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Found 5 results

  1. Hi team. I purchased a nuc 5 days ago. They have an autum queen and everything seems good. They were treated for varroa with bayverol which was removed the day I purchased them (not sure when it was applied). I have fed them 2 liters of sugar syrup (1:1) in a frame feeder. I have attached a photo of the hive. My questions are: 1. After 3 days they haven’t made a dent in the syrup. How quickly would you expense a new hive (5 frames) of bees go through syrup? Do I keep the feed toped up? 2. Do I need to do anything else regarding varroa treatment at the moment?
  2. Great that we finally had a warm day in Christchurch that I could use for spring inspection. What a surprise. Home Hive (1) is 3 x3/4, full of stores and is packed out with pollen in about 5 frames. The girls have been hard at work all winter. No signs of PMS. And no AFB. But no eggs, capped brood. And the occasional dead unemerged bee. Absolutely no sign of AFB, and I even double checked with the test kit. No queen to be seen, but there was one supercedure cell. About 8 frames of bees across two levels. Second apiary. This hive was robbed by the home
  3. Hi all, Some of you might remember, almost a year ago I jumped in to this amazing hobby. Now, I am at the exact point when newbies usually give up. Taking advantage of the weather I went and checked my remaining hive (the other one has got robbed brutally, that colony is gone) and the result is very disappointing. The last two weeks were all buzzing when the weather was tolerable, bees were bringing pollen in, they were active and happy. It has changed drastically in the last few days and todays showed the colony is handful of bees and the queen. No brood. Tons of food and pol
  4. Hi, As a currently beeless wannabee I try to think ahead. Bees will come within a week hopefully, from a split. What I have: 2 FD brood boxes with waxed plastic frames Bottom board inner cover outer cover hive defender hive tool, smoker, bits/bobs My first question is, what other things should I buy to be properly prepared? Feeder, excluder, honey supers (I know, it's too early, I'd order everything in one go, tho), frames, etc. To my understanding, bees go in the brood box, magic happen and they are hopefully start working on cells and bee things. Do I have to feed them in th
  5. I installed a 5 frame nuc last Sunday. I transferred the frames carefully and over the new FD box, a few hundred bees were left in the poly nuc box which I lay on its side outside the hive and the remaining bees duly marched in. That made me assume that the queen was inside the hive, even though I didn't sight her despite scanning the frames as best as I could. I inspected the hive for the first time yesterday an again couldn't see the queen. Obviously there are lots of capped brood cells, and a few larvae but I couldn't see any eggs on the wax foundation combs (my other hive has plastic f
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