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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I am a vet working at the bee disease surveillance network in New Caledonia and I am coming to the North island of New Zealand in February. I am keen on working for one month in a beekeeping operation to discover different beekeeping practices ! I am not an experienced beekeeper as in my work I focus mainly on the sanitary aspect of beekeeping (I only have one hive in my garden, so I am examining hives belonging to other beekeepers or to our network of sentinel hives more often than mine), but I am eager to get hands on and gain some more practical experience ! New Caledonia has a small and growing beekeeping sector : around 700 beekeepers and 12.000 hives. We do not have varroa but we do have problems with AFB and european foul brood as well... I would feel favored to practice beekeeping in a different environment as well as learn how you deal with varroa and AFB in NZ... I have put my email address in my profile, so please feel free to contact me directly ! Cheers, Margot
  2. Hello! The Ecrotek Team officially has their own account on NZ Beekeepers+ We are here to answer any questions, product queries, provide product information and contribute to beekeeping discussions where possible! We have been in the industry for four years now, but most of the staff at Ecrotek are beekeepers that have grown up around bees, kept bees for years - as well as the odd few who simply love absolutely everything to do with bees! We look forward to answering any questions you may have! Happy Beekeeping!
  3. HI ALL!!! ---------------------------------------------- Please delete this if not allowed!!! ---------------------------------------------- I’m currently studying a diploma in marketing at Unitec and we’re currently working on a project that caters to the beekeeping market. Seeing as I’m a mere pupa to the beekeeping world, I thought I could ask you all what a day in the life of a beekeeper entails! It would be hugely helpful if you’re able to spare a few minutes to answer the questions in the link below.. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/AhWRkZSz0qbaTeBU2 This is my bee plea to you all for any information, thoughts or insights you are willing to share. Thank you for your time, Lisa P :)
  4. Hi everyone! I would like to know more information on employment opportunities for beekeepers all over NZ. I am running a few hives with a mate for the past 5 years and have now ventured into training as it had also sparked interests within our area. So we figured helping them land jobs as well? Is NZ really open to this? We are located overseas.
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