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  1. These are the colours of our home harvest for the season. From left harvested in December, January, end of January and Ross rounds end of December. The honey on the left looks and tastes like Rewarewa and Kanuka on the right. My favourite is the Rewarewa.
  2. The article mentions that Honey producers in Turkey and Portugal have been known to be planting Manuka in their respective countries Does anybody know more about this? If this goes to plan Game over isn't it?
  3. As I was reading an article in the Viva section of the Herald , I came across a story about a new NZ skincare company that uses Manuka honey as it ingredient. Being a beekeeper of course I quickly spotted the sad photo used in the article. Honey running down a hive tool and the frame in the background with the only bees on the frame, two sick bees. One with deformed wing virus and the other with a varroa on it. Oops. Not such a good choice.
  4. Yes it was interesting, maybe the bees are learning !
  5. I went through the hives today giving a couple of hives a new box of drawn frames and decided to have a closer inspection of one hive. I went through the brood boxes and rearranged some frames when I witnessed something very strange but I'm picking that others may have seen this? I know it's New Years Eve and all but NO I have not been into the liquor cupboard. I saw a worker bee with a varroa mite on its abdomen side area. It was as clear as clear. So i went to bring my hive tool in closer to the bee , when I saw another worker moving toward the bee from below and it pulled the varroa mi
  6. Another thing I am not seeing is any fluffy bums (passion vine hoppers) around which we saw this time last year. Anybody seen those yet? Yes, and not one wasp here either.
  7. I was told the same about the green tinge. I am just seeing it turn up in some cells recently so I guess it is starting to come in here. I also have two boxes of honey that is lighter in colour and has yellow cappings. I read in another post that with yellow cappings this might be lotus major? I have seen bees working it on our property but also they are into the scotch thistles.( We have a very out of control weedy area which I can't bring myself to use the weedeater on. )
  8. Do you guys get lotus flowered lawns too?
  9. No, It is a very strong hive. But I'm wondering whether the problem was loading the hive with additional boxes of drawn frames above the box of rounds. The bees have gone to work loading the other boxes with honey cause this is much easier for them. The brood boxes are jam packed with bees. My reason for giving them additional boxes was that I was going away and was worried they would store the honey in brood boxes and as it was I was cutting out the odd swarm cell.since my break Now there is no more swarm cells and the three boxes above the rounds are nearly ready for extraction. If I wait a
  10. Thanks Dansar. I should have explained the rounds system better. I have been swapping the frames as per your suggestion each time and yes it works on ordinary frames but on these frames they only work the middle two round compartments on each frame. There are a total of four round compartments per frame. It's hard to explain. I will post a picture. I guess what the bees are doing is what they do with most frames really, they build up the middle and leave the end parts (front of hive and rear of hive) for last. I hope this makes sense, it's late and I'm on medication. Lol
  11. We came back from camping yesterday and I had a look at the bees progress with honey supers. I decided to leave an extra box of drawn frames on each hive before we left for our break. I'm glad I did. I was surprised by how well they have been doing. One hive has filled and capped 3 boxes in two weeks and they have been working on a box of Ceracell round comb honey frames. First time I have used them. Only issue is they tend to draw out only the rounds in the two middle compartments. I guess I need to be patient. The honey is now darker than I saw ten days ago.
  12. Thanks Roger for your reply...we have been away camping up north. You could be right with cabbage tree nectar. It's Unusual for us to get lighter coloured honey at this time of the year. The bees have obviously not bothered with the Manuka this year. I also noticed a bit of that wild carrot weed around( Queen Anne's lace) flowering.
  13. I am seeing lots of water clear nectar coming in the the honey supers fast. The nectar looks so clear you can see the bottom of the cells. My first thought was pohutukawa but that's not quite flowering yet in our area. All I see is manuka, rewa, cabbage trees heavy in flower. We back onto native bush and there is only a few pasture blocks around mainly in kaikuhe? grass with the odd weeds around like buttercup and small amounts o clover. Anyone having seeing the same and knows what it could be?
  14. They were all very dark and a good size. Frazzled would have been dissapointed!!I didn't expect to see them so jet black.
  15. I found three virgins queens roaming around in one hive yesterday. They must have just hatched and The old queen had gone. The population of the hive was very high so I did some splits / nucs using the virgins instead of swarm cells.(one virgin for each nuc) Is this something others do regularly too?
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