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  1. Obviously the person trying to sell it had no idea either!
  2. Have you got enough drones being raised up there. I’ve only seen capped drone brood in my hives. It’ll be at least 4 more weeks before I do any queen rearing.
  3. And here’s another success. It always amazes me how well bees can do with the right amoun5 of feed a healthy young queen and a good sized population of young bees heading in to winter. The strips you see are from March. I haven’t been in these hives for nearly 5 months. Walked away with a beaming smile from this apiary
  4. Best thing then is to have a queen excluder to keep the queen down to the first 10 frames and leave the rest for honey, it’ll mean being vigilant and extracting frames (if we get honey this summer) and putting frames back in the hive for bees to fill again. by all means do the split to the new hive. That won’t slow the parent hive down much.
  5. Awesome! Keep an eye on the food supplies. You’ll need to keep 4-5 frames of feed ahead of the expanding colony. We can super the hive, just requires detaching the roof.
  6. Wattle has started flowering around Putaruru and South Waikato. Some was flowering over Edgecumbe , Matata way a month a go. So now there is a mix of Gorse and Wattle pollen going in to hives. Populations increasing, food stores decreasing rapidly.
  7. The 2020 conference to be held in Rotorua. 25,26,27th June.
  8. Hamilton- Mystery Creek, Claudlands event centre Theres plenty of accommodation options in and close to Hamilton.
  9. Nothing wrong with raising funds Thomas, in fact ideas were used such as Sausage Sizzles, Farmers Market/School fund raising schemes to get some money together for the individuals that could not spare $500-1000 as a donation (yes it is that tight for some out there folks). The issue in question is the give a little page looks like the Co-Op is going out with hat in hand asking for money. This is a bad image to portray.
  10. New Zealand's "clean, green, grass-fed" message isn't unique and exporters should instead focus on the nutritional benefits of their food products, Andy Elliot says. Elliot spent much of last year studying the business models of New Zealand producers and exporters as part of the Nuffield agricultural scholarship programme. He says that in order to get more value from existing production, the country needs to find a way to stand out in the increasingly competitive global market. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/113289739/grassfed-message-wont-sell-nz-products-but-health-benefits-could
  11. I wonder if it has been endorsed/approved by Bruce or if it is an individual who is taking the initiative to raise extra funds.
  12. Only select stores have it, you’ll need to ring one to find out. They have it in a bladder inside a 20’ container, pumped out through an in-line flowmeter. Usually a smaller 500litre tank beside it for filling containers.
  13. Yes I have. Also Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar).
  14. That was discussed at the Tauranga meeting as one of the supply/marketing options.
  15. Reducing hive numbers within an operation could be as simple as combining colonies. Removing one of the queens or run them as 2 queen hives, why not you have half the number of hives now. Unfortunately auditing of extraction sheds won’t reduce in cost or frequency. Running a vehicle won’t get any cheaper. Spend a day with staff or the other half to find where you can save time and money within your businesses. “Lean Manufacturing”, look in to it, it really works and it’s amazing how and where you can save time and money.
  16. You are correct on the colour. I notice bees collecting pollen from it more around late June and in to July over here in Putaruru. It is showing flower now but not producing as far as I can tell. It can be a problem with days being changeable weather wise. Bees can leave the hive in a period of warm weather but chill when it clouds over then not making it home this can lead to brood that is being raised on the outer edges of the colony being chilled as the bees cluster during the still, cold nights.
  17. Some hives that quite likely have sick bees do have a sudden depopulation. Using a synthetic treatment probably wouldn’t affect sick bees too much as the synthetics are approximately 1000 x more toxic to the mite rather the the bee. Oxalic I am guessing is closer to a bees threshold for toxic (organic and sythetic) exposure.
  18. Nice. You’ll regret having a full tank sitting on that side of the deck. For a better distribution of weight you should be able to fit the tank and pump across the headboard of the deck even without a frame to mount the motor on.
  19. It’s unlikely to work this time of year as the wasps are not actively looking for protein. Have you tried using it earlier in the season?
  20. About 500ml of 2:1 every week. I also started with about a 8th of a Mega Pattie and added a new one as and when it was fully consumed. Patty size increased as the colony got bigger. Do a internet search for Manley Solution. I used that at the higher dosage rate in the syrup.
  21. They love hibernating under hive lids. So do the common lady birds. It’s amazing where they can squeeze in to.
  22. Yes they do eat the GWA Yes in swarm of beetles
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