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  1. Thats a great idea and practical and I may do that, I found a webpage which deals with the topbar hive and topbar hive frames and it looks very doable and of course would suit legal requirements http://www.manawatubeeclub.org.nz Go to media\framing topbar hives articles edit: original posted link causes browser to crash and auto blacklist of ISP
  2. Once again that you all for your imput and advice and after sleeping on it I have deceided the course of action to take Option 2. Euthanase those bees I dont feel confident enough to introduce more bees into the hive at the moment, anyway the plan is to----- Get this hive ready for the spring and a new bee colony I will install starter strips as advised I will make frames so that it is legal and I also think frames are a good idea I will register my hive when I have it up and running next spring I will install a window allong the side of the hive ( in fact I might build a
  3. I must say I am taken aback at the interest and the advice given since I asked the question, but above all it is obvious that you all have a passion for bees and beekeeping which I find highly commendable and I have done the correct thing in joining this forum. Given me lots to think about.
  4. never had it last season to do varroa control info is great on websites but now i will just let it go it route and make a plan for next year frames and starter strips and a window as for registering it I will do that next spring
  5. I have to agree , I have tried to get help from the local bee club here but as soon as i mention a topbar hive they go quiet, When I tried to get help from the Christchurch bee people thet were not interested in haveing anything to do with topbar hives and instead offfered to sell me and set me up with the langstroth system. I have no intention of makeing money or collecting honey (well maybe a wee bit of honey) and was impressed by all I have seen and heard about the TBH and its suitability for a backgarden hive to keeps bees to polinate etc So I have been left on my own and the
  6. I moved them abour 30 yards away and I moved them at night, maybe a mistake but wasps were killing them
  7. My thanks to you all for your imput this hive was populated last year and the bees never made it over winter I picked this tb hive up and bought a queen in a wee box and a box full of bees and put them in but there are less bees everyweek I think now I will let them run their course and begin again next year if they dont make it as suggested I will build frames to acheive legal requirements. But If I got a queen and some more bees what would I feed them ? should I put put them in and close off the entrance and give them food and water for a few days
  8. I picked up the hive with bees at night time some six weeks ago the comb inside has not increased since then and the bees look healthy enough as far as i can tell had a bit of bother with wasps in the hive but I moved the hive and made the entrance hole smaller but the bees dont seem to be gaurding the entrance ? I have a top bar hive
  9. my bees just crowd in between the comb and show little sign off movement only a few venture out and they do not seem to be building any more comb, ??? I am a beginner and would welcome advice
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