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  1. Thanks Janice. I guess I was worried that the bees may move up through the excluder in Winter and leave the queen by herself in the brood box.
  2. Janice - Do you put an excluder between the brood box and honey supers?
  3. Rashika. Are you planning to use the vaporizer as your only varroa control method? This is my main problem - I can't see what use it would be if I still have to use the 2 common seasonal methods.
  4. Someone's got to ask sooner or later so may as well be me. And this is not questioning you Kiwimana, just that I need a little independant advice. Kiwimana is advertising oxalic acid vapourizers (at a price that seems pretty good) but my question is, do these work well in controlling varroa and is oxalic acid a recognized treatment. Has any members tried one of these? How tough is oxalic acid on bees compared to the normal method (bayvarrol and apivar)? I'd hate to put extra stress on them. As I only have 2 hives three consecutive weeks of treatment would be easily handled
  5. Yep, same thing happens with my cappings and often wondered what the girls are doing with them- I put some in one of my hives yesterday so interested to see if the same happens again.
  6. Never heard of it - never to old to learn
  7. I have 3 or so kilos of last years honey that has crystallized in the containers. I have been toying with the idea of creaming some honey this year and wondering if I could cream this. I think it would have to be made into runny honey to begin with but how would this be done (microwaved?) Any help appreciated.
  8. Interesting. An orchardist down the road from us has over 100 of his own hives. A commercial beekeeper looks after these hives and once the pollination season finishes the beekeeper moves the hives to other locations for his own gain. No money changes hands although the orchardist pays for the varroa treatments and any maintenance on the hives. Seems a win win to me.
  9. Thanks all - very interesting Alastair- my blunder is what some beekeepers aim to do anyway? Iv'e never seen so much brood before both 'hives' were fairly well packed. Unfortunately here in Central Otago the season is practically over in a couple or three weeks time. I will have to rearrange the hive as at the moment each queen has 2 brood boxes. i don't have enough spare equipment to start another hive but once through the holiday period I will contact my supplier for more gear and split the hive into 2 (thanks Henry).
  10. Somehow I've ended up with brood above and below the excluder. I attempted a split a couple of months back but got into all sorts of trouble and when I decided yesterday to remove a 'full' honey super it turned out full aright, but of brood and eggs. At the moment (from bottom up) I have 2 brood boxes (with brood), an excluder, 2 supers (both quite full of brood and honey) and I've just placed another excluder and super with waxed frames on top. I find it very hard to spot queens but reckon there must be 2 as the excluder seems undamaged. There was only the one entrance at the base. but I
  11. Hi Newtobees (I'm pretty new also) but I'm thinking what you are seeing are drones. I've noticed quite often large dark- almost black drones hanging around the hives. I'll be interested to see what the experts say
  12. Had a look at both hives today. the queen cell had a reasonably neat hole at the end but also was eaten away round the side. I put the cell in on the 24th Oct, and the beekeeper I got it from said it would hatch on the 31st, that's 12 days ago. I cannot see any sign of brood or eggs but there were a heap of drones in the hive. I'm hopeless at spotting queens so certainly couldn't see a young one. Should I wait a little longer before I consider re-combining the hives?
  13. Thanks Roger Got the capped Queen cell from a local commercial beekeeper - he was busy splitting his hives so had a lot of queen cells in an incubator thing. I'll take a peek tomorrow weather dependant.
  14. Split my hive 15 days ago and added a queen cell to the new hive. Been away since and got back today keen to see if both hives were ok. The old hive seems quite normal with plenty of coming and goings. The new hive (with the queen cell) has plenty of bees but seem in an agitated state and lots of drones hanging around., I'm hoping this may be a sign of a pretty young thing inside the hive ready to come out for a little dating, but really I've no idea. Should I open the hive to see if the queen had emerged from the cell or best to leave well alone?
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