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  1. Ahhh Im lost. I prefer almonds...
  2. Thanks guys. Mainly for family and financial reasons. Our oldest is starting school next year, got two girls and a boy, reckon will be a much better lifestyle for them (and us!). In laws in Dunners also. Not been hunting (except for possums) as yet Shane, but keen to give it ago, I luuurve the outdoors... Am hoping to get a few acres with what we can sell our place for in overheated Auckland so with a bit of luck will have some 'free' firewood along with that. Global warming should have the place fairly sub-tropical in 10-15 years anyway...
  3. Am moving from Auckland to Balclutha in two weeks, bees all gone, honey mostly gone. Taking 10 boxes of drawn comb/honey down to start again. ill have to tap the likes of Janice and my father in law for 'proper winter' management practices.
  4. Got mine from ceracell but dont have a brand name. Thick, black, around $18 from memory.
  5. Too hot in summer. Not perfectly formed, the sides bow in a bit and the plastic is quite thick so you have to fiddle around a fair bit to get them on. Concave in the middle which collects water as others have said although have not noticed above average condensation or effects on my hive mat. Would not buy again.
  6. Bunnings will have the MSDS (materials data safety sheet) for what you have bought, will list all additives and concentrations. Should be able to fax or email it to you on request.
  7. I Paul, am in West Auckland, happy to shoot the proverbial. Not that keen to open the hives unnecessarily this time of year but you are more than welcome to have a look. PM me your contact details if you like. These forums are a wealth of knowledge, we are very lucky to have some incredibly knowledgeable contributors. I would advise you to start with Langstroths. You can build your own if you are handy or get them from ceracell or elsewhere. Once you are confident with managing a standard hive you should be able to switch to top bars without too much dramas, but to be honest I think the j
  8. I had no problems with the wording, personally.
  9. Heh, love the way you think, give me solutions, not problems. Heres a letter that would have worked well for me this year.... " Hey dumbass, you forgot your ADR this year. Dig through that pile of crap on your desk, fill it out and send it back toot sweet, or we will kick your pasty white ass!" An email would have been just as effective, surely cheaper also?
  10. Hey Trevor sorry to hear about your health woes, glad you are back in action now. 4 over 48 hours post FGMO doesnt sound like much at all? Could you double check with icing sugar or some other way? Ether(engine start)/meths roll? Will let one of the other fullas answer, but you sound ok to me. I guess if you are broodless more or less a treatment now would save you having to use strips prior to the flow? Shame you didnt have the % of OA on your wood bleach, could have worked out the dose from that but sounds like you have it sussed now anyway thanks to Steven. Am tempted to start using
  11. First time I used bayvarol, about four years ago, I had DWV crawlers three weeks after removing strips. Was also the last time. Havent used it since. Hardly scientific, I know, but there you go.
  12. Why aren't you using synthetics Trevor? I use apistan/amitraz no worries here. I know some people freak out at apistan, not me =)
  13. Council planted some ti-tree down the back a couple years ago, is flowering at present. Will try and get photos. Wonder what its doing en-mass in the bush?
  14. Been itching to get out there and have a look but in between kids and rain haven't had a chance. Bees still flying from all hives but no idea of stores....
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