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  1. Thank you all for your replies and advice. We have learnt some valuable lessons in the past week (especially Graham who was all ready to go into battle for our site!). We have touched base with another local bee keeper and two of the three land owners that the others bees are on. It seems that there have been hives on one of the adjacent properties for years - who would have known! We have never seen them, even when Graham has popped over there for an evening hunt in the past (oops). Anyway, with regard to the other two sites that are very close to ours apparently they are reclaiming old sites that they have had in the past - which would have had to have been several years ago as these sites are visible from the road and certainly haven't been there for years. All of this is second hand info because as of today we still have not heard from said bee keeper. A quick phone call would definitely have been appreciated. We have so far only dealt with beekeepers who have been absolutely wonderful with sharing information and giving of thier time so this has been a bit of an eye opener. Adding to this info we have been told that the gentlemens agreement of the 2-3 k 'exclusion zone' is old hat and not really followed any more. This was a surprise to us as it was one of the first things that we learned was a no no when we began bee keeping. Interested to know your thoughts on this. I have been unable to find any info on it documented anywhere also - even on the NBA web site. We have certainly tried to be respectful of this agreement when placing any of our apiaries.
  2. Oops tried to do my reply on my smart phone with not much success didnt meant to re quote you Dave. I have all your bee keeping books you lent me by the way ready to return! Have to catch up again so that I can hand them back to you - its only been a year! Our apiary site effected by this other bee keeper is our family farm. It has had hives there for 15+ years and ours for one year. There has never been hives on the other properties around us in that time. We have been contacting him for three weeks now with no response and he has actually visited his site during this time so I am sure he could find the time for a quick phone call to touch base. I think he is hoping we will just let it go. We have 35 hives out there now and are planning to grow that number this year - it is our main site. Fingers crossed for a quick and positive result.
  3. Hello everyone. We are having an issue with a large commercial bee keeper from out of town who has come in and placed several hives all around one of our main apirary sites (within 4-500 metres from our apiaries.) We have contacted him on several occassions about it but he has not returned any of our calls. We are a bit peeved about it but what can we actually do?? Any advise? He is apparently also a disease inspector so should know better.
  4. I am interested in using oxalic acid - can anyone advise where I can purchase this from. Tried Farmlands Whakatane but no luck...
  5. Hi Matt, I haven't checked all apiary sites yet but of the two I have checked I have only done 8 sugar shakes, out of about 30 hives. Not a good ratio I know but had to get back to pick my youngest up from pre-school! Hard to prioritise some things sometimes. We have 65 hives in total and this is our first year so first time with treatments. Am planning now to sugar shake more hives but am waiting for a warmer day - tomorrow looks good for here. I thought I could get away with just checking a percentage of our hives but now think I need to do each one. Am doing sugar and not alcohol as I dont want to kill 300 odd bees right on winter when they need their numbers:)
  6. Thanks all for your responses. We distributed the strips evenly from the centre like the picture on the packet. Even though I could see mites on the bees I did a sugar shake mostly to see if I was doing them.correctly. doing two shakes I got 30 mites. Looks like I'll have to do shakes on.all.hives and retreat where needed. Varroa treatments are expensive!
  7. Hi,I have been doing the rounds removing my bayvarol strips and doing some sugar shakes to check mite levels. Most of the hives were completely clear but I have had three that have visible mites on the bees straight after the 8 week treatment. What should I do - retreat with something else (Apivar) or would oxalic acid be effective. We still have quite alot of brood in all stages in most of our hives so perhaps oxalic would be no good. Some advise would be very welcome!
  8. Thanks all for your comments and advice. John the miss universe comp is the poorer for not including you in their selection! We have had a hive that was severely robbed by wasps so we have put their queen in our queen less hive. Now we just need to find a way to deal with the wasps!
  9. We have a hive that has lost its queen but has two capped queen cells due to hatch within the week. No apparent drones at this site (plenty at another site). As workers lifespan is longer over winter and queens slow down their laying is it possible to maintain a hive over winter with an unmated queen?? Or could we move this hive to where the drones are - OR - unite it with another hive to ensure its survival?
  10. Any sure fire easyish solutions on finding wasp nests? Our hives are near a bit of bush or on farmland and are getting hammered by wasps. I left one site quite disillusioned this morning as felt quite helpless - they were just going straight into the hive even with the small entry available after putting the reducers on. Have stuffed the entrance with grass again in the hope that they will give up. Seem to be a real problem in the top feeders.
  11. Thanks for that. Froze them a box at a time in the old fridge/freezer. Gross mess to clean out after that - what a mess they make. There was still alot of pollen left in the frames - do you think these will be fine to put back into hives to clean up? thanks for the repy.
  12. I have a hive that died off due to being weakend by varroa and then robbed stupid. Anyway when i went to check it and move it found that it was inundated with wax moth - cobweb and larvae all through the box. What is the best solution to rid the live moths and treat the frames as I do not want to store it with my supers until it is clear. Not sure i have room in my freezer for two boxes and frames. Also how can I ensure my supers in storage do not get taken over by wax moth during the winter?. Any advice welcome!
  13. Hi yesterday i noticed in one of my hives a drone with deformed wings and several workers with what looked like chewed wings. My first thought was Varroa and took a good look at several frames but could see nothing. Is there something else that could cause this deformity or should I do a sugar shake test. Our hives originally had strips in them when we bought them in October but we have since split them and added boxes - would it pay for me to re-treat them?
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