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  1. Wattle in BOP and South Waikato are starting to flower. By my recollection that is 5-6 weeks earlier than previous years. Wattle flowering has always been my indicator to start stimulating Queen rearing hives and any that I was wanting to split in spring. 2020 is one weird year.
  2. Jonquils are out in Waihi. I’m seeing cherry trees with flowers open, fruit trees with buds looking like they are ready to open. What a weird year we are in the midst of.
  3. I’ve got the narrow edge protected strips in hives at the moment. and have been for 3 1/2 months. The strips have been relocated in some hives as the bees moved the cluster away from them, the majority haven’t been bothered by the strips though. Hives are looking good and most certainly would have been dead by now if the treatment didn’t work. They have been through 3 seasons now solely with Oxalic glycerine strips. I am confident now in my mixing of the chemicals and use of the delivery system that if a hive fails it is not from the lack of efficacy of the treatment.
  4. That looks like a bee sized gap between the boxes (ideal for wasps and robbing bees)...or did you fix that by getting the frames to sit down in the frame rest correctly?
  5. The juvenile leaf hopper (nymph stage) chews on the tutu plant feeding on the sap. It then excretes the sugary substance that then goes mouldy. Bees collect the excreta, tutai of the nymph.
  6. Couple more days for me in my mobile isolation bubble. Checking last of the splits made for mated queens, dropping feed frames down in to brood boxes and generally getting bees ready for the winter sleep. Expecting the covid-19 downtime to be longer than 4 weeks
  7. Hi Frazz Hi Wayne and Joe As you mention commercial beekeeping is an allowable operation during the Covid-19 self isolation period. There is an online form that needs completing to register for this privilege. If you can answer YES to the first two questions you don’t need to fill it in. We did just to be sure. It’s pretty a long way of proving you’ll keeping yourselves and public safe. Which I’m sure you’ll agree is very important. Follow the prompts where required. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/covid-19-essential-primary-sector-service-registration/ Stay safe
  8. No I haven’t pursued it since your txt. Still interested though. It’s a value add idea have... youve still got my details aye? Not sure about dew in Bourbon but definitely a product from the still.
  9. No, the guitars are just a hobby. I like a play all sorts but my favourites are the Shadows era, and on the flip side I also love a real grungy rock song. Currently in the shed making up a batch of hand sanitiser..
  10. I think some people have a weak constitution. I average 5 strong cafe style coffees a day and often have one before going to bed. I never have an issue going to sleep. The key to that is to work hard and play hard. My wife can’t believe that I can be snoring and in a deep sleep within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow
  11. You can move to another “less risk” fund. Conservative fund, ask your KiwiSaver provider to change or if your bank app allows it you can manage it yourself.
  12. Yup especially if your KiwiSaver was on the aggressive rate, it would have taken a huge hammering. i just checked mine, I’m on conservative and lost just over $100 this week. Another 19 years until 65 rolls around so time to dabble in more riskier investments.
  13. Register as a beekeeper and register your apiary. Get an experienced beekeeper to disease check and ascertain food store for your hive. Correct food store shortage if required. Buy an appropriate varroa miticide. cross fingers and toes for spring and purchase additional equipment, boxes and frames etc.
  14. Have a wander around and see if there are aphids on it, that could be the source. On that note of Blackberry......there seems to be an abundance of it the Length of SH1, it’s like there hasn’t been any focused herbicide use on it for a couple of years
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