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  1. dansar

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I had that at one site last week just after nearly a week of rain. Scraped some burr comb off a hive mat that had honey in it, “nek minit”
  2. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Got a phone call last night. Initially it was about some hive equipment but also had a very Interesting discussion with the older beekeeper in Taumaranui about the oxalic cloths/boards/strips.
  3. dansar

    Honey Price Collapse

    Self seeds easily
  4. dansar

    Wax dipper manufacturer

    Phil’s weight and dimensions might just about be bang on for a Paraffin dipper unit? #manmountainphil
  5. dansar

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Why would anyone want to wean themselves off coffee???
  6. Not totally bulging at the seams but definitely growing. This is the 2 frame nuc that I have been feeding protein substitutes and sugar syrup all winter. They finally graduated to a second brood box today. By the End of October I think they will be ready to split and add a mated queen to The queenless half. Bam! doubled a hive count instantly and plenty of time to build up for the summer honey flow.
  7. dansar

    tall hive pics

    We did OK saved and paid most of our first house off quickly. After that we moved, started a family, down to one income, 3 kids all had major health issues for first 6 or 7 years of their lives. Healthcare drained our savings. We are only now just starting to get back on our feet through sheer determination and literally blood, sweat and tears. Friends that know what we’ve been through say they don’t know how we did it. Team work, we tell them, you have to be a team.
  8. dansar

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Kowhai = mildly toxic to Bees
  9. dansar

    tall hive pics

    And that’s how I wore out my lower back ?? when I was in my early 20’s I was stacking 50+ tonne a day of timber for kiln drying. I was paid by m3 and was earning more a week than my manager?. Worked 6am till 3pm and really enjoyed it until......argh my back!
  10. dansar

    tall hive pics

    You see me in the photo? It’s not too much effort. More technique rather than brute strength.
  11. dansar

    tall hive pics

    Yeah that season was the one before 3 summers of drought?
  12. dansar

    tall hive pics

    I do now have FD for all my hives now. No more 3/4. Planning to fill all my FD supers with new colonies after honey extraction so I’ll decide then if I keep FD or use 3/4 next season for honey supers.
  13. dansar

    tall hive pics

    Ha ha. I have been double digging that garden for nearly 10 years now. Close to 600mm of topsoil now?
  14. dansar

    tall hive pics

    Once upon a time when we had a honey flow start in January I was supering every week. The Summer was amazing, it was before tourists new about Te Waihou Blue Springs and you could swim over to the spring days on end of 35 degrees and 90% humidity it was an amazing summer.
  15. dansar

    Webbing for tie down straps

    That was polywoven packaging strap. can be bought through Secure Load in Tauranga, Packaging House, RL Button and other’s packaging suppliers.