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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Just brought 4 Nucs @ $200 each off trademe see ad below. The trade was for one and I was offered more so I took 4 thinking I was buying the same thing. I would like some feedback to what the members feel after viewing the images I took after checking the Nuc boxes before I . Trademe ad: This auction is for one Nuc beehive with virgin queen recently added. Pick up either from Auckland or Auckland.Each Nuc will need to be transferred to your box or for $15 I it can come with a new 5 frame corflute box. 5 full depth frames. Mix of new wooden wax and plastic frames Each 2-3 frames brood with honey and pollen stores. This auction comes with caged virgin queen or a recently added queen. So should mate and lay in approx 3 weeks. Nucs will have there Varroa treatment completed. Email to seller: Hi $%^&, Reading your last email I had a look before I moved frames into my hives and see there were a few frames short. Box 1 4 frames Box 2 4 frames Box 3 5 frames Box 4 3 frames Regards, Me Response from seller: Hi Not all boxes had 5 frames as I was working going on the basis I would be managing the hives. To explain. When I make a split I start with 3-4 frames, then add more brood and food as required. Your bought 4 virgin nucs...I gave you 3 mated queens as I want to ensure success and demonstrate my commitment to a long term partnership. Let's put 00 hives athe Catter. We can work these together so you learn and I get additional apiary space. As for more hives beyond this is old charge a management fee of $000 a year per hive including all feed and Varroa treatments etc. Payable quarterly. $ What do you make of this?
  2. Hi, As a currently beeless wannabee I try to think ahead. Bees will come within a week hopefully, from a split. What I have: 2 FD brood boxes with waxed plastic frames Bottom board inner cover outer cover hive defender hive tool, smoker, bits/bobs My first question is, what other things should I buy to be properly prepared? Feeder, excluder, honey supers (I know, it's too early, I'd order everything in one go, tho), frames, etc. To my understanding, bees go in the brood box, magic happen and they are hopefully start working on cells and bee things. Do I have to feed them in the beginning or will they start foraging immediately? Second: my inner cover is solid, no hole, do I have to make one? Third: should I put the hive defender box under the brood box from the beginning or add it later? With it there would be a nice mesh floor and a small entrance, without it, a nice landing board and solid bottom board. I took all bee books from the local library, watching videos and reading other forums as well, collecting copious amount of information and knowledge, besides everything is getting foggier... sorry if the questions are silly... thanks heaps
  3. Hi. I appreciate there will be some overlap with @Suz latest post, but my situation is slightly different. One hive (Quince) has been a very interesting inspection for this newbee. This queen is in her 2nd year. I got her in a nuc. They are 2 ¾ brood and 1FD above top cover and feeder frame to rob (as of today). This hive got a slow start from nuc and has always been the under performer compared to Apricot. Today, queen present a few eggs and 3 capped queen cells (2 in the swarm location on the bottom of a frame in top brood box, 1 mid frame in top brood box). There were none there 10 days ago, now fully capped. Now, I'm putting my hand up for supercedure. There is room, but there are also 4 frames/box of comb to be drawn yet. My other hive (Apricot) has always been stronger & more active. Queen from autumn last year and came to me as a nuc early spring. Now it's 2 ¾ boxes with a FD of partial honey. Flow is on, and going well. New comb coming slowly and all but 3-4 frames each ¾ brood box. I had a FD as well, was full of brood, but its now above a top cover (with hole) and feed frame to get them to rob it out. What to do?... the question that haunts all newbees. I'm going to, unless advised otherwise, let nature take its course. I'd be keen to see that hive supercede. They seem to have food, room, no disease. Besides I don't have nucs to use yet, and infact I don't want more hives yet. I hope to have 2 nucs to overwinter, but not yet.
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