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Found 46 results

  1. Has anyone any experience of this, either in NZ or overseas? The protagonists claim that in most cases, desensitization to bee stings, i.e. removal of the risk of anaphylaxis, is possible in an intensive course of treatment lasting as short as three days! Look it up.
  2. Is this flower pest deterrent safe around bees. “Harmless to people, pets and the environment”?
  3. Is there anyone in Auckland who can do a vespex baiting ?
  4. I would like to sell honey locally. I need an NP1 that needs to be verified. What do I need to store honey for this local market? I am not selling large volumes so would 2-3 fridges be suitable once honey has been extracted in my Kitchen after approval from council and packed into 500gm containers labelled correctly? Or does the honey need to be stored below a certain temperature in a purpose built shed? If so what temperature does the honey need to be stored at and what basic requirements does the shed require? From what I understand I do not need an RPM because I am not selling honey for export. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. Has anyone ever seen what appears to be a bee having a munch on a dead bee before? A wasp had been hanging around and got a couple of young 'uns and then this happened... My Movie.mp4
  6. Hi. I'm wanting to move my 30 double brood hives. They are all strong with 1-2 supers of honey on top. Can I stack them on my trailer? I can fit 20 hives without stacking on my trailer. How do I remove the supers? Will there be too many bees in the two brood boxes if I do this? I have to travel 5hrs away. I'll travel at night. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Have a hive in our garage which is under our house. Not sure how they got in and no way for them to get out. Also it is right overhead where our kids store their bikes. Anyone know anyone who wants to collect or remove them?
  8. We are getting a few larvae being dragged out of the hive that are very near ready to emerge as bees but are still white and missing their heads. Is this Varroa damage?
  9. Whats the best air stapler for wiring frames? I find the small nails are fine but slow I need to speed up as I have lots to do -)
  10. Hey all, as Bee Aware Month in NZ draws to a close I wanted to ask your help with my current PhD project. We are looking for bacteriophages to try and kill AFB. Attached is an infographic on the concept. Please either visit our website abate.massey.ac.nz or email me at abate@massey.ac.nz to see how you can help!
  11. I hope this I ok to post. Casting the net wide and reposting in this community, at the suggestion of a Neighbourly member... with the idea that my operation might be mutually beneficial with some of yours! ?? Hi neighbours,I'm looking for some growing space close to home to grow cut flowers for selling to florists. I started last season (see pictures) at a friend's property 25 min away, but I'd love to grow closer to home (Harewood/Bishopdale) to help me be nearby for my family commitments. There are lots of lifestyle blocks around here...I've seen them on google maps! Do you have some land available, or know a neighbour who does? Terms negotiable, but top of the list would be a spot that gets sun most of the day, at least 100 square metres (more is good too!) and access to a water supply. Please get in contact at sarah.koks52@gmail.com ? There were two hives in the field I worked last year. They swarmed once and most days found me all too interesting, but I was in their flight path! If located differently, with gentler bees, it may work ok.
  12. Hi all, I am not even sure this will be submitted in the right area but.....I love bees and have enjoyed working for a company for 4 years now however I am after any advice on working for myself. I thought perhaps I could source hives & bees for novice townies/semi rural land owners to buy and then I could charge myself out to look after them? -afb checks, varroa treatments, split if need, honey off & extract for them....any thoughts would be grately appreciated. Thank you in advance
  13. What do people think about the proposal to increase the Levy from $35 to $90 by 2014 per apiary I am familiar with Beekeeping in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital territory and I can tell you they do not fleece their Beekeepers like that and they do not have a worse AFB problem than we do.
  14. Hi all. new here so bear with me. I'm a hobbyist that is looking to expand. looking to buy a couple of pallets of plastic frames but unsure which way to go. 2 options is to buy pre-waxed frames from Ecroteck or Ceracell or to buy the blank frames and wax myself - buying the wax in from a reputable beekeeper. Here is my dilemma - I've never had AFB and want to minimize the risk, so my question is am I more at risk of contracting AFB from buying pre-waxed frames (from wax that came from who knows where?); or waxing myself from a credible source?
  15. hi mwembers my first time so bear with me . Ok each Year or the last 3 years around the 2nd week into May . I find what i thought was normal routine of my 2 hives bees brings in pollen and some i thought were bring in nectour . but soon i notice more bees on the ground infrount of there hive and within a very short time they are emptied out So my Question is this if Arbres winter there hives In one super and 8 frame's and a two frame feeder. " do the bees see it as there winter supply has been removed and they become wonted robbing bees to replenish some food or not .?? as i am above Admore im looking at all the beekeepers down on the flats . Not happy My 2 Question are these does this happen to other small hobbyist ? How should bees be wintered in Auckland ?
  16. View File Dave Black Latest Apiculture Monitoring Report, published from February 2017. This is a significantly more comprehensive report than all its predecessors, practically a glossy magazine! Submitter Dave Black Submitted 16/04/18 Category General Beekeeping
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Latest Apiculture Monitoring Report, published from February 2017. This is a significantly more comprehensive report than all its predecessors, practically a glossy magazine!
  18. View File Understanding the risks associated with tutin 2017 Understanding the risks associated with Tutin Hello on behalf of Apiculture NZ and MPI. This summer we are repeating our tutin awareness campaign of previous years, but with a difference. We will, as before, post pieces of information about tutin periodically to this discussion thread. In addition, for the first time we will be encouraging you to ask questions about tutin and the risks, and these will be responded to by MPI weekly. To kick things off, we have refreshed the tutin information paper that has been on this site for the past 12 months. Take a look and let us know what you think. The risk period for tutin starts shortly and there are steps you can take now to prepare. The paper discusses these. Submitter ApiNZ_tutin Submitted 08/12/17 Category General Beekeeping
  19. Last night I moved my hives from a Manuka block back into our city apiary, a trip of about 2.5 hours. We loaded them onto a trailer without opening them, and they seemingly travelled OK. At 6.00 am this morning I opened the entrances and assumed everything would be OK. On inspecting them later in the day I was alarmed to find that the strongest hive had a carpet of dead and dying bees in front of it, and as I watched the entrance, noticed that some bees were carrying pieces of wax out of the hive. I assumed it was being robbed, so have restricted the entrance. The other hives that we moved seem fine, as do those that did not go to the Manuka. I transported the hives with the entrances blocked, but all have mesh floors, so ventilation should not be an issue. It was close to 30˚C during the move. I would really appreciate any suggestions from experienced Beekeepers as to what has gone wrong, and also any advice on what I should do now. I had originally planned to give the hives a few days to settle before removing the supers, but am now wondering if I should do it immediately.
  20. Hi, We extracted just on 40kg of honey yesterday. So I finally got around to reading the chapter on extraction in the practical bee keeping book. It talks about creaming honey so that it doesn't crystallize. We would prefer to have liquid honey but will cream it over having it chrystallize. Just wondering what do other people do, Never really heard of others bothering to cream it?
  21. Hi, we now have a facebook page. Eastern Bay of Plenty Beekeepers Club. For general sharing of information.
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