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  1. I guess the devil is in the detail . I’d steer clear of the suggestive use of the word organic just in case there is a chance of getting pulled up by some unforeseen detail . Not only will the consumer be ‘expecting’ organic , simply by the presence of the word on the label, but also there will be seller/marketers who have spent a lot of money for the right to use the word. Recycled glass sits better with me that contains a product that is exactly what it says it is ( method of extraction)
  2. If that is indeed the case, so long as you absolutely sure , 👍. As much as I believe the treatment to be organic, that doesn’t necessarily mean the law does. I have no expertise in this area. I’m just suggesting what I think. For what it’s worth, I like your idea 😊
  3. From my point of view, OA staples is not a synthetic treatment , but I’m not sure it makes it organic. There are registration paths to go through before you can claim a product to be organic, and even if that was satisfied to the fullest extent, very few of us have control over what our bees forage , which probably won’t be organic. So in my opinion, I’d think you can claim to have not used synthetics, but you can’t use the word ‘organic’ on your honey . Whether there is a marketing advantage to having not used synthetics, I’m not sure.
  4. M4tt

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Yes In the hives where the queen won’t lay under the staples , or go past to lay on the other side , the staple forms a bridge, or barrier , and confines the queen to one end of the frames . This certainly affects build up . For this reason , at this time I move the staples to the ends of the frames and all returns to normal , quite quickly
  5. Thankyou This is good information
  6. Realistically , how far does $2million go as far as research is concerned ? Broad ‘how long’s a bit of string ‘ question I know , but I’m thinking the gear you guys use costs a bomb for a start
  7. M4tt

    Bees and babys.

    Honey is incredibly bad for new emerging baby teeth . When our kids were babies , friends gave their baby honey on his dummy . 😳
  8. M4tt

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Yes , it’s 40% As for the maths , I’d have no idea . The idea is to get a leg of staples down most of the seams of bees. As/if/when the central staples get chewed out , I’ll move the outside staples in as the bees cluster grows smaller heading in and through winter
  9. M4tt

    Oxalic and glycerine

    5 staples in the bottom box , 4 in the second is how I use them
  10. Unfortunately when I filled out Pike’s survey ,varroa and it’s control , or rather , raging out of control , was at the forefront of my mind . Since I got onto @Philbee‘s staples , and enjoyed the results I have with them , my prioritisation of research topics would now be different . That survey is out of date
  11. M4tt

    Oxalic and glycerine

    There is no problem using FD staples on 3/4 frames . As the bees chew the tops out , just lift them up to adjust , and as the brood shrinks into winter , move the good staples in from the outside and follow the cluster . There comes a point when there is no use having good staples out on unpopulated frames
  12. M4tt

    Oxalic and glycerine

    I just chuck the FD length staples into 3/4 boxes
  13. M4tt

    Pollination question

    No I can’t tell you . We have blueberries next to our place so I put the hives on my side of the fence and they pollinate for free . I only get a phone call if I’m late putting then there 😉. Wild bumblebees do a fair bit of blueberry pollination if they are about
  14. I’d say fishing from your own pleasure craft would be the dearest way to get free fish. I wouldn’t know . I don’t have a boat . Thats not the point . Its the challenge and the relaxation I get from bees that keeps me in . I just like bees and their colourful homes