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Found 33 results

  1. Discussing solid floor and mesh floors I'm interested to know what people use in their top bar hives and why. Particularly if they have used both in their top bar hives and have made a comparison. Our first top bar hive had a mesh floor. After reading on the subject of ventilation and condensation from various sources, the Ed Clark book: Constructive beekeeping : Clark, Ed. H : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive being the best. So, subsequently I've not made a mesh bottom top bar hive since and I converted the first one to solid floor about a year or so later. Anecdotally, it appears I am in the minority since most seem to be mesh floors. So, asking top bar hive beekeepers, what is the appeal of a mesh floor? Have you tried both? Migratory Lang beekeepers have a different set of requirements keeping bees cool and contained during transport. I'm only talking about top bar hives fixed in a permanent apiary.
  2. Hi was wanting to buy a book on queen rearing and was wanting to know what everyone thinks is the best book to buy Thanks
  3. Hi I've just seen the sun hive model of hive, from everything I've seen online i get the usual same ol same ol impression from them about how they're a more biodynamic model of hive, and better for the bees, and the usual comment section gripers complaining about how this model wasn't healthy for the bees. I remember a german girl at a beekeeping seminar mentioned to the warre enthusiast who was taking the seminar that she had been using the sun hive model in germany. The two got in a slightly heated debate over which model of hive was the most near natural, and the guy taking the lecture saying it was worse as it was still an idea of how bees should live through human understanding. My question is, I've heard people who use it say that it is a more near natural model of hive, others say it is unhealthy for the bees. But nowhere does it say how it is better or worse for the bees, would somebody please be able to shed some light as to the pro's and cons?
  4. Just wondering what the best hives to buy/build are? Im wanting to build about 10 but would like to know what the commercial guys recommend for durability and cost? And where is the cheapest place to buy them and plastic frames?
  5. I have a FD box on the bottom with 2 x 3/4s above. The top 3/4 is more sparse but contains some supplies and also a feeder (2 frame style) I am intending to go in tomorrow and check the hive and rearrange the frames so that the lower 3/4 is consolidated with brood (if any but I believe so) and supplies. I will be placing a feeder tray on instead of the frame feeder as better use of space for winter. Q. How best to arrange supply and brood frames? Brood centered & supplies outside; mixed arrangement, vice versa...? Q2. If I am able to compact the bottom of the hive and I still have 2 or 3 frames left over...should I leave them in a top 3/4 box (under the feeder tray)? Keep in mind my bottom boxes are a FD and a 3/4. ( It just happened that way) Q3. Anything else I should be doing for Winter? FWIW - I have been feeding for about three weeks.
  6. Newbie wanna bee here . So as I understand it Russia has bees that have developed resistance to the varroa mite. United States dept of agriculture usda certifies Russian bees . Is there Russian bees here in nz ? Do all breeders breed for VSH and SMR Are there usda certified breeders here ? ( sorry I presume this has been asked heaps Mayb because I'm a newbie of got less privileges but searching on this website for Russian bees gets no results or usda gets irrelevant results
  7. Hi all. I noticed a high varroa load in my hive and as I'm after more hives and not honey I put bayvarol strips in and did a mite drop count. I counted over 100 mites dropped in ~14 hours after the strips went in which seems to me to be a shedload. This has got me concerned about the survival of the hive. So how fast does bayvarol work - I.e. Should I help my girls out with oxalic vapor (now that it has arrived) and let the strips take care of the varroa in capped cells, or should I just let the strips do their thing?
  8. Hello fellow beekeepers, my name is Sarah Cross, I am Dr Mark Goodwins Reserach Associate at Plant and Food Research Ltd. We are conducting a trial on the possibility of resistant varroa here in NZ. We are requesting a sample of 300 bees from a hive that has NOT been treated for varroa yet this season. If you are interested in helping us please email me at sarah.cross@plantandfood.co.nz with your name, postal address, and the general area of the hive you would like to take the bees from, and i will send you out a container and return courier bag. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. On the same line do you think air dried is better than kilm dried. Down here we use West coast pine as its far better wood and I like the idea I could of pruned it and planted its replacement's all them years ago
  10. It seems that people moving away from synthetics will use apivar but not bayvarol. Why is that
  11. Hi everyone, I've just got my first bee hive, decided I was going to get one about 10 months ago, I've spent this time getting a little gear together and doing a bunch of research on the interwebs. I live in central Christchurch, close to the airport. Honey isn't my primary motivation, I've always found bees fascinating ever since i was a kid. The dude I got a nuc off last week said it was one of the largest nucs he's ever sold in the few years he's been beeking. 5 FD frames with about 1.5 layers of bees and a good breakfast bowl lot poured out of the nuc box. Picked them up in the early evening just before dusk. Next morning they were happy as Larry. Every day since I go sit next to the hive for my morning coffee and ciggy. Day 1 They were buzzing around a lot orientating themselves. Day 2 they appeared a lot more organized, I opened the entrance up full, inspected most of the frames without shaking any bees off, good selection of capped brood, eggs and larvae, not a whole lot of pollen or nectar tho. Spotted the queen no problems, she's Italian I believe. They are all very well behaved, I'd never handled a frame before picking up the nuc, haven't used my suit or gloves yet and haven't been stung yet. I know it'll happen, but these are the type of bees I wanted, calm and friendly. Yesterday I picked up and installed a top feeder and bayvarol strips from ecrotek, not plugging them, but they're friendly and just round the corner from me which is very handy. Mixed up a 1.5:1 of syrup using white sugar, 1.5kgs of sugar to 1kg of water, took forever to dissolve it all, put that in the feeder, checked it today 24 hours later and they've polished off at least half. The other day when I signed up here @Janice identified this monster for me as an Ivy (Hedera helix), The last few years I've noticed the bees love it and it blooms late in the season. The first few flowers have just started to open and it's got a few bees on it already but i know that in a week it's going to explode with bees. So today I took a few pictures and edited them a little to make some 1080p wallpapers. Pink pollen! Anybody know what that's likely from? Most of the rest of the pollen (and there's a nice consistent stream) looks like it's from the ivy. Apparently Ivy honey is very viscous and not popular but it is out there. I'm just hoping for rapid expansion and winter stores. I know I wont harvest any honey till spring/summer. The cheap pine hive finish if you are wondering is a dark timber stain with a coat of marine epoxy to give it a glossy finish, I noticed the bees couldn't get a great grip on it so just scratched the edges so they could get a better perch. More effort and money that really needs to be spent on a bee hive but it's only one the one for now, if i end up with half a dozen hives or more (which is likely) they'll no doubt be painted just like everyone else.
  12. Does anyone know of someone, or a company who couriers or freights live bees throughout New Zealand. There used to be someone in Hastings who used to do this, but they no longer do it, which is a shame as they offered a fantastic service (I think they retired) - nucs from Hastings to my door in Gore, Southland in 2-3 days was great.
  13. I'm involved in the early stages of a project which ultimately will need quite a few experienced beekeepers to work the UK season - NZ seemed like a sensible place to start asking questions, given our seasons are about as polarised as they can be and we share a common language....even if we get all the vowels wrong in the UK! I'm struggling to find an organisation akin to our Bee Farmer's Association - I've found Apiculture New Zealand, but that looks to me more like a money making enterprise than a trade organisation...but I may be wrong, so please correct me if I am. I'd be grateful if you could point me in the right direction....and are there keen and knowledgeable young guns out there who might be interested in principle? What/where would be the best place to connect with them. This is unlikely to be running in 2017, but increasing through 2018 and hopefully full tilt by 2019. Bee breeding experience would be a good skill to have for 2018. Thanks, Leigh
  14. I currently do not mark my queens and am thinking of doing so to make life easier. But @frazzledfozzle mentioned how she did not mark queens because you would end up looking for dots and loose your eye for queens. And I think she has a point. I was wondering how many beeks marked their queens
  15. watch out if your truck seat has rips in them when you get pulled over by a truck cop they will tell you to fix it or give you a ticket next time you get pulled over Today one of our truck got pulled over today and there were a few thing we need to do before we can drive it again One fix drivers seat Do some thing with winch so we don't hurt some one was they walk by It been like this for the last five year and pass I forget how many COF And I got pulled up in December by two cop and they check me out and let be come and did not say anything was wrong So why did This cop have to fault the truck this time and nothing change
  16. This may seem weird, but I'm Having trouble dissolving sugar, 2 parts sugar 1 part water, I've got the mix in a big pot on the stove and just enough heat to keep it hotish until it dissolves, I'm constantly stirring it, after 40 minutes it won't dissolve anymore, when it cool it forms a crust on top and a thick sugary crust on the bottom of the pot, I can't remember this happening last time I done it. Any tips. Or do I just seive what I have and use it, I'm using it in upside down jars and don't want to clog the small holes.
  17. Hi everyone, We have what seems like hundreds of these noisy critters in our lawns and they are starting to come into the house :mad:. Anybody got any ideas on how to get rid of them without poisoning our bees? The hives are all on the affected lawns :mad:. Thank you
  18. Hi All So after a few posts and comments last night,I think I should get 10,000 bees (nuc). Can anyone recommend where/who to buy bees from? I have a nuc,feeder(syrup and feedbee) and the equipment. Anything else I should consider purchasing? Thanks
  19. I wrote this thread yesterday and lost it somewhere up in the clouds. Since then, things have changed, but I'll rewrite it anyway with an update ! We run half a dozen "HobbyHives" around the district after friends and neighbours commented that there were 'No Bees' buzzing around to do the job on their fruit trees and vege patches. These are the hives that often get neglected along the lines of 'I'll pop in tomorrow on the way home', but tomorrow we seemed to go home a different way so the job got put off, again. With last years shemozzle up north most of these hives succumbed to the varroa mite at the end of last season and were DOA in the spring. They got nuked in mid October with some of the not so good looking nukes (how mean is that), but anyway, such was the spring the one frame of brood grew to a box of bees by mid December. I had a conversation with Mr PhilBee about running queen excluders, and because it pays sometimes to be curious, the Hobby hives got supered up with three honey boxes and no queen excluder. Last weekend I took the honey off them, and was blown away to find three boxes of honey and the queen happy in the bottom brood box. Mr PhilBee was right. They way outperformed our 'commercial' hives that are run as singles with a queen excluder. OK, here's the catch. Today we took the last of our honey crop off, and more importantly, got the last of the varroa strips in. The last yard had been run with no queen excluders, so I was salivating in anticipation of three boxes. What a mess. The queen had gone right up through the middle of the honey boxes and laid in all the middle combs. In some cases the fourth box was full of honey and brood and the bottom three were empty. We still got a good amount of honey off the yard, but it just seemed to be a messy and time consuming job sorting it all out. So .... the jury is still out on queen excluders.
  20. I am doing my extracting hopefully this Saturday..I aim to not take too much at all.I only have 1 super above my excluder. I aim to replace the frames that I have scraped.Leaving 2 frames at each side.Can I add another super? Or am I too late and should I remove the excluder in preparation for winter or is it too early to remove excluder.I am also going to treat for varroa after the extraction.I am in Auckland.
  21. This is interesting I thought 2016: THE HONEY BEE ALGORITHM
  22. Hi all, I have a nice new bee shed, where I store my gear. I have a lot of bees all trying to get into the shed. This has just happened recently, I realise that bees have that 'robbing' drive at this time of year. I have plugged the gaps with expanding foam, sealed the door and keep used frames in plastic boxes. The shed is near the house and near to our dog run, so extra bees flying around is not going down that well. I would rather not have to relocate my gear, as this was the idea to have a nice secure shed to keep all my gear together. On hindsight this was not the ideal location to site my shed, but a bit late for that now. Does anyone have any bright ideas as to how I could safely deter the bees. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me some help / insight as to what is going on here? I just noticed this this morning... a ton of pollen sacks are falling out of my hive and onto the ground! This is only happening on one of my hives. It's a two box 3/4 depth hive with the bulk of the bees and brood in the bottom box, top box added a couple weeks ago and being drawn out and filled with a bit of nectar. Treated with Apistan 2 weeks ago (bottom brood box only as top box had only just been added with fresh undrawn frames) Feeding via top feeder about 1L of syrup 2 times per week. Ventilated bottom board (see pic) Any help much appreciated!
  24. Dave Black submitted a new resource: [plain]Apiculture Monitoring Report 2016[/plain] - [plain]Apiculture Monitoring Report 2016[/plain] Read more about this resource...
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