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Found 7 results

  1. I went through my hive yesterday and it seemed that my honey stocks were really low. I'd say I saw only two half frames of capped honey and they rest were all partially full. How much should you be expecting to see at this time of year? I haven't harvested anything as this is a new hive. What are thoughts on feeding them at this time of year? last time I checked there were at least 3 full frames of honey and that's when I added my second box to give them more space. There's plenty of brood as different stages.
  2. Hi, I’ve got 2 hives that I removed Varroa strips a week ago. Both have 1 honey super on (from old drawn comb) and the girls are filling it fast and have started capping frames. I want to add a second super but only have new foundation, no old comb. I was going to move a couple of frames up into the new Super to help the bees move up. Should I just let them get on with drawing out the foundation or would a feed promote them drawing the foundation? My worry in doing this is that that the syrup will end up in the honey frames. thanks in advance!
  3. Hi team. I purchased a nuc 5 days ago. They have an autum queen and everything seems good. They were treated for varroa with bayverol which was removed the day I purchased them (not sure when it was applied). I have fed them 2 liters of sugar syrup (1:1) in a frame feeder. I have attached a photo of the hive. My questions are: 1. After 3 days they haven’t made a dent in the syrup. How quickly would you expense a new hive (5 frames) of bees go through syrup? Do I keep the feed toped up? 2. Do I need to do anything else regarding varroa treatment at the moment?
  4. Hi there my question is is regarding suplementry feeding for springtime. Is it a bad idea to feed sugar water only, without also feeding pollen? I’m thinking of providing sugar water for the bees when a run of rainy days are forecasted
  5. Hi, another newbee here. Even after reading the book and doing the course I made the big mistake of taking too much honey out. I'd appreciate your opinion to get my ladies safely through winter! - one hive, West Auckland (Waitakere), two full depth brood boxes, queen excluder, one 3/4 super, mesh floorboard. - brood & honey & pollen in 6 out of 10 frames in both brood boxes, bees on all those frames. - 4 honey frames in super - queen seen and last mite check counted 8 varroa mites (after treating in autumn with Bayvarol) When I took the honey out the brood boxes 2nd of March
  6. Hello, I've been reading about the risk of chill etc to hives and that if the girls aren't flying, then don't open up. But I want to keep an eye on my 2:1 syrup levels in my top feeder, I presume the advice and warnings about chill shock relate to opening the main hive and frame inspections. And that the small draft caused with lids coming off for the feeder aren't relevant. Thanks for clarifying this.
  7. Very exciting to see and catch my first swarm - 4 huge bundles in a low tree - I managed to put them in a spare brood box and I sealed it up. Then realised that I probably want to give them a bit more air and some frames to start up with so went in quick as I could to add frames and open front. Pretty much the whole swarm then decided to take off again but they shortly returned either to that box or their old hive. I'm assuming queen is still there in one of them... Any advice or thing to do from here? I'm thinking leave them alone for a week or so and then see what they're up to...
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