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  1. Exactly...extremely frustrating. Need to feed sugar.
  2. I think in practical terms I will be pulling some of it out of the second boxes next autumn. I mean its hard to get bees to even rob it!
  3. Timber treatments find their way through painted surfaces. Id be very suspicious of boxes painted on the insides, also for AFB reasons.
  4. This has been mentioned before but theres a real danger of picking up AFB from second hand beekeeping gear
  5. Or a propolis matt under the ply lid
  6. Plenty of wasps around here today, willow aphids tapering off I think, entrance reducers going on.
  7. maybe , there has been a rapid build up in wasp nos the last couple of weeks though
  8. I think theres an ingredient in the dew that the bees cant break down so its probably not a good diet , and maybe not for wasps either
  9. I would reduce them down to 2 boxes and do a test for mites, check on the queen etc. you might need to treat again. If they hang on the front its not a big deal.
  10. When the weather cools you should be able to winter in 2 boxes and they will fit in ok.
  11. Plenty of smoke Nick, show them whos boss, requeen next spring
  12. Mostly asian wasps working it here and the few german wasps on it are scrawny and malnourished so Im wondering if its not a good diet for them...hoping might be a better word.
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