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  1. I can supply samples. Will email you. Gisborne Township.
  2. No idea what a Karaka tree looks like. They seem to be fine now though. Thanks for the comments.
  3. It was. Made it public. Thanks for that [USER=1820]@Rod[/USER] Stockley.
  4. [USER=2597]@Rob Stockley[/USER] Ah. Thanks.
  5. Have no idea what I did wrong so the link is here [MEDIA=facebook]10205876858120153[/MEDIA]
  6. Vincent Channon

    Busy but...........

    Odd. Busy but almost seem to be robbing but not aggressive at all. Can walk amongst them. Ideas?
  7. They are so cute. My little girl wants some. With my awful woodworking skills, that's not likely.
  8. My plums are soaking in Alcohol. "No officer I have not had a drink" lol. They look good Trevor. :)
  9. Hi and welcome @Seaview enterprises not a lot of sea views from Rangiora In colder areas I would say some honeys would be too viscous to flow well. You would just have to wait for a good N/wester and anything will flow.
  10. I would have to agree. Same as you, no actual proof. But strong suspicions of that happening. As for courses, LOL, can't do them when they get shut down on you half way through.... :cautious:
  11. A mobil truck stop operator here in Gizzy is a bit grumpy again with some beeks. I went to fill the company truck and they were stopping people going to the pumps. A whole lot of bees had got out of a beeks vehicle. Yes, they filled up while loaded and a whole pile got loose. Operator was busy spraying them all with something. poor bees.
  12. Sun hats for the little ladies. So exciting having your first hive. Congrats "MUM". (y)
  13. May be the Q and survivors. Hope you r hive recovers.
  14. I find it only takes one day after moving a hive.
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