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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm James from Hivesite, a startup company based in Auckland and Horotiu (where our test apiary is located). We have been researching and developing a solution to treat varroa mite using thermal treatment inside beehives with autonomous control and monitoring. Our solution is designed to be suitable for all beekeepers from hobbyists to commercial, our key differentiation from products already on the market is the ability to quickly install with existing Langstroth hives, then leave the solar and battery powered lid (1 per 4 hives) to perform the 1-2hr treatments up to
  2. Could anyone please tell me why a swarm of bees has visited my property twice in days. They hang around for a few hours then go. I put a hive box down with some frames in. They spent quite a while in there and by 5.30 pm they left. Wonder if they will come back tomorrow. Cheers Steve
  3. I run 70 hives as organically as i can. The last four years all my treatments have been with Apigaurd. I also have a retail honey outlet and meet beeks from all over the world weekly. I was chatting with some german beeks and french last week. They both had long brood breaks and this is a real plus for the control of varroa. I by contrast have no brood break which led me to wonder if i could cage my queens to enforce a brood break. My greatest losses are from varroa over load in july/ august. Is there anyone out there has tried this? Any thoughts on how to do it ,/ Thanks
  4. Hi there, how do i get rid of wax moth other than picking them out with my hive tool if and when i see them in a frame?
  5. Can anyone tell me what this beautiful insect on the flower is? The vertical stripes are slimming, think you not?
  6. Queens don't come back from mating flight. Since spring I have a 70% rate of queens not coming back from mating flights. Sometimes I see them coming back from first flight then they dissapear on the next flight. This goes on since spring. We are far away from traffic so I think they can't get killed by cars. Any ideas?
  7. Hi there, Are there any DECA holders out there interested in a day out to Rakino Island? We are in the Hauraki gulf, behind Motuhue Is and next to Waiheke and the ferry's are running a couple of times a day for the next few weeks. Please let me know if you are interested or can suggest someone who might be willing and able to pop over and check our 3 hives. all the best Natalie (newbie)
  8. Hi guys, new to all this. Am needing honey extracted an my usual is out of action this year. Does any one know of any extraction places around Taumarunui, Turangi, Taupo, Te Kuiti, Otorohanga area? Thanks
  9. Just discovered Paul Stamets a mycologist who heads a mushroom product company. Amongst a heap of TED talks and other publications he has produced this. Which is interesting. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-32194-8).
  10. HI. I'm in Melb but joined this group when I started keeping bees. I recently scored a top bar hive from a local guy on Freecycle. He says it was handmade by a mate from New Zealand timber but he doesn't know what sort. I tried to post a photo but it seemed that it was too big to post so I've made it much smaller. Are there any new zealand beekeeper/woodworkers that I can consult directly?
  11. Last year I made my own foundation from 3 yrs old wax. I noticed bees not particularly liked the frames. The left them totally empty. This year I placed them in earlier and in the brood boxes. To my surprise they did starting to draw comb, but perpendicular to the wax sheet. Does somebody makes his own wax sheets and know why the bees behave this way? Sheet thickness = 0.8-1.1mm. I also use this wax to wax my plastic frames, which works fine. Wax was heated, wax boarded and rolled. Thanks.
  12. I have 20kg of a particularly tasty honey which I suspect is a bled containing Macadamia. It has a very dark and almost nutty flavour. Everyone that tries it rave its the best honey they have ever tasted. I no longer let anyone test it because they all want a jar and well …….. The 20kg I have is crystallised in its extraction bucket. I want to cream some, but don't want to "contaminate" it with a seed from a different honey source. How do I make a seed from this honey to then cream a larger portion?
  13. I have 2 week hives, is it best to combine in the spring or now? Sorry "weak" hives
  14. Hey Friends, I'm not a part of the beekeeping community, however, I would like to reach out for some info on how to help protect our little winged friends. I'm currently working on a demolition site in Murupara, and during asbestos removal we came across an active hive within one of the walls, it's about 600mm x 1600mm in size. I am wondering if there is any way that we could relocate their home before the building it's in is demolished this week. Any info would be appreciated. Bentley
  15. Comments anyone re the charges moving forward from the agency as per yesterdays email. The way I read it our levies are going up considerably. And they intend to charge non compliant beekeepers but no indications on how those charges will work. Management Agency Response to submissions on proposal to replace the American Foulbrood Apiary and Beekeeper Levy with a Hive and Beekeeper Levy In August 2018, the Management Agency for the National American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan (the Agency) conducted a consultation amongst beekeepers to s
  16. Hi, I am trying to find out if there is any offshore inland in NZ currently free of honey bees? I have read that honeybees are now found across the entire country including the Chatham and Stewart Islands. Thanks
  17. Beekeepers Seminar Day - Auckland Fairway Events Centre, 17A Silverfield, Wairau Valley. Just behind the North Shore Events Centre PRESENTATIONS & LATEST INFORMATION Dr John Craig Manuka Standards Where to from here? Dr Mark Goodwin & James Sainsbury New Ways of Managing AFB & What should your hive look like? Hayley Pragert Surveillance Adviser, Biosecurity NZ Bee Pathogen, outline of the research, results today and where to in the future.
  18. Checked my hives today and removed varroa treatment. One hive with a hive doctor base has started drawing wax underneath the base. The wax is growing downwards and is going into the pallet the hive is on. Checked the hive and its healthy and has fresh brood. Any one seen this before? Any suggestions on what to do with the hive? If I transfer the hive to a new base and scrape the bees and drawn comb into an empty super on the existing hive? The bees will probably travel down the hive leave and start all over again. Transfer hive to new base , scrape drawn comb and bees to empty box and co
  19. CANTERBURY HUB, APINZ https://www.apinzcanterbury.org.nz/index.php The Canterbury Hub encompasses southern Marlborough, Canterbury, northern Otago and Westland. Because of the geographic size of our Hub, we have difficulties in catering for all our members. Hence, we move around a bit for our Hub meetings and these are held mainly in Mid and North Canterbury. We have a core element of attendees, but different speakers attract different beekeepers. We generally hold five Hub meetings per annum, with one being a tour of a honey house. These tours attract 40-50 people, dinne
  20. Hello Beekeeping friends, after a long time without bees, I am back and give it another go. As some of you know I needed to stop beekeeping as I developed a severe allergy against bee stings and after several anaphylactic shocks, (one of them almost killed me) I decided to stop with beekeeping. Then I started a new business and as things sometimes go a different way I went badly sick for a long time and I am still recovering but it looks all is going the right way now. As Beekeeping is a kind of addictive I can't stay away and decided to start again a bit with beekeeping. I nee
  21. The Black European honey bee has been appearing in my garden again, very glad to see some have made it, I took a photo of it and it looks fine and healthy. I had a black hive about twelve years ago, it was very different to the Italian bee in behavior, I did not have any trouble with aggression, it built up numbers very quickly in the spring although its numbers during the winter were small. I only had the hive for two years and then the hives in the Nelson area were destroyed because the Varroa mite had arrived. I have not seen any black swarms around and they were common around this are
  22. Hi all, I'm new to bee keeping(I don't even have any bees) but am quite interested in learning more about it and potentially doing it as a job. I'm just wondering what my best options would be to make that happen. Also if anybody knows of any farms nearby Hamilton that would be much appreciated. Cheers
  23. Hi appreciate some wisdom. Have a very busy single brood hive with two honey supers that want to treat with oxalic acid as usual but its so big I am worried if I suppress it down from the honey supers into a single brood box to treat it, it will swarm quickly. I am trying to avoid treating while the honey supers are on and if I use a separating board there will be bees that arnt treated in the top supers, any thoughts appreciated cheers Ken
  24. Has anyone any experience of this, either in NZ or overseas? The protagonists claim that in most cases, desensitization to bee stings, i.e. removal of the risk of anaphylaxis, is possible in an intensive course of treatment lasting as short as three days! Look it up.
  25. Is this flower pest deterrent safe around bees. “Harmless to people, pets and the environment”?
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