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  1. Best get out of the shade then if it’s too hot😁
  2. dansar

    Make full depth Brood Box

    99.9999% of my hive boxes are 19.1mm D4S Clears. Which is the 3/4” sizing for the USA market. Easily fit 11 frames with 33mm end bars and as the colonies get older I can still fit 10 frames unlike other beeks that reduce to 9 frames as the colonies and frames get older. my colonies overwinter fine in a “thin walled wooden box”. the R value between 23 and 19mm must be minimal.
  3. dansar

    Cross comb in a Warre

    This keeps them cooler too.
  4. dansar

    2 brood boxes or one?

    Yep as @CraBee said. Excluder between the two boxes. Brood hatches our in second box and is back filled with honey.
  5. Our local oversized dairy Countdown in Putaruru stocks a few brands of honey Arataki, Airborne with the usual Manuka, Clover and Multifloral mix. This one is different though. Beech Honey Dew. @jamesc do you know the supply?
  6. dansar

    Honey Price Collapse

    Is this the block at Lake Tutira?
  7. dansar

    Where should I go to sell gear?

    You can make a donation to the site. You can then post a For Sale advert for your gear.
  8. dansar

    2 brood boxes or one?

    I run Double FD through spring and push down to single FD mid November. By the time the brood has hatched in the second FD box I have timed it perfectly for the main honey Flow and have maximise amount of field bees ready to bring in 7 FD boxes of honey😁 @Otto as @tristan said, you need to take a look at what queens are available. It’s not uncommon to have 15+ frames of brood close to maximum space laid out with no room for stores on the frame.
  9. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Hi all I moved the discussion about feeding Raw (dry) sugar over here.
  10. dansar

    December 2018 Apiary Diary

    I had that at one site last week just after nearly a week of rain. Scraped some burr comb off a hive mat that had honey in it, “nek minit”
  11. dansar

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Got a phone call last night. Initially it was about some hive equipment but also had a very Interesting discussion with the older beekeeper in Taumaranui about the oxalic cloths/boards/strips.
  12. dansar

    Honey Price Collapse

    Self seeds easily
  13. dansar

    Wax dipper manufacturer

    Phil’s weight and dimensions might just about be bang on for a Paraffin dipper unit? #manmountainphil
  14. dansar

    September 2018 Apiary Diary

    Why would anyone want to wean themselves off coffee???
  15. Not totally bulging at the seams but definitely growing. This is the 2 frame nuc that I have been feeding protein substitutes and sugar syrup all winter. They finally graduated to a second brood box today. By the End of October I think they will be ready to split and add a mated queen to The queenless half. Bam! doubled a hive count instantly and plenty of time to build up for the summer honey flow.