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  1. Leatherwood is another plant altogether. They used to call their active honey jelybush (Leptospermum polygalifolium) but now all labelled ‘manuka’
  2. I had a hive a few years ago where it attacked everyone outside. My wife still brings up when she was yelling on the deck after being stung with 'Its me or the bees' and my reply of 'well, *thats* not going to happen'. I still have bees - and a wife. But yes, requeened the hive (and got absolutely hammered while doing it). A shame a neighbour popped his head over the fence while doing so to complain about something and got popped squarely between the eyes. His head looked like it was knocked off in shooting gallery, it disappeared so fast
  3. You can make homemade traps using treacle and vinegar and a dash of ammonia from memory (google it). Its supposed to be a lure to tell you when to hang the pheremone sticky traps, but if you keep filling the homemade ones (using soft drink bottles or milk bottles) then they work pretty well on their own I've found
  4. How many bees are left @john berry ? As in a handful, still with queen, stores . . and not being robbed ?
  5. With all the time you’ve been beekeeping John, I cant believe you still have your first hive !
  6. there was the mention that hobbiests could also volunteer to pay the levy as contribution to science and biosecurity. I can’t remember the details of that long-ago event now.
  7. If I recall, another organisation did indeed use that list for a prospective membership list and that also created some angst ? Also, there are non-commercials and semi-commercials who might have been part of any levy At risk of being glib, are you on Facebook? Do your kids have Tik Tok ? Yes ? Then you have bigger issues at play . . .
  8. Even the Canterbury beekeeper with 'you cant work out what's wrong with them and they don't get better'. That's not Roundup on the gorse or even the stickers. The bees would be dead on the baseboard or outside the hive. It can accentuate the effects of nosemas though Reminds me of a number of beekeepers in the media who blamed a new pathogen we found back 2015 or so, for their hive losses. They never got their bees tested but blamed the new pathogen nonetheless
  9. Imagine the levels of AFB in a ropy larva. Now imagine those same levels (or higher) seen from a teaspoon of wax bits on the floor. Or a few pieces of debris from supers. No brood this no clinical signs. What do you do ?
  10. I thought Adam's comments were politer than my own thoughts. Sorry James. But if we take your thoughts - and change a word or two . . . then I can imagine this is was Adam was getting at: In the predawn quiet of mid winter a gentle snow falls in the foothills of *Andes*. The log burner simmers. The coffee brews . And the old kitchen is lit by the glow of the computer screen that allows me to communicate with the world..... google searching trails of names and jobs and connections that unearth people of influence in far flung corners of the world. It is that qu
  11. So - just to poke the bear - if there was a commodity levy vote tomorrow with 30% spent on R&D and 30% on the NZ story/marketing and the remainder on the other items that were originially proposed then who would vote in favour? Or against? And if against, would you vote if the split among activiites was different??
  12. What are you quoting here Nick ??
  13. you *believe* its worth more James. You’re not the one that needs convincing. So, if marketing is now deemed to be an important activity for ApiNZ, that’s fair enough. But is it also fair to assume that those saying what APINZ should or shouldn’t do are members of said organisation ?
  14. Actually - take that back. Looks like earlier iterations were rejected and patents filed July last year were accepted . . so yes, during the course of the discussions
  15. I think the staples had been patented before the discussion had even started @Otto ? Or at least that was the impression I got. I cannot see it on the IPONZ website but I see this one for Australia and USA which references NZ filings: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/7b/0b/b4/368d6d7cfd7ef3/AU2019219773A1.pdf
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