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  1. yes he did because back then Manuka / Kanuka was all the same thing. Before there was money in Manuka, Kanuka was never even talked about, it was always put under Manuka whether you were talking honey or firewood or whatever. Kanuka honey was just as worthless as Manuka honey.
  2. our pollen guy could always tell Manuka from Kanuka and our results read as such. for example “Manuka/ Kanuka 86% ( mostly Kanuka) “ or vice versa
  3. just as well it doesn’t apply domestically. the Manuka standard is a standard pulled out of someones bum. Just because MPI says you have to meet a particular criteria to call honey Manuka doesn’t mean honey that fails The chosen standard isn’t Manuka .
  4. A good article on Comvita donating Manuka bandages to help animal burn victims in Oz. Credit where credits due https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/118853746/australian-bushfires-conservationist-healing-injured-wildlife-with-kiwimade-mnuka-honey
  5. we got a little bit of mono last season. Had more non Manuka and multi than mono though. none of our mono had a high NPA it was mostly only just a 5 or in the 4’s We eventually sold all our honey but it took a lot of phone calls and talking to a lot of different people we had never sold honey to in the past. None of our regular buyers were interested in any of it. The Manuka market has changed there’s no longer the clamour to buy honey and we feel very fortunate we were able to sell. prices ranged from $5kg for our non Manuka up to $24 for a our best honey with most of it selling in the $12-$18 range. We should be discussing prices we have been able to get because I know some beekeepers are getting ripped off right now. There is also a lot of mono sitting in sheds unsold both very high NPA mono and low NPA.
  6. I don’t think anyone in Delhi, Bangkok, London etc cares what we are doing in our own backyards to “ fight climate change” When you stand on a pedestrian over bridge in Bangkok and can hardly breathe because of the fumes or see a river in Bali that is a seething mass of bank to bank plastic and rubbish it really brings it home how puny any attempt we make here really is. Which is not to say don’t do it, it will help keep our own country cleaner but it’s naive ,in my opinion, to think it will make any difference globally.
  7. and that’s wonderful but it’s not going to make a scrap of difference in the scheme of things. Even if everyone in the whole of NZ did as you are doing it would make no difference.
  8. nah not a fan of Marlborough it’s all flat land with grapevines as far as the eye can see and windy as.
  9. I think the reality is the tough times are here to stay for more than a few years. If you produce mono Manuka you will be better off than those that aren’t but even mono is not sold as easily or for as much as before the standard came out. Many people came into the industry during the boom when any kind of honey was worth good money. Now that honey is unsaleable or if desperate you might be lucky to get someone to buy it for a few dollars a kilo. Theres three options find mono Manuka sites, try and sell hives and gear and get another job hold on and hope for $8kg honey sometime in the future or go broke trying. i don’t see option 3 as viable because I don’t see 8kg for Bush honey even monofloral Bush honeys anytime in the near future. I always feel like a negative Nancy when I post like this but I just can’t see any kind of future for anyone producing non Manuka
  10. I believe climate change is real but I don’t go along with the idea that some have put forward here that their kids won’t live to reach their age because the earth will be unliveable. I also believe nothing NZ does as a nation will make a scrap of difference to anything. climate change is the popular buzzword right now and will be until something else comes along to take over the media’s attention.
  11. Not only can they call anything Manuka honey they can also use the words active, bio active etc as well as counting the peroxide activity which gives them the opportunity to say their honey is more active than NZ. what I don’t understand is how come our labelling laws changed to make it illegal to use the words active bio active etc and the reason given at the time was because we had to fall into line with the Australia NZ food labelling rules whereas Australia can put anything they like on their labels
  12. The West Coast of the South Island has to be one of the best places on this earth
  13. I’ve been on the coast for the past three days and while the Manuka and Rata are flowering I’m not sure it’s been warm enough for the nectar to flow and the bees to work it.
  14. climate change or no climate change I keep asking what can anybody do about it ? Everyones saying something has to be done and soon but nobody as far as I know has come up with any answers . @David Yanke what do you propose to do? will you go back to horse and cart to do your beekeeping rounds ? Will you grow all your own food and meat and only eat food produced locally? will you wear all non synthetic clothing? Will you never travel in a motorised vehicle of any kind? Will you never light a fire ? What will you do that I and others could do to reduce climate change?
  15. 111 years of record keeping. How many years have humans been on this planet ? How many years has this planet been the making ? 111 years is the blink of an eye.
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