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  1. Do you have any info on the European test @Rob McInnes ?
  2. Sure. . . .if its the only thing flowering !
  3. Yes it can. So can a clover honey. The test is specific . . .the bees aren't ! That's why the DNA test for the standard is not used in isolation from the chemical markers The bees aren't making the manuka DNA themselves Frazz No, not necessarily
  4. What was in that photo @Stoney ? One sunken cell ? Or other sunken cells in the frame but not in that photo . . .?
  5. No, they recently cam out with their own standard: MGO and DHA. Their honeys have higher levels of leptosperin, if they wanted to go down that route. And no, their honey has not passed the MPI standard (to date) - they fail the DNA component
  6. THE tool for dealing with AFB, yes. But I don't think THE tool for finding it. There should not be one tool for finding it. . .we need a toolbox with a variety of methods in it. There are new tools being developed to find it (dogs & DNA) and new tools being hunted to prevent/delay infection should a hive have AFB (AFB-killing viruses). I hope there will be others. . . .
  7. To me, I would ask do you feel differently about a AFB situation if you know the beekeeper (A lovely woman, she's been keeping bees for years, knows a ton and always happy to help) vs a small family-run operation vs a large corporate-run company? If so then perhaps it is indeed the emotion that clouds the judgement, rather than the facts of the AFB outbreak. Emotion might cloud our opinion of how it came to this . . .but let's trust that it doesn't affect how the issue is dealt with and the beekeeper supported to make some very hard decisions
  8. Apparently. This came from the AFB PMP a year or so ago - and was raised at conference as well. There is no risk to human health. Little risk to bees. Your questions are fair Gino but bely the sort of thing that necessitated the manuka standard and a lot of other work done . . . there are political things at play which affect beekeepers and honey. I would imagine that the Chinese try to raise it as a trade barrier that is then negotiated away in return for NZ importing XYZ.
  9. Yes. They do. A shipment of manuka was apparently turned around by Chinese authorities because they found AFB in the honey. Sure, they will have AFB in their honey . . . . but if there are reasons to reject NZ honey and raise trade barriers, then they will be found.
  10. It's very hot and dry in Australia right now . . .that sun will be fierce !
  11. The Massey team has received other funds for the ABAtE project though: ABAtE: Active Bacteriophages for AFB Eradication AFB Management Agency & Massey University $278,575 Discovery, Sequencing and Application Studies of Bacteriophages as a Bio-protectant against American Foulbrood in New Zealand.
  12. Who is going to buy a commercial business tomorrow? In a normal environment, it's likely to be the hobbiest/sideliner that's starting out now. Only become part of the industry when they take over a commercial business? Also, while hobbiests do not have to pay the levy - they can still pay the equivalent of 850 kg honey levy to be a member of ApiNZ
  13. Again, this should happen regardless of the vote outcome. Not yet . . . we’ll know in a few months ( based on the discussions above that Trevor mentions above)
  14. Yes, a quick dig Trevor - but I think you’ll find your’s was first. No, SNI did not put up the proposal but did post a lot of scare comments - but then again, who didn’t. My comments (and Dennis’ I would say) are aimed at provoking further discussion and motivation to move forward and improve the collective good, really whether or not the vote passes. Let’s hope it’s not:
  15. Thanks Trevor. It was more a comment (made by someone else) that seemed a constant feeling among those voting no - not to mention the scare comments from the pages posted by SNI. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black there But more, given the feelings to move things in a forward direction, in the instance that it *is* a vote of NO, then I hope the ideas and collective work keeps moving forward. It would be easy to sit back and leave things to meander onwards/downwards/wherever.
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