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  1. I thought Adam's comments were politer than my own thoughts. Sorry James. But if we take your thoughts - and change a word or two . . . then I can imagine this is was Adam was getting at: In the predawn quiet of mid winter a gentle snow falls in the foothills of *Andes*. The log burner simmers. The coffee brews . And the old kitchen is lit by the glow of the computer screen that allows me to communicate with the world..... google searching trails of names and jobs and connections that unearth people of influence in far flung corners of the world. It is that quiet time of reason and thought ..... The dream is a story of the people of *Chile (or Argentina)*, The Beekeepers, , The farmers, the Families ..... the people with the passion to create and craft and market to the world a story that draws the customer in to become a part of that dream ..... to taste the buzz and the sweetness of the nectar from the mountain valleys, that is sold for money that feeds and clothes and shelters the people of the land to raise their families in peace with full bellies ..... that the circle of life may go on. And by choosing a jar of Honey from the far flung islands of the earth and cracking the seal and dipping the spoon and savouring the sweetness and aroma and sharing the experience, the customer closes the circle and secures the link in the chain that is Humanity.
  2. So - just to poke the bear - if there was a commodity levy vote tomorrow with 30% spent on R&D and 30% on the NZ story/marketing and the remainder on the other items that were originially proposed then who would vote in favour? Or against? And if against, would you vote if the split among activiites was different??
  3. What are you quoting here Nick ??
  4. you *believe* its worth more James. You’re not the one that needs convincing. So, if marketing is now deemed to be an important activity for ApiNZ, that’s fair enough. But is it also fair to assume that those saying what APINZ should or shouldn’t do are members of said organisation ?
  5. Actually - take that back. Looks like earlier iterations were rejected and patents filed July last year were accepted . . so yes, during the course of the discussions
  6. I think the staples had been patented before the discussion had even started @Otto ? Or at least that was the impression I got. I cannot see it on the IPONZ website but I see this one for Australia and USA which references NZ filings: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/7b/0b/b4/368d6d7cfd7ef3/AU2019219773A1.pdf
  7. I guess if Phil has patented this work James, then there is little incentive for other NZ researchers to work on it . . .unless it was using another matrix other than staples. So putting aside the other honeys, then this gives similar priorities as previously - namely varroa and AFB. For AFB: . . .yes, but some are more diligent than others. And knowledgeable. As we see from samples into the lab which are open fed comb. Or deadout hive material
  8. Long incubation period of COVID means the longer time at level 2. Not going to explain it here because it’s like apologies. As in, never apologise - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you. Sounds like COVID explanations too
  9. You reckon Alistair? Its suggested that beekeepers do most of the spreading of AFB via frames of brood ! But yes, robbing (or "open feeding" as they call it in the USA) is bad. Not to mention a lot of dead bees !
  10. A terrible accusation to make. No, Couches were burnt either at cricket games or on the street (so I was led to believe). What’s the etiquette now @Otto ? @tudor ?
  11. When I was a student in Dunedin, we opened the windows to *heat* the house !
  12. Why not check out your thread @Alastair and check out what @Otto is using to sew the staples? And when I say ‘sew’ . . . .
  13. I think what would help more . . . is the spelling of his name: Rene. He's Swiss (ping @Rene Gloor )
  14. ??????? The current agency doesn't coordinate. Or doesn't <insert words here> ? Have you read the latest levy update James? It might shortcut your thinking: Page 3: https://afb.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Management-Agency-Response.pdf
  15. Yes @Philbee - but how many years were you happily using the gib staples before learning the lab information? Or in fact needing it for registration? Let's not be too scaremongering here
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