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  1. I agree with you . From the few hives I have and my observations , the drones from one queen always look about the same . The exception to this is when there are two queens in the hive . I’m with you @ChrisM. I don’t understand how it can be any different to this and I’ve missed it in the past Anything is possible I guess
  2. I can rephrase what I said to be clearer It would be highly odd in a hive where a queen produces yellow drones to find a couple or so black ones that are from that queen . I can’t see how that would be possible
  3. The way I understand it , is if they are near home, they will go home. If they’ve been out for the day, for example, on a long haul trip and they get caught a bit short, they’ll pop in anywhere to refuel and are not turned away. A queen that lays yellow drones can’t produce black drones so they’ve come in from somewhere else. The above is a nice story that fits. I’m sure there are other reasons.
  4. Fly in, land , enter. They are drones . No one cares . They are welcomed by any hive . They are not deemed as a threat
  5. Hell? Drones from any hive will enter any hive I wouldn’t worry Probably delivering mites
  6. No they are fine. The top box is empty and undrawn. Sticks won’t drop the ambient air temp without wind
  7. That’s a good question . You would not be the only one who has strips in at the beginning of the flow.
  8. 33 degrees in the Waikato. This nuc is in the shade
  9. To me it sounds like you have achieved on a small scale what can be achieved nationally . Find a way to sell it and you won’t need to chase honey anymore
  10. Catsear. I’ve got Paddocks full of it
  11. Catsear. The only real source of ‘Rukuhia Gold Honey ‘ It’ll flow with the moisture of a morning fog and is a highly valuable source of protein for cattle when it’s too harsh for anything else to grow . I love the stuff
  12. Light amber is the colour . Liquid tastes like that warm waxy smell of a hive when there is a flow on. ( probably because it’s a Catsear flow). Creamed tastes different . Mild to strong honey flavour . Of course I’m struggling with my description because I don’t know any different . Very hard to beat in my opinion
  13. Yep. Catsear is all my bees have got this year. Far too dry for clover including my Persian Clover . I took some off yesterday and it’s exactly the same as my December take
  14. Who said there was none North of the Harbour Bridge ?
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