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  1. @Gino de Graaf has there been any undercutting in pollination this season ?
  2. it’s difficult for me to see what the future is for commercial beekeeping in NZ. Obviously we won’t be getting the high prices for our Bush honeys that we have recently but where will the price settle and where will the demand come from. Will we be able to still make a living from honey or will we go back to working a second job. The Manuka areas are becoming even more crowded than before with more beekeepers trying to keep their businesses afloat. i know beekeeping itself will keep going but what will the face of commercial beekeeping look like and who will be a part of it.
  3. cant say I’ve read any research notes on these conclusions ? not saying there isn’t any but would love to know if there’s any actual truth in any of it.
  4. pure Manuka using which standard ? i don’t think you can draw a conclusion regarding taste on one jar of honey.
  5. Before UMF MGO or MPI standard manuka and kanuka where always sold as manuka, there was no distinction between the two.
  6. If you combine pollen count with taste and thixotrophy you will nail a good manuka honey. Noone talks about taste these days
  7. I’m really enjoying the advocate it’s had really interesting no BS articles that calls it how it is which is very different from the light and fluffy media releases coming from APINZ that talks of 25% price drops and the downturn being temporary. Its well past time to get real and be honest about the current situation
  8. having been beekeeping before the boom I’m torn between whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. obviously financially it has been a very good thing but it has also changed the face of beekeeping in NZ in a big way.
  9. All I know @kaihoka was that pre Manuka we got sweet FA for our honey and most beekeepers were into pollination. My dad built his business off the back of the kiwifruit boom. when pollination was done the hives went into honey areas but the honey wasn’t harvested it was winter feed. When I think of the major players in our area the vast majority have been in the industry since before the Manuka boom. From memory Nelson Honey was the only player who was big enough to hire a lot of staff both full time and seasonal most of the others were smaller owner operated businesses who hired temporary staff to help with shifting hives in and out of pollination and helping with the honey harvest. In the early stages of the boom it was only Manuka honey that was fetching higher prices and Manuka was identified by pollen analysis, taste, colour and how thixotropic it was. Non Manuka continued to be sold for low prices it wasn’t used for blending. Those major players pretty much all increased the size of their businesses during the Manuka boom, increasing hive numbers, hiring more staff, upgrading vehicles and plant. Before Manuka there weren’t a lot of honey buyers. We sold to Airborne and Nelson Honey, prices we got ranged from just over $2kg to just over $3 kg. The payment terms were generally by instalment over an 8 month period sometimes a payment was missed because they didn’t have the money and they would look after their big suppliers first. The honey industry right now looks to be going back to the pre Manuka days so pressure is on all areas where there may be a sniff of Manuka honey. Although even producing a crop of MPI standard Manuka honey doesn’t guarantee a sale. long story short is no I don’t think imported honey back in the day would have sent many beekeepers to the wall
  10. The high prices paid for Manuka honey is the cause of overstocking
  11. From honey price slump to AFB the twists and turns of this forum
  12. that to me is a huge issue. we must be consuming so many residual chemicals when we eat our fruit and veges
  13. im not talking about AFB infected gear just gear that’s not being used for whatever reason. like us we have all our empty brood boxes stored outside is that now illegal or not ?
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