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  1. I was telling Olaf what you said and he said that he already had his reward, more time with his favorite girl. Can't beat that one :-) Yes, for now that will be the right thing to do. But i have already made an appointment with my doc to get the desensitivation against bee stings under way. You nev know, we might be back soon :-)
  2. We used to wash our beesuits in the washing machine before we read about that this is not good practice. I haven't had many beestings in my life and since we have been beekeeping i have always worn the suit to avoid getting stung, so i might have only got a couple of stings a year. However Olaf for instant gets stung quiet a bit but being a hobbyist probably still far away from a commercial person who probably gets stung every month, week?? Assumptions! Olaf mentioned this morning that his reaction to the stings seem to increase everytime. Maybe hobbyist are in bigger danger then commercials,
  3. Just wondering, Are you able to do the desensitivation in the Hawkes Bay or did you have to travel to Wellington?
  4. Very wise. There are also epipens for kids at that site! I never had a reaction exceptthe normal " autch, that hurt" with a bit of swelling and bump at the site.
  5. Yes, i agree. This has been one scary experience. Lucky too we haven't started our honey house/room yet. We planed to have it right next to our house. We were so exited about it and wanted to start this weekend. Still hasn't sunk in yet. I just can't believe this happened. Thanks very much, yes you are right. My lifelyhood doesn't depend on bees but my life just might. Very sad for Ollie though.
  6. I was walking through our hallway towards our bedroom last night when i walked over a dead bee which was lying there smack in the middle of the carpet. The old stinger got me in my big toe and it hurt like hell. 2 minutes later my hands started itching like mad, then my shoulder and neck, my whole body was suddenly covered in hives and my lips started to feel numb, like after an injection at the dentist. We rung an ambulance and decided to walk to the road since we are living in a rural location without street lights and our entrance is not easy to find. Before leaving the house i grabbed the
  7. Sorry about your bees. Surely very difficult to do a video like this. Thanks for all the info!
  8. Apart from standing on that wasp nest the other day without realising, ( must have been blind as a bat) we had no trouble . After we dealt to that one nest we haven't seen any more wasps right now. Imust say that last year we had an absolute bumper crop of fruit on our trees. This year they were neglected and buggsr all fruits and not many wasps. Apart from that. When Ollie dug out the wasp nest i had stud on that week, he noted mainly queens not workers. Interesting enough we saw wasps in the macros collecting ( we assume) nest material. Maybe i am wrong in my assumption that the weather m
  9. Maybe we need to do a sugar shake after all. Quiet like the idea with the icecream container.
  10. We haven't got much experience with oxalic vapourising so i am wondering whether our assumptions that the MAQS didn't work is actually wrong. Especially after @Matt4 mentioned that he leaves the wire mesh open while treating with Maqs, that's what i thought we might have done wrong. So we treated with maqs on the 3 march. This week we treated with oxalic vapour and found approx 10 on one stickie board and maybe 15+ on the other. So we assumed the maqs have failed but maybe that fall would be expected after a vapour treatment ?? That is my question. The bees are still going strong, don't seem
  11. Thanks very much for that. Used to do sugar shakes but not anymore. If i see 10+ mites on a sticky after doing an oxalic treatment and the Maqs were only finished 5 weeks ago, then we need to treat regardless. The sugar shake wouldn't tell me any more. I am wondering whether having a wire mesh floor compared to a hive doctor could have made such a difference in the MAQS treatment. Suppose the wiremesh is letting more formic escape?? We'll have to do the same with the hive doctor hives yet, that will be interesting. Thanks again for the sugar shake procedure. Well explained and written.
  12. Interesting. We are experiencing a similar problem. Used maqs lots of times and they worked fine. This time we did our hives with abrand new batch, just arrived, treated on the 3 march. Yesterday we did a oxalic vapour treatment and , lots of varroa. Not sure where to go from here. Maqs are out since its robbing season and don't want to leave the hives wide open. So its either bayvarol or continue with the oxalic on a weekly basis until we have no more varroa. We haven't got much experience with oxalic. What are the thoughts out there. Would that work?
    Haven't read it all yet but agree all the way with the 3/4 setup. Wished we had thought of it when we started. We are in the process of changing all to 3/4 so your book / instructions are great! Easy read too! Excellent resource for hobbyists. Thanks
  13. I've been commenting today to my hubby on what a great year its been with the bees. We've had just about no worries and no wasps at all. In other years we have had major problems with wasps and lost hives because of them. So here we wander off into an unused part of our vege garden, talking away, when i suddenly realised that i was standing right on top of a decent size wasp nest. Should have seen me jump and swear. Luckily they were very calm and not alarmed at all. Must have been our lucky day!
  14. When Ollie got a bad cut last year and went to the doctor, the nurse asked him whether he wanted antibiotic cream or medical honey on his wound. Needless to say what he opted for. We were surprised though that this was available. Worked a treat!
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