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Found 1808 results

  1. Markypoo

    NZBF Honey gates

    I was gifted a cheap chinese plastic honey gate. It leaks water so I presume it would also leak honey. What is a good budget honey and where from please.
  2. Hi I have my first hive that has grown from a nucleus. I currently have two full boxes, a queen excluder and a 3/4 box above that. I had a look in it a few days ago and noticed that while the bottom box has heaps of brood - and i saw my queen she is only a couple of months old because the grafted one failed and they made a new queen. But the second box is choc full of honey most of it capped and they are working on the box above the queen excluder. My question is doesn't the queen need more room for brood? It doesn't look like she has been into the second box at all and now there is no room for her to lay in there anyway because its full.. Should I put another box in there and move that full one up above the excluder? I have not seen any queen cells, and have checked all the frames. They look to be doing amazingly well, its very exciting! TIA
  3. NEW BEEKEEPERS: What does the beekeeping industry do to make you excited to come into this field? Why or why not?
  4. So I’ve decided to use 50% EP staples for the winter. All the regular “teaching” is honey off and treatment in, so that you can get treatments finished in time to winter down. But I have 40% EP on already, so I’m planning that my 50% EP will go on at winter down. And knowing that my bees will eventually move up, I’m putting in 4/box (knowing it might be a small overdose) to ensure brood coverage all winter, regardless of where they go. I’ve not seen a lot of end of season discussion yet, and be interested in people’s thoughts.
  5. I have split a double brood box hive to help requeen, added the queen cell to the queenless box, she has hatched looks mated but not quite laying yet. I have just today dispatched the old “angry queen” in the other box to be able to reunite using the newspaper method. Is tomorrow too early? Should I wait until the new queen is laying? The new queen also has a honey box still on (About to remove) should I reunite on top of the honey box or under with newspaper both sides?
  6. Hi, I caught a swarm off a fence post into a box and unfortunately I didn't know enough to move it immediately to where my other one was (approximately 500m away). Someone I know suggested that i close them in for 3 days and move them to reduce the risk of them going back to the post area. Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this a compete no no. If I can't move it I will have to register it as another Apiary site, and while this is not a problem I don't really want it sitting next to the dairy shed getting splattered by sprinklers. TIA, Rachel
  7. Hi I have 5 hives and just 3 year-old beekeeper. I don't know why but sometimes my bees are gathering pollens too much. As shown in the picture attached, this is the super which is filled with pollens. I know they should collect pollen but in this box, 9 frames are all filled with pollens. There are some eggs and drone cells in just one frame but too small numbers. They are still strong but will be weaker soon. Anyone knows the reason? Thanks
  8. I placed a queen excluder on a hive around xmas time. Somehow I ended up with the queen on the wrong side so have brood all through the honey supers. She's marked so wasn't a supercedure or anything like that. I moved her downstairs today. Just a bit worried about brood space. It seemed to have a lot of pollen stored. Pretty much packed. I popped in two drawn frames with about 30% pollen I was keeping for an experiment. Will this be enough space and will the bees move the stored pollen above the excluder to create space? or should a put a few new frames in? I don't have any drawn ones but a couple with foundation.
  9. Hi all, I suspect my hive has swarmed but I would love a more experienced opinion. Several days ago I was getting some bearding, late in the afternoon and into the evening. One day it was quite intense. The days were hot so I wasn’t overly concerned but still kept an eye out. I have a flow hive and I extracted a full frame. I then noticed the bees seemed to be taking honey out of the almost full frames which seemed strange to me and I was wondering what they were up to. No bearding in the last 2 days (it’s a bit cooler too). And yesterday I inspected the hive. Activity seemed less but once in the hive there seemed to be heaps of bees. Noticed a few queen cups, but didn’t see any capped queen cells, although I may have missed it. Lots of honey in the brood frames, along with larvae of various developmental stages. Love a second opinion as I only have the one hive so nothing to compare it to.
  10. One hive has an escape with two boxes above it and another has just one above it. They have been on for 24 hours and the bee numbers seem the same as when the escape went on. They are up the right way and seem to work ok on testing. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I have a hive that is now 6 3/4 boxes tall. I have extracted 4 boxes from it and it has 2 more ready. It has been excellent. However all last season I had to keep fighting to prevent it swarming, and in hindsight I think it was trying to superceed as it had cells with eggs in them all spring, summer and autumn. They are pretty dark bees. This year it hasn’t been so bad, but the queen is now a minimum of 2 seasons old. The 2 brood boxes has one box that is pretty pollen bound, so I have removed 2 frames and put nice new drawn comb in. The second box is nearly all brood, about 2/3 capped with small patches of eggs and lots of larvae at all stages. Today I found cells with eggs/grubs. I’m inclined to let the hive cap them and keep the best one then let the hive sort it out. The first photo shows the cell that had me thinking supercedure, but no queen cups on that frame have eggs. The ones in the second photo have grubs. Is my approach the right approach? Here are photos.
  12. Hi could someone identify this insect please I am thinking it may be a native bee but unsure. I spotted one in the beehive a few weeks ago and today heaps are on the fennel plant.
  13. I now have my new hive and my registration number. Do I mark all my deeps and supers on the same hive with my registration number or only one box? I notice in some NZ videos that some hives dont appear to be marked at all and in others, frames appear to have been marked as well. Is that required or good practice? Thanks for your help.
  14. Cleaning some plastic frames, I have scraped wax and old pollen off, tried waterblasting. Frames are not as clean as id like, only the easy residues came off. The rest seems really stubborn. keep trying to clean to new condition? Or wax over remaining residue?
  15. Having no basis of comparison, I thought I might ask the question. Timaru has been abnormally wet this spring to date. So wet, young trees are dying (most annoying since I am going to lose 4 flowering cherry trees I planted early spring). Many paddocks have small ponds of stagnant water. I had a cabbage tree keel over due to sodden ground and a moderate southerly. This must effect honey production. I am expecting at least 3 supers of honey from my strongest hive of carnies at school. My bees at home appear to be much less productive. My best italian hive had a delayed build up. I am not confident of a big harvest, especially with predictions of a dry January/Feb. There should be a lot of clover and buttercup coming on stream soon if last year is anything to go by. A former beek reckons the season here has been delayed by 6 weeks. Is there anybody in the region willing to share their thoughts? I realise this might be commercially sensitive.
  16. Hi, I am new to Beekeeping. I have read so many things and it seems there are many different opinions on one or 2 brood boxes, however being new I am just taking my time and not fussed if I don't get honey this year, even thought the bees are going nuts on the pohutukawa and clover. My nuc was full sized frames, leaving me with the only option of working with FD Supers. I have added my 2nd box as the first was 8 frames of food and pollen (both side/end frames were building good foundation) and moved 2 frames of brood up. So now i will have 2 large brood boxes before I get the chance, in time, of adding a queen excluder then adding honey supers. My question is should this work well with large size x 2 as brood boxes, or will it be excess? I guess i will work with the same full sized for the honey supers, as Ive been advised that is what you do rather than mix sizes and have smaller boxes. Does anyone work with 2 sizes any more? Thank you. And sorry for my long winded explanations ?
  17. So last week my hive swarmed, and I thought. Dang... but it was fun to capture my first swarm and its going great guns with a laying queen. So it was a prime swarm of the old queen. Then the weather went to pot again, and I decided to let the original hive be. And planned to check next available nice day when I was free. Then it swarmed again 8 days after the first swarm. Much smaller this time, and in an annoying location (I'm about to go get it) So I did a full hive inspection today. >12 swarm cells. Two were hatched (tips opened) and the remainder were intact. Argh... So I've left 3 best cells in the original hive, and 3 good cells into a nuc box with a few shakes of bees. Taking off the nuc created space (probably the issue) and let me checkerboard. I figure if there is a virigin queen in the home hive then that's sorted, or I may loose another couple of swarms. But I couldn't see the queen so didn't want to risk getting rid of all the cells. I've also got the nuc as insurance, just in case something I did today upset the apple cart. I can always merge it back later to any other hive I have. Also feeling a little sore after my failure of swarm prevention I thought I should check my other hives.... another was getting ready with at least two cells. So smashed them (I saw eggs so queen laying) and checkerboard the hive, added and swapped boxes. My thought is that I've basically failed to recognised the lack of space in the hive, and haven't been keeping an eye on things. I should have done manipulations a lot earlier. Ultimately I blame OA strips, my hives have never been this healthy before. Any thoughts appreciated
  18. So, my over winter hives were weak as and queen failed without supercedure. I drew 2 nucs off my good hive (the one that swarmed recently in the Piss Poor Beekeeping topic) and made new hives at my other apiary and got two lovely new queens from a very helpful nearby keeper @glynn. They're doing really well with EP staples etc. And after my swarming incident I thought, yikes and checked them and found two swarm (bottom of frame) cells in one hive. So smashed them, gave them room, swapped boxes and checkerboard them on Saturday. Now (2 days later) they're doing well again, but I found a supercedure cell... despite the queen going great guns and laying up slabs. Haven't seen her (she's too quick and a sly minx), but lots of eggs. Persistent little ######s, but I figured that bees know best and left this one cell (egg in big cup, no jelly yet) after confirming no other cells were present & marking the frame for easy finding next time. But due to a family holiday, I'll be doing "swarm cell check" in 4 days, but then it will be another two weeks (?) and that means 21 days so it'll be ?successful supercedure check
  19. newtobees

    NZBF Swarm caught

    Hi all. I just caught a great swarm and managed to get them into a large plastic rubbish bin. The lid is on with multiple holes drilled in it for air. Now my question is, is it ok to leave the swarm in the bin overnight?
  20. Thanks for all the advice this year from new & experienced beeks alike. And thanks to all the other newbees brave enough to ask the questions I couldn’t. Happy holidays.
  21. Hi there. I have just done a cut out from inside the wall of a house. It went well and I think I got most of the bees, and the queen. I will do an inspection in the next few days (at the new location) to make sure. My question is, do I seal the entrance to the old hive (in the wall)? There is a bit a buzzing inside, but not the hum of a bee colony (from what I can gather).
  22. Kia ora team I am cleaning out 2 old hives that have been breakfast, lunch, and dinner for some wax moths. I have a few questions. 1. What do I do with the old comb and honey that I cut out? I live in the city, so can't easily burn them. I could put them in the rubbish but that might make for problems at the landfill. Any helpful thoughts? 2. Once I have cleared the frames I will either freeze them or take to them with a heat gun to destroy any eggs or larvae. Is there a preference? 3. At this final stage, the advice looks like to bleach them. Is this correct? Thanks in advance.
  23. Nine days ago I popped in a queen cell and removed the old queen because she had a patchy laying pattern - everything else looks fine. I've just checked and the queen cell has been ripped open from the side and there are about 6 swarm cells (emergency cells?) - one of which has hatched. No eggs/larvae at all. There are lots of bees and masses of honey - both around the brood and in the honey boxes. (There are empty cells from hatched brood, so there's room to lay.) Guess the bees didn't like the queen cell and decided to re-queen themselves? Should I just leave them to sort it out? Should I check in another couple of days and destroy the swarm cells if I can see eggs/the queen? Surely it's too late for the bees to swarm? Any advice on next steps would be great. Thanks ?
  24. I was called by a friend who has a new family living in the wall of their house. They have been there for 2 days and can be seen coming in and out from a small hole between 2 external weatherboards. My assumption is that the only way to remove them is to put a hole in the wall and cut the comb out. Is this true, or is there another alternative? If I am going to do this, any advice? - How big should the hole be? - How do I make sure I get all the bees? - How do I connect the bees to a new frame? Thanks
  25. Kia ora koutou I was alerted to a 'swarm' today, and when I turned up to collect it there were only a few handfuls of bees. I think someone must have gotten to it in the hours it took me to arrive. I have left the box on the ground, and so far, I have seen bees consistently making their way in. My questions are: 1. Am I right in assuming that I am unlikely to have a queen with the bees? 2. What is the minimum amount of bees needed to start a hive? Would the recommendation be to purchase a queen, or gift these to an existing hive (I currently don't have a hive, I was hoping this would be my next lot).