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  1. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Ahhh Taupo the land of the long flow 😁
  2. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I use double nitrile gloves. If fumes are causing a problem you may need to provide PPE by way of a respirator?
  3. You are bound to be selling more than you could ever dream of once she instagrams, tweets, facebooks....social media advertises your honey curing her skin ailments. Honestly, someone here needs to do it quick. http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/celebrities/110552789/its-psoriasis-kim-kardashian-west-fires-back-at-report-about-her-bad-skin-day?cid=app-iPhone
  4. dansar

    Quick! Send her some Kanuka Honey!

    Yep someone needs to take the suggestion seriously. Send it to KK for the sole purpose of treatment for psoriasis. It could the single best sale you will ever make. These ladies have a worldwide market waiting for your product. please someone do it, seriously, do it!
  5. dansar

    Quick! Send her some Kanuka Honey!

    One of her sisters showcased a NZ designers clothes, now that designer is doing very well off that endorsement. Go on, send a sample pack and be prepared to package the other few drums. I’ll be fair and only ask 5% agents fee on product sold😁
  6. dansar

    February 2019 diary

    Some, but not as prolific as years past.
  7. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Read the label on the packet. It clearly states FOB = frames of bees NOT frames of brood. So if you have (in the case of Apivar) 5 Frames Of Bees or less then use one strip, 6-10 Frames Of Bees the use two strips. Brood box is the terminology to describe where the treatments are placed not to decide how much brood there is.
  8. dansar

    Bees and babys.

    Yes I had a very bad reaction to broad beans, Brussel sprouts, big floury mushy peas. I used to gag, choke, dry reach. Fortunately I married a fine Las that cooks better than my mum and the condition has resolved itself. Amusing situation- my children seem to have inherited the same condition 😂
  9. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    You’re over complicating it. Just use FD length strips. Did you trim Bayvarol or Apivar strips to fit 3/4 frames? Hopefully not😄
  10. dansar

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Tokoroa all but done. Drying out quick with the heat and a bit of wind.
  11. dansar

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    There are a group of competent younger ones (less than 50yo?)in the team. The old guard needs to pass the torch on to them.
  12. dansar

    ApiNZ's Amended 2018 Commodity Levy Proposal

    Correct I have mentioned it to senior Beekeepers Inc (age and or responsibilities in the organisation) that their internet savvy is letting them down. Even the recent email sent out signed as being written by Jane had me slightly bemused by its lack of screen appeal. Small things but in order to be credible and garner more support they need to look the part. Apinz on that point “look more credible”. I know these posts are read by Beekeeping Inc members who don’t log in to the forum. Of note too is Russel Berry saying there are too many beekeepers in NZ affecting their business profitability (quite likely true), yet they want beekeeper support???? You can’t bite the hand that feeds you. At the moment I am undecided, there is too much BS being flung around at present and I haven’t developed my BS filter well enough to know who’s right and who’s taking the mick.
  13. dansar

    Is the Waikato clover yielding?

    Drying out in Putaruru as well. Honey is coming off next week. Bees can fill out their brood boxes with what is left of the flow.
  14. dansar

    NZBF How much brood does a hive need?

    What you describe sounds perfect for this time of year. You can take the honey above the excluder for your own use and the bees will have enough food to see them through winter and in to the coming spring. Dont forget to apply autumn varroa treatments no later than the end of February.
  15. dansar

    What is an acceptable margin

    A portion of what the USA spends annually on its military......
  16. Well done Daley, your family is now complete! I’ll leave it to you and your family to post the obligatory baby, happy parent/grandparents pics??
  17. Best get out of the shade then if it’s too hot?
  18. dansar

    Make full depth Brood Box

    99.9999% of my hive boxes are 19.1mm D4S Clears. Which is the 3/4” sizing for the USA market. Easily fit 11 frames with 33mm end bars and as the colonies get older I can still fit 10 frames unlike other beeks that reduce to 9 frames as the colonies and frames get older. my colonies overwinter fine in a “thin walled wooden box”. the R value between 23 and 19mm must be minimal.
  19. Our local oversized dairy Countdown in Putaruru stocks a few brands of honey Arataki, Airborne with the usual Manuka, Clover and Multifloral mix. This one is different though. Beech Honey Dew. @jamesc do you know the supply?
  20. dansar

    Cross comb in a Warre

    This keeps them cooler too.
  21. dansar

    2 brood boxes or one?

    Yep as @CraBee said. Excluder between the two boxes. Brood hatches our in second box and is back filled with honey.
  22. dansar

    Honey Price Collapse

    Is this the block at Lake Tutira?
  23. dansar

    Where should I go to sell gear?

    You can make a donation to the site. You can then post a For Sale advert for your gear.
  24. dansar

    2 brood boxes or one?

    I run Double FD through spring and push down to single FD mid November. By the time the brood has hatched in the second FD box I have timed it perfectly for the main honey Flow and have maximise amount of field bees ready to bring in 7 FD boxes of honey? @Otto as @tristan said, you need to take a look at what queens are available. It’s not uncommon to have 15+ frames of brood close to maximum space laid out with no room for stores on the frame.
  25. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Hi all I moved the discussion about feeding Raw (dry) sugar over here.