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  1. Update on mBovis. MPI are about to include beef farms in their m Bovis monitoring programme. As of January 15, 118 beef farms have tested positive. Almost all of these have had contact or movements associated with dairy farms, which is where the disease has been passed on from . Testing of 2500 beef farms, which have no known contact with m Bovis , will begin this month . This will be done in conjunction with TB testing , and the tests will be run at Assure Quality labs, with an expected 3 week turnaround with results.
  2. Aqua blue, pretty pink, lemon yellow. The colours vary depending on who coated them . Bush burn or rye/ clover mix is basically sweepings and left over seed that is collected , mixed up and sold.
  3. He’s telling us there is a good pattern over time that all scientists are not always right
  4. The government obviously , under advise of their advisers. Remember the proposed FART tax , the billion tree programme , amongst others . All in the name of climate change , but actually revenue gathering streams
  5. And there may lie the root of the problem . Aussie has heaps of dams . Some claim that so much water is held up and redirected that it is changing the climate . There are other claims that redirecting so much water has changed the salinity of the sea where it is supposed to flow into , affecting the habitat of creatures that can no longer live there . ’wasted’ is a relative term depending on your view point . Farmers think I ‘waste’ grass because I like it long so natural cycles and recycling can take place , creating habitats for microorganisms. DairyNZ claims if you don’t eat every blade with an animal , while it is short , it is being wasted. Two very differing points of view . The same theory can be used on Australian water
  6. Our peat Manuka is red if that helps
  7. This is a very interesting thread . However, we need to keep that type of comment out of the discussion please. It is not positive or productive Thank you 😊
  8. Could you expand on this please . I’m interested in technique etc and results . Thanks
  9. I’ve never heard of putting a hive with varroa on new foundation to treat varroa . The hive is already weakened producing bees that are useless . They have a very high varroa loading ( well done in sugar shaking . Any mites as a result these days are a concern ). Putting then on 100% new found foundation is one of the most odd things I’ve heard lately . Do try it , but I think it will probably hasten their demise . It is not too soon to get treatment in . The problem is what treatment ? I can’t answer that . There are pros and cons with all treatments and a good handful don’t work
  10. Shook swarm ? As in removing all the brood , or removing all the foundation . There will be one of two reasons your bees have DWV. 1. They have a varroa loading that will collapse your hive untreated 2. Residual virus in the hive . First step is to determine how many varroa are in the hive , and if there are substantial numbers , you’ll need to develop a plan and treat them, preferably not by shook swarming . You won’t kill varroa on bees
  11. Quiet rural gully , hemp views ......... You might be onto something there
  12. Farm numbers and total cow numbers have declined , so either way , farmers and their staff must be doing something else
  13. Neither should we be . I wouldn’t
  14. So not exactly pumping then . Sounds like they’ve shut up shop like mine
  15. Depends who told you . Reality is closer than it was then I’d say
  16. It’s a lot . Estimations in stored tonnage isn’t important . It’s a lot. So we are at the point where another seasons harvest is due to come off . Do we spend money to add to the mountain or not . Ive seen no positive signs from the market . If you leave the honey on the hives it adds difficulties to management to. My honey from two seasons ago has disappeared irretrievably into the abyss . I had a really good arrangement where my extractor bought it off me and on sold it . That arrangement became unsustainable when it was not saleable . I had ideas of getting it extracted and selling privately, but that’s helpful to no one so I’m not going to . Thankfully this is the worst honey season ever for me and my bees will consume it .(Because of the weather. I’m sure other Waikato beeks are the same ). I will get out of my comfort zone ( around 50 hives last year down to 20 something this year ) and do the country a favour by again reducing numbers and stacking more empty gear up in my shed . Beekeeping is part of my business but it is certainly not financially viable anymore . I really feel for you guys and girls that are very good at what you do
  17. Man made synthetic products are now all the rage . We all know this , and all rural type businesses are being oppressed in one way or another, and those that aren’t have either beaten the game for now , or are about to follow. I don’t have any wise answers , but if the world doesn’t value and want your product, it’s end game for that industry. For example , since 2004 , 94000 dairy farms in the USA have ceased to exist
  18. This has just been printed in the Farmers Weekly . No improvement in prices it would seem , for some time yet http://ow.ly/4axz50xOGuG https://farmersweekly.co.nz/section/other-sectors/view/sticky-wicket-for-honey-producers
  19. I agree with you . Somehow I don’t think that MPI link is telling the whole story
  20. Are your brood boxes all packed down with very little brood ?
  21. Last I heard @Alastair, was MPI were stretching the eradication programme out to 10 years , and employing more people. There have been an enormous amount of false positive farms found via a milk test taken late May 2019, which were stored until the results were released Late July/August 2019. I have three mates in this boat , all of whom endured unnecessary stress in the middle of calving . MPI were uncommunicative and very slow to respond and to me , the motivation to quickly halt the spread of disease was anything but. To my knowledge , the irradiation of MBovis from NZ is still as likely as me sprouting wings overnight and flying to town to save petrol
  22. I am amazed at how often we are supposed to send a submission to the powers that be on a whole host of upcoming matters these days . Since when did this become normalised
  23. That’s a really good question . With the media on skeleton staff and the government on holiday , there is no new info.
  24. Does anyone know why Pak n Save are now keeping Comvita honey behind the counter ?
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