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  1. If we have 7 billion people now and we are fast tracked for ten billion , in round figures , that’s half as many people again as what we have now . All things being equal, there will be 50% more air liners flying , 50% more waste , 50% or more hungry people in the world because the resources will be spread even worse than now . Bare with me ..... So if wealthy populations breed less and nations in poverty breed more , then more of the world will be in poverty and there will be more children , again , born into poverty . I can’t for the life of me see that striving for ten billion is going to be anywhere as positive as 7 billion . 10 billion people cannot be better off than 7 billion under any model
  2. Yes you can locate the queen that way , no problems . It is highly unlikely your hive will Swarm now , but not impossible . Why do you want to split it ? If you don’t want more hives , don’t split . No problem with pollen in honey frames
  3. That you tube is rather simplistic . It assumes that the world is just a few paddocks and races of people stay where they are put . It also assumes that all couples have two children , period . In reality , where the world is grossly overstocked and ruined , populations are moving away to other areas to repeat the process . His concept is interesting but I wouldn’t bet on it
  4. Human stocking rates . The bee stocking rate is getting sorted out the hard way . We can do something here . Probably not go down the same track as Oz with water management . We’d want to watch how much we suck out of bores. Ive just found out this morning from my Blueberry neighbour next to a block 3 km away has totalled 770 mm for the year . At home here we are just on 1000mm . Consequently, he is flat out sucking up water from below to keep his berries alive . I’ve never heard of rainfall so low around here . Average used to be 1200mm
  5. Correct . That’s where political interference and taxing everything that moves becomes an absolute nonsense in solving anything environmental. One way or another we are going to need to address our stocking rates
  6. We have the glowing orange ball here this morning , looking up through the fog and smoke . There is quite a bit of talk in Australia that the change in climate there is man made from greatly disrupting the natural water course from North to South by catching it in giant dams , and sending it where it wouldn’t go by itself , fracking for example, amongst others .I tend to agree. If that is an example of how humans can alter the climate , we’d want to be damn careful because it will likely collapse their economy , whatever that means, and alter world dynamics . If all that is true, it’s not difficult to imagine that if their rivers were flowing freely , things might be easier to deal with . It’s a massive dry country and everyone has an opinion on what they should do with the water . Big big problem
  7. Because of the similarities . Both are broadcast poisons , designed to enhance one thing or another, with no understanding of long term unintentional side effects, and virtually no ongoing monitoring of anything . Its extremely difficult to extract facts as to whether or not either is safe . Absolutely , but who is ‘we’? The concerned public or the authorities that are supposed to protect us . Some time ago , I was keen to involve the local Regional Council in monitoring water quality in a drain that passes along our boundary . It seemed like a simple exercise that was met with excuses via the Council of excessive cost , and it never happened . If it had , what would I have done with the info anyway at a farmer level. I was hoping to spark some enthusiasm across the catchment and collect real useable data . I used to grow maize and keep bees side by side , it I don’t know how you’d monitor if anything was wrong with no control , or even how you’d do a control in a field situation . Cropping in the Waikato , generally , is quite different to Gisborne because in the Waikato paddocks are usually rotated through a cropping regime , not continuously cropped. At the very least , bees therefore have choice as to where they forage . If 10% of a farm is cropped, then 90% will , in theory , be clean . There are many more examples of chemicals and organic concoctions being used to enhance or improve crop yields . No doubt the list will grow as time goes by of stuff we would have been better off not using . That’s one of the problems with intensification - not enough time has passed to fully understand the consequences
  8. The problem with going down that track is , we get into a David and Goliath scenario where each cause claims to know better and the mud gets endlessly slung back and forth and the reality between science and opinion becomes non existent . Those with money and power tend to ‘win ‘ and everyone involved gets frustrated and angry . Think 1080. I was kind of hoping for a more black and white conclusion . Yes it’s bad , or , no it’s harmless , but again , those with money and power appear to be pulling the puppet strings , unfortunately. I’d like a more sensible approach . A bit of proof that harm is being done , followed fairly quickly by a solution being found because we can always do better where the environment is concerned . Forget the political nonsense .
  9. I agree @Bron regarding what happens next . Is the study conclusive , or does more need doing . I tend to ignore the media because even that piece is sensationalised to stir emotion , not fact , however , if indeed it’s killing bees via secondary poisoning, then how far up the food chain are we talking . I wonder where Monsanto is with this . They are bound to have something in the pipeline that is more ‘user acceptable’?
  10. The hives off the peat have reacted to the conditions by packing out the two bottom 3/4 boxes with supplies and restricting the queens from laying, much like autumn behaviour . I moved them in the middle of the day as I was fairly sure there weren’t too many foragers out . I took a nuc box to each site with a frame of eggs to mop up bees that were out . Today there are 2 to 3 frames of bees in each nuc . They’ll set about making new queens and then I’ll bring them home sometime . It sure is a windy summer Does the laptop fit in that tent ?
  11. Today I brought the hives home from off the peat and placed them next to the 0.4 ha of Crimson Clover which can’t be too far off flowering . It’s getting towards knee height . The peat hives have done nothing . Too dry , too windy , too exposed . Conversely , my home hives have had a 3/4 box of catsear honey extracted from box 4 , using the scrape and drain technique ( hive tool into a net from Ecrotec and drained into a 20 l bucket ) . The boxes get replaced onto the same hive and the drained wax goes back in the feeder from the hive it came from , for the bees to clean . Frames are already redrawn and getting filled a couple of days later .
  12. We changed our Christmas this year and went out to Raglan for a picnic lunch off the back of the Ute , then a good long walk along Ocean Beach , an Ocean swim , and met a crayfish having a swim in a rock pool . We said Gidday , then it went on it’s way . There is a mass flowering of Kanuka out towards the coast and the Pohutakawa are starting their beautiful display
  13. Did the acid dissolve their legs ?
  14. That depends. They could be old bees or they could have Chronic Payalysis Bee Virus . Old bees lose their hair with old age and the sick bees with virus lose hair very quickly after contracting the virus, and are not necessarily old.
  15. We are a collection of very small islands inhabited by some clever people at the far reaches of the world . Most of the time , the rest of the world barely knows we exist and just because we have laws , it will not stop others copying . When you have billions to feed , I guess China’s perspective is different than ours
  16. Having being gallivanting around Australia for 8 days , my hives have not seen me for 2 to 3 weeks . Down on the peat , performance is poor . There’s no activity above the queen excluders . Before I had 80 permanent hives for a neighbour , I used to be able to put spring mated nucs there and have the hives as tall as myself by mid Feb . I’m going to bring them home and forget about those two apiaries . I only have 6 hives between the two of them now anyway . At home , different story . Most hives have drawn , filled and capped most of their 2 x 3/4 honey boxes . There is lots of burr comb filled with honey between boxes , which got scraped into top feeders , plus a bit on a plate for a taste of the new seasons harvest ( which is the same as always ). My crimson clover is growing , not very well , after quite a few months of sub average rainfall . Brisbane duty free has NZ Manuka honey and Australian Manuka honey with varying UMF and MGO numbers , which I’ve never got a handle on , so I don’t know how the public copes . The kiwi product was around $1000 per kg while the Aussie was $160. The numbers made no sense to me and didn’t seem to accurately reflect the value . As a consumer with limited funds , I possibly wouldn’t go for the dear one . Tasmanian honey was packed in Golden Syrup type tin containers which looked appealing to the ‘plastic allergic ‘ side of my personality . My hives will get no more supers put on because I am undecided if I will extract or not , and if I do , that will be enough for my small market .
  17. MPI are asking for funding ??? That sounds weird
  18. Yep unfortunately your bees pooping over your neighbours stuff is your problem , so you’ll need to move them . It wouldn’t hurt to offer them honey plus a house wash . It’s awful stuff to remove....
  19. Oh that’s bad timing . Next time 👍. You should spot my hives from the road. Vilagrads is very close to my place
  20. On our travels around Victoria , I have only seen one bee, very dark like a carni, no beehives and there is nothing working the tea tree here. Not even native bees . It is rather odd to travel many kms and see no bee utes or hives . Bottle brushes are in full flower . No bees
  21. The bottom pic is Manuka off the Rukuhia peat . Our Kanuka is quite different to that
  22. It’s raining straight off the southern ocean and cool, so bees aren’t working anyway . Plenty of bird life though . It looks like Manuka to me . I can’t see any difference from the plants at home . Top pic is from Oz. Bottom pic from home
  23. Manuka flowering profusely near Princetown , Victoria , Australia . I’ve seen no beehives around at all
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