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  1. polystyrene nucs

    Just did a quick sketch out and I think it is possible to recover a full 5 frame nuc from a sheet of 1200x600. that includes roof with telescoping sections, floor, ends and sides. Although with a raw materials supplier they can supply a better sized product to suit the process, Interesting subject. Thanks @Philbee
  2. Painting hiveware comercially

    Wax fills the last of the gaps as it cools, adding the first coat of paint as soon as the box comes out of the dip tank the paint/paraffin mix is drawn in to the timber
  3. polystyrene nucs

    Nothing is impossible. The base model could be set as a 5 frame and a set of drawings made for 3 and 6 frame options. I am sure Phil is busy enough but it would be a great addition to the set of CAD plans
  4. Availability of Macrocarpa hive boxes

    Shaun makes "furniture grade" boxes 😄
  5. Updates on Manuka - Standard

    At field day in Kumeu yesterday Analytica showed an example where a DNA sample had degraded over two years. It tested positive for manuaka at time of extraction and the sample was retested after 2 years and failed the test for Manuka. That translates to potential fails of product on shop shelves and stocks being tested years later and subsequently failing, that casts a very bad light on the industry. They think there is something in the DHA that effects or degrades the DNA over time.
  6. Painting hiveware comercially

    I don't know about the airless sprayers, but the HVLP sprayers may be better for coverage. I usually start with a roller and alway revert to the BAB "big ass brush"
  7. polystyrene nucs

    If a telescoping poly lid could not be milled as one piece perhaps an option is to make the Top and a separate one piece rim that can be glued on to the top is included in the drawing set?
  8. Updates on Manuka - Standard

    I just heard that mentioned today at the New Zealand Beekeepers Incorporated field day up at Kumeu. At least you have had some warning that it won't be addressed anytime soon and can make a game plan and at least have some direction rather than heading off it to the great unknown. I am running twice as many hives this year and am almost hoping for another poor honey year as I had enough trouble trying to move my 1200kg on clover blend. I would have hated to have packed all my hives up and gone over to "a mates place" on the east coast, which I very nearly did.
  9. Big wednesday

    Nah that ZZ Top classic "Just Got Paid Today"
  10. Big wednesday

    Good news @jamesc! Your shout on Friday night then?
  11. @Shaun requested that this message be posted. The comments below are from Shaun. Flat pack Mac boxes are a rare item and tend to be a few home made items on trademe. I make my own (Mac boxes and frames) from rough sawn timber, even so good grade Mac timber is hard to get and tends to be expensive and Yes Mac needs to be pre-drilled. I have a lot (about 1/2 my gear) of pine boxes and frames (kit set) simply because I can't get enough good Mac plus the mac takes so much time to machine and assemble.
  12. Its Winter and the bees should be all set for the next couple of months. Whats going on in your Apiary and what winter chores do you have ready to tackle? Let us know.
  13. Topline is an Auckland direct marketing company selling mostly bee-related health supplements and cosmetics, and NatureBee is its flagship product The Commerce Commission has charged a bee health product marketing company and its director for falsely representing a product. Topline International and director Jeffrey Bernard Cook face 22 charges each for saying its NatureBee Potentiated Bee Pollen supplement was sourced and made in New Zealand when the bee pollen actually came from China. Promotional material, product labels, an infomercial and the company's website all made this representation. NatureBee company charged over 'made in NZ' claims
  14. Rural Delivery is on at 6am tomorrow morning and then at 7am on TV1 +1. There is an article about ''The efforts behind ensuring the viability of our Manuka honey industry''.