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  1. I have seen empire building before, there will be no end to fee increases and it will not help the people it was supposed to help. Mark these words.
  2. This push to increase levies will not stop, I have seen empire builders before, they never wind up serving the best interests the people they were intended too
  3. Considering Dee Lusby has been a successful commercial beekeeper for over 60 years in a harsh environment and is a successful Author on Beekeeping and Highly respected by many thousands of Beekeepers. Those who do not think she may have something to say that is worth listening too are far worse than "Flat Earthers "
  4. That was a funny story but Dee Lusby had 200 hives when she was 10 years old and is now an old lady. She gives talks to bee clubs in the states and every one hangs of every word she says for good reason.
  5. It doesn't do your queen any good confining her and with the absence if the queen foot print pheromone the bees will make queen cells which can be useful. Mel Disselkoen of OTS Queen Rearing system swears by de queening a hive on a nectar flow and letting the bees raise a new queen themselves with a little help via cell notching. He does this several times a year and never uses chemicals, he does not sell honey but makes his living selling bees from the splits he makes when he de queens his hives. He is invited to speak at Bee clubs all over the US.
  6. DavyK

    Sugar Syrup

    Have you guys considered making your own vinegar. Next time you extract honey soak your capping's in a clean bucket with clean water and put a clean tea towel over it and leave it in a warm place for 3 or 4 weeks. It will initially ferment into Mead but will then slowly convert to honey vinegar. strain the wax out after 3 or 4 weeks and then if you like add some white sugar and apple juice now you have Honeygar its worth a fortune in the shops. If you leave it in a warm place it will get stronger and stronger or put it in a fridge to slow that processes down. Just after you add the sugar and a
  7. Dock leaves probably have more oxalic acid in their leaves than Rhubarb, just sayin.
  8. Jean MacDonald Tom Seeley mentioned this is a lecture at the 2017 National Honey Show in England and did not say anything about the window now being closed, apparently think you know more than he does. Just wondering what your credentials are, sarcasm and nose bleeds don't count.
  9. What do people think about the proposal to increase the Levy from $35 to $90 by 2014 per apiary I am familiar with Beekeeping in Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital territory and I can tell you they do not fleece their Beekeepers like that and they do not have a worse AFB problem than we do.
  10. kaihoka Queens raised on emergency impulse can sometimes be inferior. It depends on a number of factors. If the bees were on a nectar flow with plenty of resources and likely to swarm in a week or so anyway , had plenty of nurse bees, lava the right age and have new comb they can pull down easily to create a queen cells or old comb the beekeeper has pulled down for them then queens raised under these circumstances can be of high quality.
  11. Alastair It may be the African bees tendency to swarm that gives them their best advantage over Varroa. Dr Seeley took wild Bees from remote Areas in the States who had learned to deal with Varroa and put them in Langstroth hives which are bigger than feral hives in a hollow tree. This meant that not all the bees in the Langstroth hives swarmed, the ones that did not swarm did not survive. A US Beekeeper Mel Disselkoen observed this in his hives a number of years ago and he came up with a system of de-queening his hives on a flow about 3 weeks before they were due to have a derth sea
  12. Alastair I did not know Varroa mite had got to New Guinea. Asian Honey Bees were discovered in North Queensland about 3 years ago thought to have come off a ship and they had Varroa mites on them but as far as I know they have not jumped species yet but of coarse they will. I was in Western Australia bee keeping at the time and we were asked to go to Queensland to help try and eradicate the Asian Honey Bee. It did work in South Africa by the way according to Dr Seeley but they got Varroa mite in the later half of the 1990's.
  13. Dave Black you say :- Tom also says "If you pursue treatment-free beekeeping without close attention to your colonies, then you will create a situation in your apiary in which natural selection is favouring virulent varroa mites, not varroa-resistant bees." and also that "Failure to perform preemptive killings can also spread virulent mites to your neighbour's colonies and even to the wild colonies in your area that are slowly evolving resistance on their own" Could you give the citation please as in Toms Lecture to the British National Honey show in 2017 Tom made t
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