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  1. Thanks @Manukamole02 for that info it is very much appreciated
  2. Im not sure that the co-op is looking to pay above market value prices initially. non Manuka isn’t selling at all as far as I can tell. The only company I know that’s buying non Manuka is Airborne and they are paying maximum $4 kg. If we can sell non Manuka to a co-op for $5 kg to get the ball rolling that’s better than have it sitting in the shed. At least there’s cashflow and hopefully the coop can get some marketing and higher prices happening in future years .
  3. @Adam Boot Thankyou for your reply it really clarifies for me where our honey sits. It would be really helpful to know in general terms without specifics what level of markers are most honey packers looking for when they are buying Manuka.
  4. Yes exactly. A co-op would put the money in the beekeepers pocket rather than in the packers.
  5. @Adam Boot said @Adam Boot I’ve said before on the forum that mono Manuka with low markers isn’t selling and have been basically poo pooed by more than a couple of people saying there’s plenty of demand for mono as long as it meets the standard and yet I know of multiple beekeepers who have this type of honey and no buyer. So what has happened where has the market gone how can it have basically died overnight ? since seeing my replies to your questions regarding our honey you haven’t said a word about saleability that tells me that I am right and that something has happened to the Manuka market which has pretty much killed it dead at the lower end of the scale. If this is the case I would love to know why but nobody is talking. It’s not only the guys in Northland that are feeling the pinch it’s beekeepers like us that don’t get the activity in our honey but still get Manuka that are also being affected by this new standard. Does anyone know know how to find out what tonnage of honey is shipped out of the country each month ?
  6. Yes of it passes the MPI standard for mono Manuka tested by Analytica. Just ourselves we have 2.5 tonne but also know others who have more than that.
  7. Yes it’s interesting times for sure. if it’s any consolation there’s a few beekeepers around the traps that have mono Manuka but because it’s not high UMF or high in MPI markers no one is interested in buying it. So it’s not just multi Manuka and non Manuka that aren’t selling.
  8. Thanks @Alastair would love to hear how they look next time you go through them. We are seeing similar things in our hives, strong hives now weak, hives with lots of tucker now hungry. its been ridiculously warm here so far so that could explain the lack of feed on board and could also explain the weak hives. Or it could be the staples but because others are having no problems I think it’s probably unlikely. Where those hives hungry when you first checked them ?
  9. @Alastair how are the hives you treated that lost a lot of bees have they improved at all ?
  10. In the Maitai @yesbut ? is there any gold found ? what about greenstone ? they say there’s greenstone in the Maitai and Aniseed rivers....
  11. And interestingly it was actually just one person who made that happen he turned the tide of the meeting where we had all given up and basically said nothing we can do it’s here now. Matt Davidson of Seaton Valley Queen Bees stood up at that meeting and got us all to change our minds it was his speech and his get up and go that got an eradication attempt on the table. very similar to the situation right now I feel. Its one person galvanising the masses to make something happen rather than sit back and do nothing .
  12. We experimented on our whole operation which isn’t 1500. makes me nervous to hear that kind of talk !
  13. That would be super cool I would love to do that
  14. With that many rainy days it would probably pay to move on to sunnier sky’s
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