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Found 18 results

  1. This is an intelligent piece from Newsroom’s Farah Hancock. Quite apart from how Manuka came to be considered a tree, and why shrubs are part of the Government’s Billion *Trees* programme, it also says something about the wisdom of the hasty Government ‘picking winners’ strategy. Quoting Unitec associate professor Peter de Lange and University of Otago associate professor Doctor Janice Lord the article raises some interesting issues we haven’t considered much. Here’s the gist of it: “Mānuka honey as an industry is going to make us quite a lot of money but in fact there are chemical
  2. You know my thoughts on improved standards and clarity. My position with the PURITI Manuka Honey brand has been made clear for some time. I believe the reasoning behind the brand and higher testing standards, was sound and in the interests of the industry and the consumer. It would seem that the MPI are looking now to broaden the use of the Manuka Honey Science Definition into the domestic market. It will be interesting to here the views of the industry on this one. If you have not seen this it may be of interest. Mānuka honey sold in New Ze
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-nz/money/news/a-cult-new-zealand-honey-is-causing-legal-problems-in-the-us/ar-BBMtL5V?li=AAaeXZz&ocid=ientp Seems like even Americans are trying to jump on the manuka band wagon
  4. Genuine New Zealand Manuka - Under siege from Australia, variable standards, a confused consumer and a reputation under threat. The future value of this industry depends on our ability to defend and differentiate New Zealand Manuka from counterfeit copies, adulteration and nock off. Re-afirming New Zealand Manuka and assuring pinnacle status is a priority. Defending the honesty and integrity of the New Zealand Manuka industry is paramount. Asserting a quality standard that instills trust is essential. I have raised this topic previously and promised I would outli
  5. I am not sure that all New Zealanders understand the importance of protecting NZ Manuka now and in the future. The battle is worth many $millions. The future value of this industry depends on our ability to defend and differentiate New Zealand Manuka form copies, and nock off. I have no political leaning to the current government but I must applaud them when at last a senior MP stands up and gives voice to this battle. https://www.manukalover.com/single-post/2018/06/15/Winston-Peters---The-Battle-for-Manuka Hopefully this is just the beginning
  6. If you have not seen the June 6th press release from Australian Manuka Honey Association it is worth a read. I have placed a link and comment on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/australian-manuka-adopts-revolutionary-mark-adam-boot/ If there was ever a reason to define ourselves and protect an industry under attack then this should be a wake up call. Adam
  7. I am new to register but I am a regular browser. I have to ask the big question though What are we the industry doing to protect Manuka here and internationally? The protection of Manuka as a New Zealand brand is being left in the hands of the Government MPI or the API Association or the Manuka Honey Appellation Society (MHAS) The MPI introduced new standards as of the 5th of Jan 2018 however these only apply to packed honey Manuka for export. They do not apply to bulk export Manuka and bizarrely do not apply to the New Zealand domestic market. What does it say of
  8. Has anyone sold any Manuka Honey this year? Will be interesting to see how the prices play out this season after some below average harvest yields from some of the big boys and some stronger MPI regs
  9. Anyone know of any honey buyers i have a few drums of Manuka to sell
  10. I’ve been bee keeping for around 2 years now (DECA certified), started off with 1 hive and have slowly increased my hive numbers to around 30 hives through splitting and the purchase of the odd nuc here and there. We are a dairy farming family (sharemilking) who have shifted to a new farm on the West Coast that also happens to have quite large areas of Manuka and Kanuka. I have been following this message board for quite a while now and find it a valuable resource. I have a number of questions that I would like to put to the group. The property is quite large around 800 hectares (450
  11. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/uae-health/honey-can-combat-breast-cancer-uaeu-scientists-find-manuka A follow up and further research to published research I saw several years ago. I asked well known NZ researchers about the first article at the time; they said the research methodology and writing was legit. I hope some will take this as good news, will see it for what it is, and that we don't get people taking it to extremes either pro or anti.
  12. At it again If you haven't already read the article in the NBR about Watson & Son and Denis Watson, you must. Good on the NBR for finally doing something about this disgrace to the industry. I know a lot of people who work for Watson & Son and they are good people and work very hard. They all say the same - The product is excellent and the company could be great if it wasn't run by a 'very naughty person" and his family. Shame on them and good on the NBR. Lets hope the police and serious frauds go hunting next. A good day for Beekeepers
  13. Lots of information on the MPI website here: Mānuka honey Latest PDF from this page: http://www.mpi.govt.nz/document-vault/14935
  14. Ali submitted a new resource: [plain]MGO/antibacterial level - old but interesting[/plain] - [plain]Article by the esteemed late Prof. P. Moran[/plain] Read more about this resource...
  15. Hello to all you NZ beekeepers, I’m a journalist from the German bee-journal (Deutsches Bienen-Journal) in Berlin and currently working on an article about the so called Manuka-crisis in New Zealand. I researched a lot and already talked to some members of Apicultural NZ about overstocking farm sites and local beekeepers being pushed out of their areas from bigger companies. But we really like to give our readers some firsthand experiences by local beekeepers affected by the developments. So we would be glad if you have a personal story to tell and are willing to share it with our readers.
  16. Theres been alot of articles in Ozzy papers recently about Capilano and how excited they are to be supplying manuka honey to China. Even more excited at the hope of out doing NZ in the supply stakes. Heres a link to one of many The China-Australia FTA looks sweet for honey giant Capilano | Business Insider
  17. Hi, I'm currently looking to buy a couple of bee farms and possibly a honey manufacturing/processing factory/business. I would like some advice on where I can find information on this. Thanks you!
  18. The need is growing to address unethical practices. UNETHICAL practices by beekeepers who install hives on land in the vicinity of manuka is basically theft, says Victor Goldsmith, chairman of a number of East Coast land trusts. Mr Goldsmith is calling for local and central government to regulate the industry. “We cannot allow this practice to continue. With no regulation it will get worse.” As the East Coast manuka honey industry grows, hives are appearing on adjoining lifestyle properties near manuka plantations, says Mr Goldsmith. Call to regulate manuka honey theft
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