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  1. Ive not seen negative effects after a dribble, and nothing positive either . I did not find it effective at killing mites
  2. Excellent 😊. My little paddock is sprayed out and will get a light power Harrow on the 20th, followed by the seed .
  3. Thanks @Trevor Gillbanks. A good timely reminder . Mine expires Feb 2020. one of the downsides of not having my email listed , is I don’t get reminders .
  4. Supered up my 6 mating nucs today . I made them fairly strong with 3 out of 5 frames being brood or eggs. They are overflowing with young bees looking for a job to do. They were made up three and a half weeks ago. I checked them 9 days later and removed excess queen cells, leaving one per hive , and I shall leave them alone for another week , by which time there should be laying queens .
  5. Yes , that is the post . To me it it would be very short sighted to chop the head off innovation just as it was getting the results we all really need. The Effective Control of Varroa
  6. No I doubt it. It’s more likely my delivery was off. It wasn’t overly important . Apivar is sold as killing 99% of mites . I was suggesting a money back guarantee if those rates were not achieved
  7. And if you do , how is it ok to keep selling ineffective product without a money back guarantee . Politics . Usually misses the point 😉. If they were really interested , they’d quickly jump in with support
  8. This is the most worthwhile thing I have watched in a long time . Give it a go people . 👍
  9. Once the bees aren’t looking after pollen , all kinds of things set about breaking it down and recycling it . Mould , wax moth , pollen mites to name a few . That’s nature at work
  10. Yes, bees just love to use that extra cell during swarm season . ‘ Why let it go to waste ‘ , I imagine is what they were thinking
  11. I’ve been misunderstood again dammit ! The dude in the video is not wrong . It’s well worth watching 👍😉
  12. Yep , we are saying the same thing . Lol If I add a frame with a cell to a different colony of queenless bees , they tear it down and make their own 😉
  13. Cororapa. Did you ever get test results back from MPI @jamesc
  14. I can’t comment on your situation , but my hives that have access to gum flowers in the winter and spring do very well . They never cap it though . It all gets fed to expanding populations
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