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Found 4 results

  1. Emile Wilmar

    lines of hybrid bees

    are there any people whove tried to make stable lines of hybrid bees, ones that've persisted through the hybrid vigour and are gentle, productive and have qualities from both lines , i'm talking either stable crosses between a.m.l x a.m.c or a.m.l and a.m.m. Ive heard some people talk online about having a line of bees that they'd crossed with a.m.m to get white capped honey, are very conservative with stores, and cold resistant, i'm wondering if anybodies bothered trying to make lines of bees through crosses, and how successful those crosses have been.
  2. Jose Thayil

    Carniolan queen, bees and brood

    One of @David Yanke queens I got last year. Did graft a few queens of her last year. Will graft a few more queens of her this season. The hive has started building up nicely with a good brood pattern and bringing in lots of pollen.
  3. Zom-bee

    Why carnolians

    I've noticed a trend for beekeepers to be moving away from the Italian bee to the carniolian bee, is there any advantage in doing so? or is it just a fad?
  4. kaihoka

    NZBF carniolan bees

    Does anyone have experience with these bees. I have found out that my autumn queen is half carni. I wondered why my bees were.so black . I had split my hive and put her in a nuc and left a queen cell behind. This cell was damaged and the bees built another dozen. When they hatched the queens did not kill each other but swarmed away in small clusters. Is that a characteristic.of carnis. The virgin queens look like small black and white wasps. Does a beek have to requeen every spring to manage carnis. Do any commercial beeks both with them, do they have any advantages