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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all I'm a new bee to this! As you will find out after reading this post! I'm sure there's much I can improve on... I checked my hive today which I got in November. Started off with just 4 frames of bees and it seemed when I checked on them today after three weeks of leaving them alone they've really filled out the box and frames. Theres two full frames of honey and a couple of partial ones. The hive seems really cramped and over loaded with bees. A whole bunch were even hanging out in the feeder. I took out the feeder and replaced it with anot
  2. I am running 2 brood boxes (3/4), started with a nuc in november. Last week I put a QE and a honey super on. While I am renovating our bathroom, the family is away so between two coats of paint I thougt I have a quick look what is going on in the super. Good and bad. The good is it's full of brood and eggs, so the queen is doing her job but bad as this is the honey super above the excluder It not supposed to be full off eggs and grub, eh? No what I don't know did I accidently locked her in the super when I lifted frames of brood from the brood box? can she
  3. I’d like peoples views and experience on the pros and cons of queen excluders for the hobbyist. I’ve heard non “bee-excluder” hives produce more? Someone advised me to add my supers to the middle of the hive between two existing brood boxes (no excluder), as this gets drawn out in no time compared with placing excluder and super on top.
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