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Found 14 results

  1. @Trevor Gillbanks off topic but do you ever check your pm in box ?
  2. Hi all, Thank you for having me ? I'm the Key Account Manager for Honey at Hill Laboratories. If you have any questions regarding honey testing, or showing compliance for the most cost effective way possible, I'm happy to help. Ask away!
  3. Do you have honey but no buyer in sight, or prices too low to cover costs? Let’s get together and talk about it. Bruce Clow, Managing Director of Ceracell Beekeeping Supplies (NZ) Ltd is travelling through-out the country in April hosting meetings with beekeepers who might be interested in starting a honey producers’ co-op, or looking at other ways to improve the financial returns for commercial beekeepers. Ceracell has always said that we are here “to help beekeepers”, and quite a number of our commercial beekeepers have expressed serious concerns about their ability to
  4. Are there any things I can do to help the bees dehumidify the honey more quickly? I would like to extract a number of boxes before Christmas, but I’m waiting on much of it to be fully capped. Someone suggested propping each super up on matchsticks.
  5. So it’s been a steep learning curve so far in my first year beekeeping,. I’ve started out with all full depth (brood + honey) on all 6 hives. Idea being that next year I’ll have heaps of drawn comb and brood boxes for splits and expanding. A few of my hives ended up being stacked 5-6 high, and full with honey. I’ve run two brood under excluder. Today I killed so many bees and felt like such a kook. I was heaving heavy supers off all the way down to brood chamber and then realised that much of the brood area was honey bound. I replaced with foundation etc. I’d apprecia
  6. I stole ten frames of honey from one of my hives today 90% capped and no liquid came out of remaining ten percent when shook. It was an unplanned robbery, so I ended up just brushing and smoking (heavily) the bees off the frames. Will this have tainted my honey with smokey flavour?
  7. These two hives started as nucs a couple of months ago and all brood boxes are now wall to wall. Lots of solid brood, with very heavy honey and pollen frames too. Today I decided that it’s time to put the first honey supers on. Is this too early? Is there such a thing as peaking before the flow? I think that because the weather has been amazing here for three weeks now maybe there’s an early flow happening anyway. I’ve used a couple of their brood frames to even out other hives, so they should be kept busy drawing and filling those plus the honey supers now. It will be interesting to see how m
  8. A couple of days ago the results of a global survey began to hit the headlines; A worldwide survey of neonicotinoids in honey, Mitchell et al., Science 358, 109–111 (2017) 6 October 2017. The study was based on a collection of samples from 'local producers' all around the world donated by colleagues, friends, and relatives connected the the University and Botanic Gardens of Neuchtel in Switzerland. Of the 300 received, gathered from apiaries, markets, and commercial sources, 198 were selected, in theory representing a broad range of environments but also avoiding an over-representa
  9. Have you ever wondered about honey, what it is and why it’s like it is? What about quality and honey, what should beekeepers know? Honey comes from Nectar Nectar is a solution produced by plants that animals collect for food. Plants have special structures that make this solution usually from water and sap flowing in the plant. Often these are found in flowers and attract animals that pollinate the plant, but that is not always the case, and they can sometimes be found on any parts of the plant above the ground. Nor is nectar always there to facilitate pollination.
  10. From RNZ, good interview with James Malcolm on Country Life this week, about 15mins. https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/countrylife/audio/201856982/as-busy-as-a-bee clife-20170901-2140-the_future_is_looking_sweet-128.mp3
  11. Good afternoon. I have a certified organic property that has hives which produce honey and we also produce bee venom. We are looking to sell the property and business as a unit and require it to be valued for sale. Is there any firm that does this kind of work? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi, I'm currently looking to buy a couple of bee farms and possibly a honey manufacturing/processing factory/business. I would like some advice on where I can find information on this. Thanks you!
  13. The need is growing to address unethical practices. UNETHICAL practices by beekeepers who install hives on land in the vicinity of manuka is basically theft, says Victor Goldsmith, chairman of a number of East Coast land trusts. Mr Goldsmith is calling for local and central government to regulate the industry. “We cannot allow this practice to continue. With no regulation it will get worse.” As the East Coast manuka honey industry grows, hives are appearing on adjoining lifestyle properties near manuka plantations, says Mr Goldsmith. Call to regulate manuka honey theft
  14. I am a business trader from China, I have good interest and slaes channels for all farm products, I hope to visit some good beekeepers in South Island NZ to take a look and may discuss the cooperation, I may invest or purchase some shareholding of the apiary, in order to sell the NZ honey in Orient market.
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