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  1. You reckon Alistair? Its suggested that beekeepers do most of the spreading of AFB via frames of brood ! But yes, robbing (or "open feeding" as they call it in the USA) is bad. Not to mention a lot of dead bees !
  2. A terrible accusation to make. No, Couches were burnt either at cricket games or on the street (so I was led to believe). What’s the etiquette now @Otto ? @tudor ?
  3. When I was a student in Dunedin, we opened the windows to *heat* the house !
  4. Why not check out your thread @Alastair and check out what @Otto is using to sew the staples? And when I say ‘sew’ . . . .
  5. I think what would help more . . . is the spelling of his name: Rene. He's Swiss (ping @Rene Gloor )
  6. ??????? The current agency doesn't coordinate. Or doesn't <insert words here> ? Have you read the latest levy update James? It might shortcut your thinking: Page 3: https://afb.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Management-Agency-Response.pdf
  7. Yes @Philbee - but how many years were you happily using the gib staples before learning the lab information? Or in fact needing it for registration? Let's not be too scaremongering here
  8. Sorry for the misunderstanding - my "dangerous thing to do" is not about John (that I know? ) . . more the inability of a board to confine themselves to governance and meddle in operational activities Agreed !
  9. Hang on John, I thought it was the *board* that is there for governance. The AFB practical advice might come more under operational than governance. . . and this is where things get tricky. Rather than governance (seeing that things are done as prescribed) then the risk is leaping into the operational side . . . something I suspect the board has been accused of previously. Dangerous thing to do
  10. I agree - but with any elections or votes then there are requests for independent scrutineers etc and therefore independent companies ($$$) seem the norm. Without them then accusations fly back and forth
  11. This would make it rather expensive to hold these elections each time John . . . there are calls that go out for nominees to the board (in fact, one recently)
  12. Maybe . . perhaps . . . could. Wouldn't bet a staple on it though If I remember correctly then the beekeepers who own the PMP are the policymakers. And given the board of the agency is full of . . .beekeepers . . . then I don't quite see how this relates I think they call that . . .life ! Don't take it too seriously, no-one gets out alive anyway
  13. You’ve lost me Phil - are you talking about the missile attack on the Iranisn general, launched by the USA? Or fighting AFB ? !
  14. As Alastair has said, I think things have already improved ! Look back over the 4 (3 ?) 'outbreak' cases that hit the media. Where were such reports 5 years ago ? There is a new broom in the system and as I said to someone at the conference, think of the current plan as dating as far back as 2017. To keep bashing on about things in the 1990s is pointless - most of the beekeepers here weren't around then and tools/times have also changed (OK, not Apiweb ). As UK comedian said "I'd have 10 dollars on the Dalai Lama if I was a Tibetan man"
  15. Ahh . . the levy change is still afoot Alastair. I don't know where its at currently ( @AFB PMP Management Agency ?) but here's a link to the review document: https://afb.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Management-Agency-Response.pdf and there are more review documents at the levy page: https://afb.org.nz/new-levy-proposal-2019/ There have been considerable changes as Alastair mentions - not just in the hive numbers growing in the 19 years the OP mentions but also the changes in the AFB PMP and the cases highlighted in the media over the last 12 months. And the changes mean that this person can now be dealt with under biosecurity orders to destroy the gear. Previously the AFB PMP didn't have that authority I believe.
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