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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone!! I have made a new video abot swarming control. We used our observations and made up the stages of preparing the bees for swarming. What do you think about this control system? I hope my explanation was clear. Stages of swarmig GREEN PERIOD (no risk of swarming). 1. population increase. 2. drone production. 3. Appearance of cell Cups 4. Fatty Bees. Bees resting in clusters. Orange Period (great risk of swarming) 5. queen cells 6. reduced laying (smaller brood nest) 7. No brood (hive has not yet swarmed but could at any moment). Red Period 8. Hive has ac
  2. Hi Guys, This is the same as my last post in the paupers split thread, I decided it deserved its own topic. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should split this hive again. The biggest issue I have, is that I fed them all winter and they have filled all the comb with honey. Now there is almost no empty comb for the queen to lay in. I don't need to get any honey of either hive this year, my main focus is on building up the number of hives I have. I can see two frames with multiple queen cells, so I'm tempted to put one of those frames in a nuc box with one or two honey fra
  3. Hi, I've read lots of posts about this and have a few questions about 2 of my hives which have queen cells. They were nucs at the end of last summer so are still quite small, FD and only one layer. Each has about 3-4 frames that still need to be drawn out, so it seems like there is enough room. There seems to be good amount of honey stores. Today's inspection I didn't see the queen in either hive, although there are new eggs and tiny larvae visible so I am assuming she is still there. In the first hive there is a cluster on a frame in the middle of the hive of what I think are queen ce
  4. Just want to check if my thinking and strategy is correct: Did a thorough inspection on both my hives over the weekend. Loads of honey, so all good on the winter-food front. In one of the hives I could not find any eggs or a queen. On three of the frames there were multiple queen cells in the middle of the frames. But all the queen cells were chewed open. So my conclusion is that something happened to the original queen and girls made multiple emergency queen cells to improve their odds. One of the cells hatched and took action against the unhatched queens. I could not see a quee
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