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Found 9 results

  1. I’d like to hear people’s experience and suggestions for over-wintering nucs. I am finishing off queen rearing now before last honey harvest / varroa treatments, and I’d like to be ready to set them up nicely for over-wintering.
  2. I wanted to try my hand at overwintering a nuc. What are the challenges around this and when is the last month I could safely make a 3 frame walk away split that would get strong enough to winter?
  3. Hi, I have 2 hives, here in N Otago, looking strong and just finished the spring varroa treatment. I was thinking of splitting one hive and putting a virgin queen , from a good source in. Are there any recommendations as how to introduce her? I’ve read and watched various ideas and as with all else Beekeeping ‘ask 3 people get 4 answers” thx David
  4. Hi beeks, one of my hives is much stronger than the other hive. Both are one box hives, which were transplanted from two 5 frame nucs 3 weeks ago. The weaker hive may have starved a bit lately, or have a lame Queen as there’s almost no stores, way less bees, more drone brood, and any capped worker brood is toward one side, away from the centre. I have eyeballed her yesterday though along with some new eggs. The strong hive is ready for another box, with heaps of stores of nectar and pollen, lots of neat worker brood filling up frames. How can they be at such different stages even though they’r
  5. Hi team. I purchased a nuc 5 days ago. They have an autum queen and everything seems good. They were treated for varroa with bayverol which was removed the day I purchased them (not sure when it was applied). I have fed them 2 liters of sugar syrup (1:1) in a frame feeder. I have attached a photo of the hive. My questions are: 1. After 3 days they haven’t made a dent in the syrup. How quickly would you expense a new hive (5 frames) of bees go through syrup? Do I keep the feed toped up? 2. Do I need to do anything else regarding varroa treatment at the moment?
  6. Hello all, speaking to a commercial beekeeper yesterday and he says that you can make nucs from three frames + a feeder. Just interested in community feedback on this - particularly from those who may have done this successfully. He was saying if you have two frames which have good amounts of young larvae/brood/pollen/stores then you get two of those, add an empty waxed frame and a feeder and then introduce a caged mated queen. He said that if you do this on a good flow the bees will use the flow plus what you feed them to draw out the empty frame without filling it with honey meaning th
  7. I have limited space in my apiary, urban beek, and I'm looking for a versatile option that will occupy the site of one hive. I have kit for another full hive, but thought it might be good to have a double nuc, single base, set up also to add a bit of versatility for splits, swarm control strategy, and winter insurance. I realise there are many nucs available in NZ, and people also make their own (I don't have the gear). But I want Nucs that can share a mesh base (with a divider) can be treated with OA (I might have to get cleaver with the base for that. These took my fancy Better
  8. So I'm starting a new thread on this... time for solutions & new season resolutions. I've had a quick google, and poke around here, and have a few questions. My hive has died over winter. I'm confident it is PMS (full inspection today, and AFB test kit used as insurance). The final few hundred bees and non-laying queen are on their way out. I'm planning to; 1. Freeze frames (48hrs) 2. Restart with a new nuc ASAP I don't have time for swarm catching, and I've never seen one in our neighbourhood. So that's not really a viable option. Should I start with one nuc? Or two?
  9. Hi Everyone, I received my first ever nucs today After work I decided to transfer them into there newly prepared full depth brood boxes. I opened up the first box and discovered two of the frames had slipped off the rails and were sitting on the bottom of the box. Some dead bees and obvious liquid in the bottom of the box. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I don't have any photos of the first nuc. So I transferred all the frames into the brood box. Then I opened the second nuc, again rail had partially collapsed and two frames sitting on the bottom of the box, obvious l
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