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  1. Our experience is similar to @Alastair we have ALOT of dead hives and hives that have dwindled down to a couple of frames of bees and small amount of brood. our over wintered hives with the staples have mostly been impacted negatively whereas the spring hives with the staples were mostly good. Only a few hives with high varroa numbers so in that respect the staples have done the job. Cant definitively says staples are the cause but have never seen our hives in this state before. Of course there could be something else going on as well it may have nothing to do with the staples.
  2. You may not have drones in your hive but there will be drones around
  3. I should have said directly below and slightly to the right of the cell with AFB pupal tongue is a cell with AFB scale. Although there are other cells with scale this is the easiest to see.
  4. @Stoney did you treat with staples the previous spring or is this autumn / winter treat,ent the first time the staples have been used in your hives ?
  5. Another excellent photo ! Directly below and to the right slightly is a cell showing AFB scale. this is what you look for if you find a dead hive with no brood left. Which is just a general remark aimed at new beekeepers rather than @Stoney .
  6. It sounds like they are replacing their queen. If your hive is strong there’s no need to source a mated Queen let nature take its course and fingers crossed in a few weeks you will have a lovely new queen heading the hive.
  7. My kiwisaver balance is certainly taking a hammering
  8. In our case I believe the ox/gl staples have had an influence on how they over wintered. our dwindled hives look exactly like the hives that had large losses of bees in spring when I first tried the staples. difference is the spring hives were visited frequently and I saw what was happening also being spring the hives were in growth mode so they eventually strengthened up. these winter hives may have had the same thing happen but we didn’t see it. being Autumn they were in slow down mode so never got up to overwintering strength with some dying and some only just surviving till now. With so many beekeepers having good results with staples I couldnt work out why our winter hives had done so badly and I know others who have also had terrible results over their first winter. Could it be that the hives with high virus levels have been hit hard with losses just like in spring ? could it be that those having good results had used staples in the spring and cleaned out all the virus from hives so the winter hives never had the high deaths of bees ? Do we need to start on ox/gl in spring to clean out any virus load ?
  9. I love your positivity @jamesc wish I could find some from somewhere !
  10. TBH I have absolutely no idea.
  11. That is what we are finding also
  12. You probably need to bare in mind the migrant hives will have been under treatment right up until they land on your doorstep so mite numbers should be very low
  13. No real mite issues apart from two hives. so the staples are definitely keeping the mites at bay. im thinking that the narrows could be a better way for us to go they might not divide the brood nest the way the wides have with brood at one end of the frame and honey at the other.
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