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  1. What types of honey can’t be bought ? i see every variety that can be produced is for sale on trademe. The amount of honey you could sell in NZ would be tiny compared to the amount currently gathering dust in storage.
  2. If it starts with NZ it will be competing with brands already selling on the domestic market which is not a good thing. We want our honey price to the beekeeper to go up not down
  3. If we forget about the blending right now what are your thoughts on the saleability of mono Manuka that just makes the MPI standard both now and over the next 2-5 years?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes I certainly understand that as its what we are experiencing. I would be very keen on your opinion regarding the quality side of the equation. Would it be fair to say that mono only just passing the MPI standard is unable to be blended with the stockpile of bush honey that's rattling around in packers sheds right now so is not being bought ? Would it be worth hoping that once the bush stockpile has gone we may see packers buying the lower standard honey at a reasonable price or will they only be interested in the manuka with high numbers so they can continue buying the bush honey at now record low prices and keep blending ? Hard to know what to do if we don't produce high marker manuka but do produce manuka. I guess every company buys differently but do you see an upturn in the sale of low marker mono from beekeeper to packer for a good price ?
  5. I don’t think laziness comes into the equation when it comes to queen bees.
  6. Also wondering @Adam Boot if the picture looks so rosy why is no one buying Manuka ?
  7. ...One day soon we might be able to sell our honey
  8. I don’t get how one minute you know absolutely nothing about bees and the next you know what the worst varroa ever looks like, you know what DWV looks like, you know that brood couldn’t emerge from the cells and you also know what AFB is and what it looks like?
  9. It looks like a starved hive to me @kaihoka
  10. That Actually made me laugh out loud
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