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  1. Considering varroa numbers are usually highest around that time of year, I think not treating would be a very bad idea. They need to be strong and healthy going into winter.
  2. mmm Xmas dinner! Getting hungry. I sense a whole new thread coming here !
  3. If you have a spare box I suggest you change it over and deal to your mould properly with bleach while it's off the hive. Let it dry thoroughly before re-using it. Then you won't have to worry about it any longer. If you leave it there you'll just keep fretting about it. Plus mould tends to spread, so get rid of it I reckon.
  4. Have you got insulation under your lid, or a good solid timber lid? Someone was saying the other day the metal lids on their own with just a hive mat can cause a lot of condensation... Seems weird to have mould this time of year.
  5. I've found a suit is pretty good at stopping stings, except sometimes when I'm crouching they sometimes get me in the front of knee where the suit is stretched tight. I prevent that now though by kneeling on the ground instead of crouching. A good suit is definitely worth the investment.
  6. In case I get stung really bad and there's no hope of living, I like to also keep a claw hammer in my vehicle, should I have to take my own life..
  7. haha I was only joking, didn't think anyone would actually do it!
  8. Maybe you could try parking outside Hospital ED, and tip a cupful of bees into the top of your shirt? See what happens... It could be fun.
  9. Hey Jerm, so what happened with this colony in the end?
  10. That's very interesting, and definitely along the lines of what I was thinking. I reckon the internal hive temperature would be far more stable and less extreme with insulation. Are you continuing with the wrapping this year or is it too much hard work?
  11. Hmmm thanks that's interesting, I guess commercial beeks it wouldn't be an option for, but maybe I'll try a double insulating environment for a hive or 2, being a hobbyist it's something more to play around with I know bees cluster and fan to regulate heat, but it must chew up some resources, and if I was a poor bee having my turn on the outside of the cluster with a howling Southerly ripping around the hive in the middle of Winter, I'd think the more shelter the hive had, the better!
  12. This discussion started in two days as a beek and two dead bees AMAZING (for wildflower) Actually, jokes aside, I was wondering whether Wildflower is onto something here. I guess it's well accepted that hives do well with morning sunshine. So I have a question - do hives get too hot in the afternoon sun? Would beehives do well by being effectively being double insulated in something like a garden shed, that keeps the cold wind off in Winter, and hot Summer sun off those thin wooden hive walls..?
  13. Jimbo

    Two Queens

    Cool pic! So Philbee, why are there 2 queens in this particular colony?
  14. Yes I thought I was a bit loopy, but I've never gone as far as building a bee bus stop. Very nice job Wildflower! Maybe a little MaiMai would be nice, it would keep sun off, and also reduce wind too. Not to mention providing stool privacy...
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