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  1. Sorry I didn’t see this comment. Yep definitely easier. But there’s no fun in doing that. All this was in aid of was to see if I could build up a tiny nuc through winter. Yes I can and I split it in spring and both colonies went on to produce around 30kg each. Not bad considering I used 4 mega bee patties and less that 20litres of syrup to get a 2 frame nuc to that point. And two weeks ago I split the original split in to 2 ten frame colonies. A pretty good outcome in less than 12 months.
  2. Few other options there. Poor quality drones, she hatched but was either chilled or overheated during transport thus potential was compromised. Not suited to Taupo Climate.....blah blah blah
  3. Have you tried heat treating the brood frames like they did for the Cororapa issue?
  4. Mark Goodwin and his team did the research with use of nucs. I have been at a few meetings where it has been discussed. Advantages were based around nucs having younger naive bees from memory.
  5. Do sales drop during a Northern Hemisphere winter? Market stats will shed light on that.
  6. Possibly All I know is it is mentioned in the document produced and audited by Assure Quality. https://www.asurequality.com/assets/Organic-Files/organics-standard-2015-FULL-V6-Feb16.pdf
  7. @Grant someone else is Researching that answer. I’ll advise soon as I know.
  8. The fittings you want are available in the HANSENS range. There is another brand (blue couplings) that I used too but can’t remember the name off hand. You are correct in saying the fittings and hose will cost more than the pump. I used the 50mm clear pipe with the wire reinforcement inside and I think it is 25mm id wash down hose for the feed out hose. You will need to fit a bypass tap as well to control the flow between outlet hose or recirculating for mixing.
  9. Possibly. And it isn’t even winter yet
  10. Clover sample on left is 39mm next Clover is 68mm, next Clover is 77mm, next Multi Bush is 98mm Clover got darker with more Lotus pollen showing up.
  11. Possibly. I didn’t have time to do any further online research. I suppose an easy way would be to email Assurequality and get their advise.
  12. Did some research if if you are an certified organic beekeeper you can use it https://www.asurequality.com/assets/Organic-Files/organics-standard-2015-FULL-V6-Feb16.pdf
  13. How come you destroyed the cell? Possibly in the process of supercedure. If you do that to late in the season you could end up with a queenless hive come spring. Just curious, not berating your decision.
  14. I got a call from same people about 30 mins ago. Sorry not interested. I’ve had calls from them in the past.
  15. Look up Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus “CBPV”. Type 2 CBPV shows bees similar to the black one you have in the second photo. http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/downloadDocument.cfm?id=1258
  16. Robbing is really bad at the moment. I have some wax blocks in my garage that smell very strong, I went and got some tools to put a shelf up in my daughters room. Left the roller door open and Came back 10 minutes later and clouds of bees were already trying to pull the blocks apart. For everyone that has robbing issues at the moment I would suggest only feeding as much as they can take down and store overnight, along with reduced entrances. It’s going be like this right through till the first frost I reckon. Which makes it hard to bulk feed hives that are low on stores now.
  17. Dunno I’ve had them in my hives looking like that and the other type that are half yellow half black on the abdomen
  18. Yep a few different coloured Drones contributed their genetics.The Black bee is most likely exhibiting paralysis virus (not sure which one though).
  19. Is the 12 hours of heating correct for 200 strips or is it for 22000 strips? nice review of costs, thanks.
  20. Most of my hives are in single brood boxes now so perhaps it is the side she was trapped on when the strips went in??
  21. Nah they actually did really well. Most of the hives did 40+ kg each and a few 80kg. Really good spring to December flow. You need hive exploding with bees mid October to catch the early flow. Rewarewa was outstanding this year.
  22. Inspection of some home hives in the “slightly cooler” evening. Bees are starting to remove staples that were placed 2 weeks ago. Some hives have had a population drop, but that isn’t of concern as new brood is there to replace numbers. It was interesting to see how some queens have interacted with the strips placed through the frames centrally. Some hives have filled up one end on both sides with honey after brood has emerged and the queen is laying on the back half of the frame (in all cases at the back not the entrance end). Other hives a mixture of new brood under the staples and right across the frame or the portion where the strip sits is empty, similar to what an Apivar or Bayvarol strip would do. Just observations and interesting to see how each colony interacts with the staples. I didn’t take any more pics as I was caging queens and had heaps of propolis on my fingers.
  23. @SeanMonica To make it simpler for you, and not having to defend yourself or product. Allow yourself time to get all your ducks in a row. Once you are ready for product release feel free to use the appropriate forum on this site to promote your product. For now this thread will be closed. Cheers,Dan.
  24. Suppliers on TM or a farm supplies store like RD1 or DeLaval or a local pump suppler.
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