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  1. Yep , as sure as I can be that it’s a virus
  2. That’s the beauty of a new queen in a strong hive . They go nuts !
  3. What I’m seeing at the moment is shiny bees. Not many , but more than I’d like to and in more hives than I’d like to. I had shiny bees by the bucket full, heading into winter , which was not good, but they seem to have made a reappearance . I have not seen any for months
  4. It doesn’t get mature enough to flower , although it does on a block over from me . The birds move the seeds around
  5. Is she laying though ? She might be a sister to those bees
  6. And to add confusion to that , a back filled brood nest doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to swarm either . Most if my hives are heavily backfilled with pollen and a bit of nectar right at the moment . Something to do with the dearth , followed by a sudden influx of available food . It caught them a bit unaware
  7. I was pondering how lazy I was being this morning , tuning up a little bit of black berry on the road side that persists every year . It used to be a jungle many years ago , climbing fences and trapping wildlife amongst its thorns . I wondered if I wasn’t being lazy , and left it to grow , how many townies would notice it and organise a working bee to clean it up , along with all the KFC rubbish that gets hiffed out the window , then I realised they wouldn’t. My mind wandered , then , onto organic beef . I could produce it , but it would cost . I’d need to pay a full time team to weed the roadside , and the drains . Anyone free on the weekend ?
  8. The Government funds various Rural Support Trusts. These are a helpful ‘go to’ for farmers struggling with whatever. There is no reason the type of help you describe could not be included . The trusts would just need more funding and the right people on the other end of the phone. Gosh we live in unusual times
  9. I know a few vegans as well. To me it seems ridiculous to label someone by their choice of diet, and generalising their behaviour as all the same There are outliers in all walks of life What is it with this nonsense of labelling people these days
  10. Hard to tell what you are seeing without a picture regarding the queen cells. With a new hive, you must expand the brood nest for the bees , otherwise they will get cramped and may swarm. It seldom occurrs to them to move sideways. You need to learn to read what the bees require. Take one of your outer undrawn frames and plonk it straight in the middle of the brood nest. The bees will draw it out and the queen will lay in it . This is very basic beekeeping that you should have been taught . Removing queen cells just doesn’t cut it on its own Welcome to the forum !
  11. Hi Avo So long as your ex honey frames are well drawn, they make excellent brood frames. The queen can lay virtually straight away as soon as the bees have reformed the cells , and they will store food as well. There is nothing wrong with brand new frames , except the bees need to draw them . If you prefer plastic, you can replace the wax in the wooden frames with plastic inserts as you need to . Just give them a good thick waxing before you put them in the hive and the bees will draw them well on a good honey flow
  12. It reads like they are trying to fob you off . And I quote ‘ change is neither fast nor cheap ‘ and ‘we are fortunate to draw on in-house staff ‘. A positive reply would have read something like this ..... ‘Thank you for bringing this out dated and inappropriate policy to our attention . From time to time , we rely on members of the public to remind us that our rules need continually updating to remain current . We would welcome your input at out meeting where we will endeavour to be all inclusive of your views ‘
  13. With the summer heat comes the honey flow . Hives I double queened 40 days ago are now well up to strength so where one queen is not so flash , she’s been pinched , or where there are two good queens , one has been moved to a nuc as a spare . All hives are now single queened. Notice , where I’m using cut down frames , where there is no bottom bar the bees often start drawing with drones , an extension of the drone brood between boxes . Also note how much wax I put on frames
  14. The Waikato has been engulfed in Australian smoke today , locking in the heat from the sun and casting long shadows with eerie red colouring late afternoon , followed by an impressive blazing red sun on sunset
  15. No no , that’s not all that’s in range of my bees . That’s 2 apiaries I can see from the road , a couple of paddocks from me . There are plenty of others No no , that’s not all that’s in range of my bees . That’s 2 apiaries I can see from the road , a couple of paddocks from me . There are plenty of others The ideal self sustaining stocking rate around here would be in the vicinity of 10 hives per 100 acres on pasture , in my opinion
  16. Quite a hot day in the Waikato .Great day for a bicycle ride into town in the warmth of the morning, and then some beekeeping in the heat of the afternoon . This round , Queens are getting remarked , put in the bottom two 3/4 boxes with excellent comb , and two 3/4 honey boxes on top with rougher brood comb and new frames to draw . It’s slightly early , but I won’t be in them for another three weeks , so better early than late . I won’t be back in the brood boxes until Feb when I do their next AFB check . Next check will just be checking honey frames and manipulating if necessary . Sometimes I end up with a new queen in the honey boxes ( either supercedure, or they’ve made a cell with eggs I left up there ), so I’ll check for that too . I’m reasonably happy with them , although not expecting a heck of a lot off them since my local corporate have close to 100 hives sitting within my bees forage zone, and those are just the ones I can see . Usually they disappear ( for pollination I guess ) but they haven’t yet , so there will be fierce competition for nectar and varroa .
  17. I have never heard of or seen Black Queen Cell Virus . Google was some help . Can someone expand on this in our NZ environment
  18. Thanks 😊 Im just wondering why my bees are trending more yellow . Luck of the draw I guess with local bred stuff Cheers
  19. Hmmm, good point , but there are other ways to travel animal to animal, via eggs for example
  20. The point is we are focussed on routinely treating the mites . Imagine if we only had to treat mites occasionally and not routinely . Its certainly possibly with worms in cattle , and sheep for that matter
  21. Because the drench is sold by sales people in glossy packets with flashy promotions . It’s a business that relies on drench resistance so we keep buying the next best thing. I hardly use the stuff . My cattle are resistant because they are healthy which is largely due to supplying them with minerals . There are other factors as well . Long grass , healthy soil , all the feel good stuff . But how do we relate this to bees and varroa . Treating with the glossy products induces mite resistance , but no treatment ensures bee death . Dunno , there’s probably a connection there . How do we keep our bees healthier . Perhaps the pathogens are harming them more than we realise
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