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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I am very new to bee keeping & noticed a few different cells popping up in my hive in the last check... I'm wondering if you can please tell me if the photo shows the beginnings of swarm or supersedure cells? From what I can find in books/online, they are supersedure cells, but I am hoping to find out if I am correct in thinking this or not I also found a queen cell right at the bottom of one of my frames with larva in it (not pictured). I have a queen currently with a blue marking so I believe she was hatched early last year, and there is plenty of brood in my hive.
  2. Complete novice here... I've started my first hive about two weeks ago starting with a five frame Nuk. The first box rapidly filled in about eight days so added a second box which is rapidly filling too. On my first inspection of the first box I found a mite and because I am about to go away on holiday for four weeks I opted to insert some Bayvarol strips in both boxes. My concern now is that the two boxes will be completely full in a short time and I'll be away. What should I do? Do I put a honey super with queen restricter on to accommodate the overflow? If so will the content of the super b
  3. So I have a new neighbor, an organization has set up a training garden on land opposite my house and apairy. I was asked if I could provide some hives for pollination, the garden is a pretty substantial enterprise. I told them my bees would make it the 500m to pollinate but the organizers are still very keen. What are the potential pitfalls here? I am concerned that if I don't provide hives (which I am happy to do) someone else will and then I will less able to coordinate mite treatments etc, so pretty keen to move some of my hives there.
  4. Hi. I am in the process of assembling boxes & frames to begin my new beekeeping adventure. I live in Belmont, Lower Hutt. Could someone plez let me know where i can get my boxes hot-dipped in paraffin wax, and what might be the cost for this service per box? Many thanks in advance.
  5. So my mate called last week. There was a swarm at their place, he couldn’t track it and I lost it. I thought... oh no, that’s my hive gone. And it was! So end of last year I was late with treatments, and merge two hives to make a strong winter hive with stores. And I had a hive at home. My home hive was robbed/starved over winter (sunny day no activity, lots of debris, lots of dead bees) My winter hive came out strong, and even had a new queen. Turns out it was too strong and because of a working weekend I couldn’t keep up the 10-14day checks... boom hive go
  6. For the second time in our short career as novice keepers, this happened: This time we caught and hived a swarm and verified that it was queened. It was active unless the weather turned ugly and through a patch of that weather a fortnight ago went quiet-ish. I took a grubber down to the apiary to create a new pad in case of further swarming and cut the grass around the swarm and the other hive on site. As soon as I began the earthworks though bees emerged from the swarm hive en mass and went for me. I retreated and picked out the stings. then went carefully back. The swarm wasn't having a bar
  7. I caught a swarm one month ago in my camelia tree. I have 4 hives and have been beekeeping only 3 years. I set up a new hive with the swarm and it's done fantastically! What I can't understand is why it is so good if it's the an old queen. I haven't seen so much beautiful working brood in such a short time. 4 or 5 frames+ of solid brood. How come? Do swarms sometimes occur with new queens? ( Not that I am complaining.)
  8. I’m thinking of moving an extra hive to my sons place but he only lives a bit less than 2kms away. The hive is fairly new from a swarm but is already busy collecting pollen. do you think that will be far enough and are there any tricks to doing this? thanks justin
  9. I went up to check the girls today ( external .. no hive opening as its showers, grey and not too warm) and found what looks like robbing. Someone suggested putting a things over door. Like leaves. Any thoughts? I think they are robbers as heavy investigation of under the tin lid, clumps at door. Tons of bees zig zagging in front of hive. Video added. 20201126_124455.mp4 WWW.DROPBOX.COM Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share...
  10. I inspected my hive today and found some red in some of the cells. I noticed a bee with red pollen on it's legs so I'm assuming this is normal....but would have thought it should all be yellow. Can someone confirm if red pollen is ok? I didn't take a photo. Probably 6 red cells sprinkled about. I've never noticed it before today. I have had bayvarol strips in the hive for 6 weeks. I should have removed them today but didn't check the dates. The box says 6-8 weeks. Will remove them in 2 weeks time. I only have one hive. I am wondering about the honey bein
  11. Hi there im feeling a little nervous that I have another swarm brewing. B2 my second hive swarmed last weekend. It wasn’t a big swarm and I recaptured but accidentally squashed the new queen of the swarm when putting into new hive. The remaining bees went back to original hive (B2) I went through b2 after swarm and found another queen cell which I removed. It is a double brood box so I also swapped the brood boxes around as top one was full of brood and bottom was about half full. I have also put another honey box on top as first box is capped. it is
  12. Hi there one of my hives swarmed. I recaptured but in the process I think I squashed the Queen when I put into a brood box. All the bees have gone into the box so definitely a Queen in there. Just not sure if she survived. will I need to requeen or could I just put box back into original hive?
  13. One of my hives has a lot of drones, queen is 2 years old. The hive is doing well but I want to replace her but can't find her.....can I put an excluder between the 2 brood boxes then get back into the box she will then be in..... should be able to find her then. There are playcups there but I don't want to split yet if I don't have to, would rather they raise a new queen. Appreciate some ideas thanks
  14. Hi all I have started a new job in the deep south. I have had to remove my 4 hives from the school farm at my own job, as well as move my own hives to my block of land in Central Otago. My new school has already requested a hive, which I have delivered. I now find myself with a tad more than I need and am resisting the urge to allow hive creep occur. My plan is to take the FD brood boxes of the weaker hives and either squash the queen or bank her in a nuc as a spare and use the newspaper method to combine with another. In theory this should give me a couple of monster hives. My pro
  15. Hey guys. I have a bunch of bees gathering at the front of the hive. About 2 cups worth. They have been for a week or so, but there are a lot more today. Any advice on what is happening here?
  16. I was going to requeen my hives this coming week. I opened all three to have a last check and found 2 to be queenless (they had queens last weekend). I triple checked and am confident there is no queen. One had a recently-capped cell (so may have swarmed, but their numbers didn't seem any lower) and the other had 10+ cells with various stages of growth, none capped. Both had eggs eggs, so there had been a queen there recently and it was a week since I'd last looked so don't think it was my doing. Both had very tatty queens that I wouldn't have thought were able to fly. I closed up th
  17. Hi Team i am based in Southland. I am trying to find a bee nuc that i can buy please. does anyone have any ideas or suggestion? or know anyone?
  18. Hello All Just looking for some advice/feedback regarding autumn splits. Finding it hard to find NZ information regarding splitting a hive at this time of year. Is it a good option to do at this time of year? Have extracted my honey and am currently running 1 hive, 2 full depth boxes on hive. Lower one has brood and top one is stored honey. Is it an option to split the hive by pulling out some brood and honey and putting into a Nuc box? Introducing a queen or queen cell into the nuc and letting them winter in this? Am I able to buy a fertilized queen
  19. When we bought our first hive-ware from a retiring keeper four years ago, and then attracted a swarm to put in a box from the collection, two of these pictured bases came with it. With experience has come curiosity, and we dug the bases out and cleaned up the best one. It appears to be a pollen trapping device with mesh ventilation openings and a variable entry set-up to permit free entry or entry through the pollen stripper and a minimal size entry option via the plastic tubes in the corners. The pollen falls into the slide-out tray shown, well, slid out. Can members recall these bases?
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