would have have expected them to tear all the queen cells down after they were QR again.
  15. Hello everyone! I finally have bees. About a week and a half ago, a very small swarm (about as big as this one The Smallest Caught Swarm ) settled in my backyard bait hive. To my suprise, they are very active and are doing very well (no pictures yet, not wanting to disturb them too much). I let them settle in for about 5 days, then put a top feeder on with about 750mls of Light Sugar Syrup, they have almost cleaned that up. They are currently still in the old bait hive but I have added some fresh frames and foundation but there is still one old frame which is empty (no foundation) that th
  16. It's swarm season for bees Just a little article I spotted, a lot have probably seen it
  17. Very exciting to see and catch my first swarm - 4 huge bundles in a low tree - I managed to put them in a spare brood box and I sealed it up. Then realised that I probably want to give them a bit more air and some frames to start up with so went in quick as I could to add frames and open front. Pretty much the whole swarm then decided to take off again but they shortly returned either to that box or their old hive. I'm assuming queen is still there in one of them... Any advice or thing to do from here? I'm thinking leave them alone for a week or so and then see what they're up to...
  18. Is there anyone with knowledge on the Wellington region, that can give me some insight on when the Swarm Season in Wellington will be expected to start and end? //Jan
  19. I have just built my first Swarm Trap, but I am only starting with beekeeping this year, so I do not have any old frames with comb yet. How important is it to put frames with comb in a Swarm Trap? Can I use new frames with wax foundation instead will it make the Swarm Trap less attractive? //Jan
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