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  1. It’s been terrible over the hill too kaihoka just awful with so much rain. we are still feeding to keep hives alive.
  2. I have never seen so much blending of honey . it’s a necessity of course because no one will buy bush honey but throw it in with some manuka and wala you now have manuka honey ....which no one wants to buy either
  3. fires blazing here tonight and we have been feeding syrup for a couple of weeks now
  4. I guess Im just thinking about our queen rearing operation and we will cage on sealed brood at 21 days easy. by 24 days we can have brood emerging so the queens have obviously gone out on mating flights inside a week of emergence. Thinking also if it’s two queens in a hive that were split off separately then it’s generally a mother daughter situation which you would pick up on by the different look of the old and the young
  5. another possibly more likely scenario is your queens from the cells mated quickly and the sealed brood you saw was actually from the previous queen and the eggs and larvae from your newly mated queen. If the weather is ideal 3 weeks is heaps of time for a queen to mate and start laying and even have sealed brood.
  6. which is really great but in reality that’s not going to work for commercial beekeepers who have tons of the stuff to shift. one of the problems we have right now is too many men and their dogs packing and selling their honey locally driving the price down for all beekeepers and saturating the market so that no ones making any money or shifting much product.
  7. These blimmen corporates they are spread right throughout NZ ####ting in everyone’s nest....when will they have enough area ? Greedy so and so’s
  8. true busy time right now but it’s still the same people posting throughout the year and it would be really great to see some new faces with new ideas and stories to tell.
  9. It’s such a shame that more lurkers don’t take part in the conversation. We would have so much more information at our fingertips if more beekeepers would share their experiences. Being anonymous I’m surprised there aren’t more people contributing on the forum. I’m a very opinionated person so find it hard to keep my big mouth shut even though I have a ( what’s it called when you have a name that’s not your own ? ) pretty much everyone who knows me knows that frazz is me so I have tamed it down a little !! and what a beautiful spot @jamesc
  10. @jamesc it’s 10am on a beautiful day and I’m about to go out and split my cell raisers into singles ready for the honey flow. it’s unheard of for me to be sitting inside on a beautiful day at the busiest time of the year. We have downsized heaps the drop in demand for honey coincided nicely with us losing over 200 hives during winter using Oxalic and glycerine staples. We haven’t sold any honey from last season and are basically hanging in there hoping for a crap season for everyone nz wide to maybe stimulate demand for all the honey sitting in sheds right n
  11. So you are a corporate honey producer and making huge losses year after year what do you do ? walk away ? try to sell as a going concern? sell off in parcels ? keep going and hope for a miracle ?
  12. @Alastair, it’s my understanding that anyone can become allergic at any time even old timers who have been stung hundreds of times over the years .
  13. I see on Stuff this morning that Oha Honey has posted another huge loss. Gotta wonder how long they can keep it going ! Covid-19 contributes to Ngāi Tahu Holdings $25.7m loss | Stuff.co.nz WWW.STUFF.CO.NZ Covid-19's impact on tourism has delivered a major hit to Ngāi Tahu's finances.
  14. IMHO it seems to me your queen breeder doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
  15. im guessing you get yours from Barry which is who we get ours from. Both the candy and the prompt service is top notch
  16. apparently you can be the trainer yourself you don’t need to sign them up to An outside organisation
  17. not hard to get and a lot of beekeepers are looking into doing it. If you have a few workers why not get them on an apprenticeship. if the Govt are going tO hand Out money Willy nilly why not get on that gravy train
  18. https://www.education.govt.nz/news/new-fund-to-keep-apprentices-in-work/
  19. @Grant, it would be interesting to know if they were joining the apprenticeship scheme labour have just started funding where any beekeepers you have already working for you as well as new employees can be called an apprentice and you get govt subsidised wages . Even I could be an apprentice and have my wages subsidised . I don’t think for a minute that Comvita are funding their own apprenticeship scheme.
  20. exactly... it’s the financial hand out from the govt for any kind of apprentice that will be the driving force behind this, Nothing more nothing less.
  21. In my experience chilling And rough handling is the biggest Factor in queens not hatching from cells. did you check the cells were viable before putting them in the nucs ? eg did you hold them up to a light to see the pupae or give them a gentle jiggle to feel them ? We don’t use protectors if cells are going into queenless nucs so I Can’t comment on whether that would have an effect. I could see that a protected cell going into a not so strong Nuc could be abandoned because the bees don’t get the full sensory feel of a queencell but that’s just guessing.
  22. Hi Phil, just wondering, in the photo of the open cell is it completely empty or is there a dead grub in the bottom of it ?
  23. @Maru Hoanihows the Manuka looking up your way ?
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