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  1. @jamesc what kind of honey did you get $9 for ?
  2. Do the Murrays have television connections they seem to be getting a lot of air time ?
  3. Haha I dont care how well they kept They are still yuk .
  4. lol haven’t you heard ...there’s a Manuka boom on right now, honey is flying off the shelves according to NZ media
  5. sturmer are yuk too sour for me. my favourite apple was golden delicious but it had to be a light green not quite ripe. they were awesome picked straight off the tree on the walk to the school bus. If you banged them on your knee multiple times while sitting in the bus you could suck all the juice out
  6. It’s a good thing all those contaminated stickies weren’t left outside for all the bees in the neighbourhood to rob.
  7. As a girl guide camp toilets were a long slit dug into the ground quite deep and we had a similar Arrangement to Trevors on top, I don’t remember if there was any division for each toilet seat or not. washing hands was a wooden tripod made of Manuka sticks with an enamel wash bowl sitting in the middle.
  8. hmm interesting mind pictures after reading that ! Or maybe it’s just me ....
  9. I will be declaring honey sent by post as natural sweetener or something similar in future. how many of us have friends and family overseas that we send honey too. its ridiculous of course and just another layer of bureaucracy to keep the boffons in their Wellington offices employed. i get so tired of all the rules and regs that are constantly dreamed up all throughout life in NZ.
  10. I only wear the half suit I hate full overalls. they are really light the veil is really nice to wear and easy to see through . They are expensive but I wouldn’t swap them for the heavy cotton most suits are made of . i have two different styles of Sherriff jacket, the honey rustler and the countryman. I mostly wear the countryman because it has a big front pocket that fits my hive tool whereas the honey rustler has a lot of pockets but none big enough for a hive tool. if you have gnarly bees the material may be too light but on the whole they are reasonably stingproof.
  11. actually I’ve stuffed up . i changed our numbers on the 31st of May and paid on the first of June. im going to leave it as is because I don’t want to have to pay for hives we haven’t got even though I tallied it up late.
  12. So how do we stand I wonder. We went through and counted up all hives on sites when we put strips in. i changed our numbers accordingly on the 31st and adjusted our payment due to reflect the decrease in numbers . payment was made on the due date.
  13. I wear a sheriff Jacket love it and have worn that brand ever since I started beekeeping
  14. TBH I never gave it a thought that it might be deliberate ! kinda takes the fun out of it never heard of google swipe and don’t know how to do spell check either so I will just keep wondering about you and your wounderings !
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