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  1. How many Bayvarol strips were used, when did the strips go in and what configuration was the hive in at time of treatment?
  2. Yep. And FYI my pump sat unused over summer with a hive lid sitting over it to keep worst of the weather of it. I set it up again a few weeks back and it started second pull on the cord. The pump was less than $300. Ridiculously reliable for the price. Mine is the 50mm model, I’m not sure if a smaller pump would handle 2:1.
  3. @john berry if Arataki were be non existent tomorrow how would you fair as a small business? I am just thinking out loud.
  4. By golly gosh your not wrong I didnt wrote that sentence right.
  5. During my trips around hives I have been moving strips in from the edges because of that observation. The outside strips were way out on honey frames less bees are out there and seemed softer = higher water content, they are now placed in the central brood/cluster area in a diamond orientation around the center 5 frames.
  6. Wow! How tall is she? Long legged beauty.
  7. Mid April and only hives that are showing varroa are the handful that I forgot about in far away places. They now have had strips in for 2 weeks but fortunately weren’t in to bad condition due to brood breaks induced by splitting hives. Of note though are splits that had Oxalic strips in with a queen cell, all bar 1 out of 10 failed and raised their own queens. Splits that had queen cell and no strips had 10 out of 10 successful. 🤷‍♂️ Most hives have good numbers of bees and good stores.
  8. No, not a Shrew but a Plan so cunning you could pin a tail on and call it a Weasel😉
  9. Yep. All hives (21) at this Apiary have lots of creamy white pollen coming in on the bees. Last rush of brood rearing going on too.
  10. They end up in the likes of the Appalachian mountains. Banjos played by bees with little eyes, big ears and even bigger noses. 😳
  11. Can you advise where you bought your gravity from?😉
  12. Awesome replies everyone. You have moderated yourselves very well😁👍
  13. In both the recent cases it would be interesting to know if they are new Beekeeping who have bought say 100 hives and split to increase their numbers quickly, the stock they bought/split was already infected and this is the end result.
  14. Those bees of yours must be a bit soft. A bit of frost doesn’t slow down our CNI bees. 🤣
  15. Maybe there is and they replied as requested via their website.
  16. Sorry I didn’t see this comment. Yep definitely easier. But there’s no fun in doing that. All this was in aid of was to see if I could build up a tiny nuc through winter. Yes I can and I split it in spring and both colonies went on to produce around 30kg each. Not bad considering I used 4 mega bee patties and less that 20litres of syrup to get a 2 frame nuc to that point. And two weeks ago I split the original split in to 2 ten frame colonies. A pretty good outcome in less than 12 months.
  17. Few other options there. Poor quality drones, she hatched but was either chilled or overheated during transport thus potential was compromised. Not suited to Taupo Climate.....blah blah blah
  18. Have you tried heat treating the brood frames like they did for the Cororapa issue?
  19. Mark Goodwin and his team did the research with use of nucs. I have been at a few meetings where it has been discussed. Advantages were based around nucs having younger naive bees from memory.
  20. Do sales drop during a Northern Hemisphere winter? Market stats will shed light on that.
  21. Possibly All I know is it is mentioned in the document produced and audited by Assure Quality. https://www.asurequality.com/assets/Organic-Files/organics-standard-2015-FULL-V6-Feb16.pdf
  22. @Grant someone else is Researching that answer. I’ll advise soon as I know.
  23. The fittings you want are available in the HANSENS range. There is another brand (blue couplings) that I used too but can’t remember the name off hand. You are correct in saying the fittings and hose will cost more than the pump. I used the 50mm clear pipe with the wire reinforcement inside and I think it is 25mm id wash down hose for the feed out hose. You will need to fit a bypass tap as well to control the flow between outlet hose or recirculating for mixing.
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