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  1. Yes thanks @Trevor Gillbanks I’ve just checked and our registration has lapsed but we never received any reminder at all and it’s not something I even gave a moments thought so am pleased you posted. gotta say it’s pretty slack not getting a reminder. question to anyone who knows do I have to fill everything out all over again like the registered company address and the NZ business number etc ?
  2. The risk of of a wet super might be the same as the risk of a harvested box of honey the difference is that if you are giving hives one or two frames from that box as feed you have the potential to infect 5-10 hives apposed to one infected wet going onto one hive.
  3. @kaihoka I can't get through the day without my diclofenac. If I dont take it I can hardly move by lunch time. I also take panadol four hourly which helps but it's the diclofenac that does it for me
  4. Thats pretty stink of MPI. I hope you will share your results @jamesc We had such good results with the staples in Spring then a disaster over winter. I think the fact staples were in the hives at the time was a coincidence, there are too many other beekeepers having amazing results for the bad shape of the hives to be blamed on staples. Reckon there’s something else going on out there .
  5. And her screeching in the background to her followers put the frames in the box ! Put the frames in the box ! The poor guy was that intimidated by her and the bees he didn't kno which way was up
  6. Ahh lol im still feeling pretty positive. my comment was meant to convey that i think selling NZ honey whether it’s Manuka or not for a very high price is a good thing because it reinforces the thought that our honey is special. We are much better off if we try to sell our honeys as an elite product not as a commodity at the lowest price which is why I mentioned the race to the bottom with heavily discounted queens, pollination etc as being no good in the long run for anyone
  7. Im not sure I get what you are saying to me @Daley ?
  8. I have to agree. we seem to be in a race to the bottom at the moment with many companies under cutting each other to get their product sold whether it’s honey, queens or pollination. Good luck with that in the long term.
  9. To me followers of Dee Lusby are similar to anti Vaxers
  10. I think she’s just got stuck in there somehow you can see she has stuff all over her thorax
  11. @JohnF what are the symptoms of a hive with nosema apis and ceranae ?
  12. I don’t think any plastic is actually recycled here ? After seeing a documentary on where our plastic recycling went too and what it did to those towns I think it’s a very sad joke that we even consider plastic recycling to be helping our planet. Ours goes in the general rubbish to be buried in our local landfill which is nowhere near any waterways...yet. Heres a taste of what our plastic recycling really is https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/insight/audio/2018663363/nz-s-role-in-the-malaysian-plastics-dumping-ground
  13. Happens all the time @Daley countless hives have been poisoned in pollination over the years. Some growers don’t really seem to care about the welfare of the bees as long as their crop is pollinated the rest doesn’t concern them.
  14. Agree with @dansar, first choice is a bee that’s got syrup on it.
  15. I know a beekeeper who has sold honey into Japan for years. They were very recently undercut on a supply contract by a huge amount, reportedly by a packer on a Trade and Industry type junket. By doing this its devalued all NZ Manuka in the eyes of that particular Japanese company.
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