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  1. Hi Greywulff, as a "newbie" not quite at 1st year, I am learning heaps just by reading the posts.so I will remain in the 331 and be a little annonymouse:p
  2. I will confess now that I was challenged about this "Hive track' and ended up entering all my hives . Easy to use for a technophobe like me, and has some great reports.The site tells me there a few other in NZ using it so maybe it will get popular.
  3. I say "ditto" Looking for locals in Tauranga to connect with. learning on the run so to speak, via this forum and reading, and would like to contact others for a chat. 027 544 2882 txt or call if you wish to meet.
  4. Thanks for the tip you guy's and Girls. I've been doing it "top down" and qonce this Tropic storm ahs passed i will out and try "bottom up" Cheers
  5. All this "technology" Dopn't have an Ipod/android so will stick to quill" and parchment
  6. First year for me and my mates(two others look over my shoulder mostly or play with the smoker!)
  7. I recently became the owner of several hives and while reading and exploring the hives I would like to meet and discuss issues with local hobbiests. If you would like to post below and perhaps there can be a meeting of like minds regards Gordon
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