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  1. Seems mine are happy any time of the day as long as its warm. My trouble is it is sooooooooooo hot in the bee suit.
  2. There are the other two. Think I have it sussed
  3. Busy with bees today. Four box hive is the first nuc I bought from Hamilton. I added another brood box and put new frames with foundation in between each frame of brood. They will quickly draw more wax out, immediately giving queen more space to lay, or at least that is the theory. The red box is full of honey with a little brood. There is a queen excluder between the two, so brood will hatch and get replaced with honey. Three box high is my black carniolan nuc. They occupy about six frames. Have put two up into green box and frames with foundation in between both that and box below. This should encourage them to reproduce faster as well. Two box hive is the swarm I caught for Andrew. They are in the bottom box still. Queen laying nicely. Because those worker bees are old, at least two months, I have put newspaper and a queen excluder in between the two boxes, and a frame of brood and a frame of food, covered in bees from big hive, into white box. This will boost the hive as the brood from new queen is still two weeks from hatching. This is my first attempt at including photos. Please excuse the mess
  4. What a good idea putting foundation frames in between, guess what I will be doing to my nucs on Saturday. Great pics too
  5. Fastways delivered mine Dargaville to Hamilton. Took about 24 hours. Very happy with their service
  6. Thats the one. Marvellous little invention. Find your queen and away you go
  7. That was supposed to be cell:). Ecroyds sells queen marking kit. Looks pretty good
  8. My queenless swarm stored pollen since I caught them for nearly five weeks. No queen, plenty of pollen coming in.......
  9. Ramarkable since they were queenless for nearly 5 weeks. Bought the queen and put her in hive in queen cage and left her to it for 10days. Now there are eggs and big grubs. Funny how exciting it is the first time you do, following the book, and it works. Should I be feeding them? They are only on four frames and have made them from foundation, all without a queen. They will be getting old by now. Inspected my new nuc of carniolans too. Kumara, the queen, was in a cage when she arrived 6 days ago. She too, is out and laying in every available hive. My lovely nuc I got from Hamilton is now into their second box, with eggs up there too. Could not see queen this time. Queen marking kit is on backorder. I feel marking is a must, even if only to know where she is. Harder to spot as hive population grows fast. What a fantastic rewarding hobby!
  10. A local commercial beekeeper has some hives on our farm. They are nasty ######s. One from a swarm stung me on eyebrow last week. Minor swelling next morning. My darlings have not stung anyone. Funny how their temperaments vary....
  11. What is happening out there. Is it common to clip her wing. Keen to hear opinions please. yes or no
  12. He is a natural. Has no fear and does not mind stings. He is very calm with them. My suit is so I dont alarm him and put him off when I get stung. The colours do look cool. Have more colours on other hives. Bees probably dont see them all, but we can;-)
  13. Hey everyone. Enjoy reading your forum. New to beekeeping.4 weeks ago caughta swarm of italians. No queen there, so bought another. Bought a nuc of crossbreds from Hamilton and took delivery of a nuc of carniolans from Dargaville today. 10 year old son has been keen on bees for a while. whole family love having them in the garden. They are so calm and dont mind being watched. Looking forward to learning more......
  14. I am new and will try posting in the right forum
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